Creative Spaces: Jane Foster’s Studio



For some time now, I’ve been a massive fan of the work of Jane Foster, a British designer, illustrator and printer. Her work often uses, and is most definately influenced by, vintage textiles, patterns and print from 1950’s to 1970’s (my absolute favourite eras of design!). Whilst obsessively trawling through her blog, I fell head over heels in love with her studio and work space.

fabric on shelves

The white walls provide a fresh background to the riot of pattern and colour. This combination allows her workspace to be busy and bursting with inspiration, whilst preventing sensory overload and potentially choking up the creative flow.  

desk with prints

What I wouldn’t give to have a rummage through the treasures in this room! Jane Foster’s work can be viewed on her website and purchased from her shop

Zoe Edwards   —