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Fall patterns are shipping and Clover Sewalong in October!


Hey there & thank you for reading the Colette blog!

This site is no longer being updated so head over to Seamwork to get all the latest patterns, tutorials, video classes, and more.

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I’m happy to report that our new Fall patterns are now shipping in the shop!

Aaaaand, to help you make the decision to try your hand at making some pants, we’re going to be doing a sewalong for the Clover pattern! If pants scare you, take heart. These pants are very easy to construct, and we’ll be doing a whole week of posts on fitting to guide you along.

We’ll be starting in three weeks (October 4), so that should give you some time to get the pattern and start thinking about fabric. Caitlin is going to be talking about fabrics for Clover later this week, so that should help you get some ideas about what to buy as you get ready.

So head on over to the shop and pick up Clover, and we’ll start sewing in a few weeks together!

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Sarai started Colette back in 2009. She believes the primary role of a business should be to help people. She loves good books, sewing with wool, her charming cats, working in her garden, and eating salsa.

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Excited! I have never made a pair of pants that fit, and now that is all going to change.


Great news! Now what kind of easy care fabric can I use for Peony? And where on earth can I find it?

Tonya Richard

I just bought the pattern and can’t wait for the sew along. I have never made pants, so excited to learn how! I already have some navy stretch poplin that I bought to make them : )


I am so excited! I added the Clover pants to my Fall Palette challenge but was worried about proper fitting and chosing fabric etc. So, they were the one project I was thinking of possibly dropping until a sew along came along ( I am a real beginner less than a year of sewing experience). The sew along is the push I need to ensure I complete all the garments in my Fall Collection! Very Excited! Thank you! And Thank you for ensuring the fabric post is up early enough for us who have to order online!


I’m so excited for my patterns to arrive! I’ve made a couple pairs of pants before but I can’t wait to get these. The patter looks so similar to a pair I’ve been lusting over but can’t afford. :( I’m hoping to make my own (only better because they’ll fit so well and be unique). Looking forward to the sew-a-long.


Count me in!! I just hope my pattern arrives on time. I also look forward to read more about possible fabrics.


Are the new patterns also available at the resellers? I order mine here in The Netherlands but have’t seen the fall patterns yet…


Retailers who’ve ordered should be getting theirs soon as well, although of course shipping overseas can take a while.


oh perfect! i’ve been eyeing this pattern since it came out.

i wonder how hard it would be to add some side pockets to these pants? might be an interesting mod to try out. although i am probably getting way ahead of myself, given that this will be my first pair of homemade trousers!!


I just bought the Clover pattern from Sunni. This will be my first sewalong!

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