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Blog tour and big giveaway for The Colette Sewing Handbook!

Hey there & thank you for reading the Colette blog!

This site is no longer being updated so head over to Seamwork to get all the latest patterns, tutorials, video classes, and more.

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All through the month of November, I’ll be participating in a blog tour to help share The Colette Sewing Handbook with the world!

As many of you know, with this book I really wanted to create something that would be a guide to more thoughtful, beautiful, and engaged sewing. That’s why I tried to cover topics that aren’t always well represented in sewing books, such as planning out projects, learning about different types of fabric, and getting a good fit. These are the types of things I wish I’d learned first thing, rather than through years of trial and error. And of course, I wanted it to be very visual and hands on.

You’ll get a chance to see some of that in the posts on the blog tour, as well as some interviews and giveaways.


I’m also doing a giveaway right here, for a copy of the book (signed, of course!) and five patterns of your choice. All you have to do is leave a comment here letting me know your favorite pattern (either from the book or the shop), and I’ll draw a winner on Dec. 5, once the tour is over.

This giveaway is open to everyone, and I will ship worldwide!

ETA: We have a winner! Congratulations to Renee, who was randomly chosen by the random number generator, with her comment:

“I’ve been waiting for a book like this one! My favorite would be……….the Lady Grey coat! I love it!”

Tour Schedule

Here’s the schedule for the tour. Visit these guys for more fun posts, reviews, examples of things they’ve made, and giveaways!

Nov 2: Craft Buds – interview and giveaway
Nov. 3: Gertie’s New Blog for Better Sewing – lace insertion tutorial for the Licorice dress
Nov. 4: Sewaholic – book excerpt
Nov. 8: Flossie Teacakes – Interview with Sarai and book review
Nov. 8: A Fashionable Stitch – book excerpt and review
Nov. 9: Pink Chalk Studio – Book review
Nov. 10: Craft Gossip – Interview with Sarai and giveaway
Nov. 11: Bolt Fabric – book review
Nov. 14: True Up: Fabric Fives with Sarai
Nov. 15: Frolic! – On styling the book’s photos
Nov. 15: Threads Magazine – Giveaway
Nov. 16: Whipstitch – book review
Nov. 16: Honey Kennedy – Styling ideas
Nov. 17: A Dress a Day – Interview with Sarai
Nov. 18: Not Martha – book review
(break for Thanksgiving week)
Nov. 28: Casey’s Elegant Musings – Project Planning, book excerpt and Casey’s thoughts
Nov. 29: MADE – giveaway
Nov. 30: Sew Weekly – book review
Nov. 30: Oh! Fransson – Elizabeth’s version of the Taffy pattern
Dec. 1: Sew Mama Sew – Guest post from Sarai on grainlines

Sarai Mitnick   —   Founder

Sarai started Colette back in 2009. She believes the primary role of a business should be to help people. She loves good books, sewing with wool, her charming cats, working in her garden, and eating salsa.

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Kim A

This is so exciting! My favorite pattern from Colette Patterns would have to be Lady Grey. I made it in a gray tropical wool and wear it all the time!

beth lehman

Jasmine is my favorite pattern = so classic and fun! (The free Sorbetto runs a 2nd for me with all the variations I’ve seen of it!)


Gah, it’s so hard to choose! I love the classic styling of Peony but I think that Nutmeg is my favourite because I love beautiful, vintage-inspired lingerie!


I love Lady Grey. I wish I had enough skill to take it on – it is so very very very very pretty!


I’m working on Parfait right now and I love it! Oh, to win this giveaway- I’ve been eyeing the book and cursing my bills since it was announced, and I’m not sure you have five patterns that I don’t already own, but I would love to share the wealth to my blog readers!


I love Lady Grey. It has taught me so many things, and I’d love to make a second version.

To swoosh: Lady Grey was my first ever commercial pattern, and I had only sewn a couple accessories and self-drafted skirt before that. I say go ahead and make one already ;)


It has to be Lady Grey, closely followed by the Crepe :O)


I think my favourite is the Chantilly dress – so timeless!

Marie Biswell

Wow, you’re a busy lass! My fav pattern is the Peony.. which also happens to be my fav flower too!


My favourite pattern is crepe, wihtout any doubt ! Both feminine and confortable, can fit anybody, it’s a kind of magic trick.


Oooooh I’m so excited! My favorite pattern is Negroni, that I’ve made four or five times for my husband. The instructions are so wonderful!
I also would like to try Beignet after seeing so many wonderful versions of it across the blogland, and my latest craving is Clover! I need a pair of nicely fit pants!

Claire (aka Seemane)

What a lovely giveaway!

My favorite patterns (can I have 2 please?) are the Beignet skirt (so many ways to make this in an array of different colours and fabrics to match the chang ing seasons – I really need to finish off my muslin and make a tonne of these LOL!); and the oh so easy to make & very economical on fabric (1 yard/metre – yes please!) Sorbetto top :) !


I love the jasmine blouse!


This is so supertastic! I love your patterns and check your blog regularly for the sewing tips. My favourite is the Ceylon dress. Lots of possibilities there!


I love the macaron dress. It’s effortless, sexy, and a little funky all rolled into one gorgeous package.

Miss Katie

I adore the Ceylon dress, my red version is a staple in my wardrobe, I wear it at least once a week! It is definitely my favourite of your patterns, I am planning to make a whole selection of them in different colours and fabrics for different seasons :)


I am so happy you’ll ship worldwide since I live in Sweden. My favourite Colettepattern is the Violet blouse. Thank you!


Ooh…nice! I’d have to say the pattern I lust after most is either Ceylon or Clover. I haven’t had time to make my Violet or Beignet yet, but obvs I love them!


So, so hard to choose, but I think it has to be the Beignet skirt, so wearable, so nice, and a little extra. In hard competition with the Licorice dress, which I look forward to making.


WOW! the book AND 5 patterns? Very nice giveaway Sarai, thanks! My favourite pattern is definitely the Chantilly dress. I love it.


I love all of your patterns, but my favorite is the parfait. It has a very classy cut and can be made to wear everyday or for fancier occasions. It has a beautiful fit and great details. Congratulations on your book. It looks gorgeous!


I already bought the book at Amazon… can’t wait for it to arrive! But I’d ***love*** to get the patterns. My favorite one is Lady Grey.


My favorites keep changing! Beignet is on my list to sew next, so that’s the current favorite!


My favorite from the book is the Truffle dress, my favorite in the shop is probably the Lady Grey coat that I made last year, or the Beignet skirt I’m wearing today.


Only one favourite?? Really?? Umm maybe Crepe, or Licorice Ahh but then there’s Lady Grey. Your patterns have inspired me to sew for myself and I can’t wait to get your book.


Thank you so much! I’m going to say Peony as I am currently choosing fabric options for that and am starting my toile this evening. I can already see that it’s going to be a highly adaptable pattern.

Mrs Mike

I love the Beignet skirt pattern! Really though, there are several others I could have posted just as easily!


Wow, what a generous giveaway! I’ve already ordered my book (been counting down for a month for its arrival!), but would love LOVE to have the patterns! My favorite is Chantilly, but there are several others that I’ve yet to try as well.

Looking forward to the blog tour! Congrats again!


My favorite of the inspiring Colette patterns is Peony.

Tabatha Tweedie

Wowee! Amazing giveaway! My favourite Colette pattern is the Parfait – I’ve already made two versions and have another planned! I would LOVE to win some other patterns though, especially the Lady Grey, the Oolong, the Beignet Skirt, the Ginger skirt and the Cinammon slip. It would be (almost) better than winning the lottery!


Oh, I don’t know. I cannot decide between the Rooibos dress and the Sencha blouse…


So exciting! My favourite pattern is the Rooibos and I’m most looking forward to making the truffle dress from the book :)

Amy C

Definitely the Sencha top with Lady Grey running a very close second!!!

Mlle Assorti

The book looks awesome, I put it on my Christmas-wishlist!
My favorite pattern is the Macaron-dress, I love the heart shaped bust-line

Greetings from Belgium!


Ooh what a GORGEOUS giveaway! I have to say that my favourite pattern is the Rooibos – it’s so versatile that I have made FOUR! I’d be like a child in the playground if I won five patterns :)


I have a long term crush on the many lovely iterations of the Beignet skirt, got the biggest kick out of making Sorbettos this summer (very sad to have put those away for the winter), like the funky yet whimsicalness of the Macaroon, but coming back to the glum state of my newly unpacked winter clothes, have to conclude that this really needs to be the winter of the Beignet skirt!


Wow, how nice! It’s hard to choose which pattern is my favorite, but I do love the Sencha blouse. I can’t wait to see the book!


What a great give away! The book is on my Santa list and if your patterns are anything to go by, I’m sure the book is stunning. My fave pattern to date is the Jasmine blouse, I’m planning my 3rd and all are completely different.


I haven’t had a chance to sew any Colette patterns yet, but I picked up the Crepe dress last week when I visited the US. I’m very impressed by the instruction booklet and really looking forward to sewing it! / Åsa from Sweden

Sara C.

I think that Parfait must be my favorite. I’ve made 3 of them. But I’m dying to make some Clover pants. If it comes out how I imagine it will, then that pattern will be the best pattern ever made.


I’m crossing my fingers! I’m so excited for this book and can’t wait to follow the blog tour. My favorite Colette pattern I’ve made is Jasmine, but my favorite just based on design is Rooibos–I own it, I should make it already!


It is so hard to decide…the Lady Grey and the Crepe are the ones I’ve admired the longest. Thanks for the amazing giveaway! I’m looking forward to the blog tour.


I really like Lady Gray. I have yet to make it but I just like the feel of the coats vintage charm.


My favourite Colette pattern is the Crepe dress. I haven’t made it yet, but I have big plans for it. Thanks for the great giveaway and have fun on the blog tour!

Vicki Kate

Oh wow, what a fantastic giveaway!

My favourite pattern as at this moment is the Jasmine top or the Peony dress. I love them both and really can’t choose between them. Fingers crossed for birthday presents! Of course there is also the ever so elegant Lady Grey. I can’t wait for the blog tour!


This Blog tour idea is the best thing since sliced bread! It really shows how much blogging is important to the sewing community AND it showers us sewing enthusiasts with amazing tips, tricks, interviews and, of course, giveaways! Good going Colette Patterns!

As for my top picks from Colette patterns, Peony, Jasmine and Violet really do it for me! They look like such flattering patterns and can be made in contemporary or more retro styles… Hope I win!

Hyena In Petticoats

Oh my goodness – what a giveaway!

I can’t wait to see more of the book over the next month – it sounds like there is lots of great info, and not your usual run-of-the-mill sewing advice…
Congratulations on realising your dream – it’s great to see an independent, creative business growing and flourishing – there’s hope for all of us!

Happy book tour, Sarai – enjoy!

Leah xxx

(ooohh, and my favourite pattern right now? Nutmeg!)


The Crepe dress is fabulous and I really like that it has pockets.


My favourite pattern is the Rooibos dress. Can’t wait for the next opportunity to wear mine. Thanks for doing the giveaway!


I love my Violet blouse, since I wear it all the time. I am planning on getting started on the Crepe dress next, if that turns out well, that’ll be my new favourite!


I love love love the Ginger skirt. It was the second skirt I’ve attempted and I was pretty floored at how easy it came together.

Jen @ Another Jennifer

I love Chantilly and just picked up Negroni for both my son and my husband.

Jackie Njeri

I would love a copy of your amazing book. The violet blouse pattern is my favorite. I love its versatility.


Oooh what a great giveaway! My favorite pattern right now is the Peony. Thanks so much!

Sarah Ellis

How wonderful. I have just recieved Peony and I am really looking forward to making it up. Its going to be my favorite!


I already have 8 of your patterns and a copy of your book is winging it’s way to me as we speak, so I don’t need to win the giveaway but wanted to add my voice to the chorus of fans. Love what you are doing and can’t wait for the next exciting installment! Good luck with the book – I hope you sell squillions :)


I love the new Peony dress


I really love the licorice dress from the book but I also love the crepe dress and sorbetto top as well. I have lots of favorites. Lol.

Sondra Richter

OMG! A favourite?? Really hard, but if really pressed I would have to say Oolong! LOVE your patterns!!! <3


What an amazing giveaway!! I think my favourite pattern is the Ceylon dress, I have it in my stash but haven’t dared make it yet. Plus, I haven’t found the right fabric.
Thanks for a wonderful giveaway! :)
Ashley x


I am up to the zipper insertion on my Peony and it’s definitely my favorite. On the other hand, there are all the patterns in the book to look forward to. . . .

Emily S.

The clover would have to be my favorite. I love pants!

Sarah Sic

I first fell in love with the Beignet and it remains my favorite (although every other pattern is a close second).


wow! you are going to be one busy lady!! all sounds great though and I can’t wait to read all about the book. Now, my favourite pattern?? how can I choose one?? my first colette pattern was the beignet skirt and that is a truely wonderful pattern – I have now made four versions and am about to pull it out again to make a denim one for winter……then I made sencha – again wonderful (three versions followed in quick succession). I have also made crepe (with a maternity adjustment), violet, ginger and the lovely lovely macaron (my favourite dress pattern) but for the overall favourite I am going to go for clover. I am still in the fitting stage of my toile but I just know that once I get the fit sorted they are going to be the ‘go to’ pattern for trousers. Good luck and ‘bon courage’ for the book tour!


I covet the Ceylon dress the most! But I definitely spend time thinking of ways to incorporate details from other patterns too-they’re all so delightful!


I love the Peony pattern and your book looks absolutely fantastic. I would love to have a signed copy of your book!


How exciting! i really like the jasmine pattern. i can’t wait to see the book in person.


My favorite pattern is the Negroni Men’s Shirt. Your clear instructions gave me the courage to try a pattern that has a lot of details not common to the patterns I make for myself or my girls. The clarity and thoroughness of your instructions is “hands down” the reason I purchased this in the first place as my first article of clothing for my husband.

Lisa S.

Collette patterns continues to give me reasons to love you more and more every day! I’d have to say that my favorite pattern so far is the Ginger skirt. But I can’t wait to try the new patterns in the book!


Congrats on the book! I’m looking forward to reading/using it. I have Crepe, and can’t wait to use it! But I also love Jasmine…so pretty! I don’t think I can pick just one:) But it would be one of those two for sure. ~Ruth


I love your skirt patterns, I have a lovely Ginger and 2 more half cut out, and I keep meaning to pick up Beignet as I have seen so many lovely ones around the internet!


I really love the style of Rooibos, I haven’t made it yet but I think it could be a great everyday dress in denim or khaki. Thanks for doing such an awesome give away and congrats on your new book, I hope you get to do more in the future!


My favorite dress would have to be Crepe – the sweetheart neckline and wrap dress are flattering on so many different body types.


I am loving my ceylon dress in a pretty blue floral print. It gives me a vintage, sexy silhouette and I feel great in it!


No doubt about it – my favorite is Rooibos!


I am drooling over your new book! It is on my wish list and I cannot wait to get it, it looks amazing! I love the Rooibos, it is the only one I made so far. I followed the sew along and it turned out beautiful! There are so many more I want to try too:)


My favorite pattern is the Crepe. It was the first Colette pattern I came across and I have loved it ever since. I’ll treasure my copy for decades to come and I have visions of this beauty being passed through the generations of my family in the future.

Christy S

Even though I already ordered the book and signed copy would be heavenly. I just adore Meringue, although Sorbetto really does run a close second!!


Wow, that’s quite the month you’ve got coming up! Really looking forward to it :)

I think my favourite at the moment is Peony, although that could be because it’s the one I’m going to make next!


I would LOVE to finally try out your patterns! I think my first choice would have to be lady grey. That pattern is so versatile. I would also love to try my hand at menswear with the negroni!

natalie (QSOgirl)

I really like the Negroni pattern– I would love to make it for my husband!!


First of all, I love pretty much every single pattern, they are all gorgeous and so feminine. But since I have to choose, I am really digging the Macaron dress right now, can’t keep my eye off of it!

And hopefully this book finds its way to me this coming holiday season… :)
Thanks for such a great opportunity to win your awesome book and patterns!

Kelly Black

I’m so excited about your blog tour, and the chance to win a signed copy of your book! I’ve followed your site for a couple of years and have always been mesmerized by your design style and the techniques you share. That said, I’ve always been a bit of a chicken and haven’t felt confident enough to try your patterns yet. Yesterday I ordered a copy of your book from Amazon and I can’t wait to get it so I can dive in! I’ve wanted to make some tailored garments for a long time, and I’m confident your approach (along with having a handy reference book) will help guide me to becoming a more secure seamstress.

Thanks for all that you do and share!


My favourite pattern is no doubt Jasmine. It’s so perfectly simple and feminine, and the slightly lower neckline combined with a bow gives such a soft and dainty look.


I just got Parfait in the mail and can’t wait to make it – it seems to look fantastic on everyone who has made it so that would be my favourite at the moment.


I like your skirt pattern as well as your senta top pattern. Thank you for your website, I always learn from it.


WOW! What an excellent giveaway! I just bought the Ginger and Beignet skirt patterns over the summer and lately I’ve been eyeing Peony, Crepe and Violet. SO hard to choose one but if pressed, I’d say Crepe.


Oo I love the Rooibos, and am planning about 5 versions for this winter


I love so many of your patterns, but if I had to choose a favorite, it would be the Macaron. The design is just so creative. But my favorite thing about ALL of your patterns is that it results in well assembled, well fit clothing, yet the instructions are so simple and easy to follow. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for this blog tour.


Hm… so hard to choose! I’ve been wanting to try Crepe for a while though, so I think I’ll have to go with that.


It has to be the jasmine blouse! Although I think the peony dress comes in a close second! Congrats on your book!

Annie McCreary

This is too fun ;) I love CEYLON!


Oh wow – what an epic blog tour you are doing – looking forward to following all your posts.

Thanks for the amazing giveaway. It is very hard for me to pick one favourite pattern, but I think I would pick Macaron (with Chantilly coming in a very close 2nd!!).


Oh, so looking forward to the blog tour! Sounds very interesting!
I will shamefully admit I haven’t sewn any of patterns (yet) but I love your blouse patterns, all of them. The favorite would have to be Violet, I love the combination of classy and comfortable.


From the book, I’m looking forward trying the Taffy blouse.

The Jasmine blouse is the first Colette pattern I worked with and its wonderful. I’m sure its going to be a long time favourite.


I’m in love with all your patterns, but if I have to chose, I’d say Ceylon because it was my first Colette dress and it’s so unique! I made it in red cotton with little white hearts.

Katelyn Allers

Squeal! I’m so excited about the tour. These topics look amazing. Picking one pattern is a tough one. I think the dress I’d most like to sew is a macaroon. I’ve adored the pattern for a couple of years now, but can never think of just the right fabric or occasion to make it.

L Lu

Thank you for hosting the giveaway! I like Oolong the most!

raquel from florida

I love Sencha. It was my first pattern! Thanks!


I love the Jasmine. Your patterns are exquisite, and I love the names.


I just purchased the Clover pants pattern (my first Colette Patterns purchase) and I’m hoping it becomes a quick favorite because I am sorely in need of a go-to, tried-and-true pants pattern! (I’m sure it will turn out wonderful though because of all the great tutorials on the blog.)

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