Free Pattern to Download: The Madeleine Mini Bloomers


Valentine’s day is coming this weekend, and whether you love it or hate it, you must admit having something adorable to lounge around in makes any day that much sweeter. So I present to you the madeleine mini bloomers, a free sewing pattern that you can download! It takes only a yard of fabric (along with some elastic and ribbon), and an hour or two of sewing to whip up these pretties.

These are no prim and proper Victorian bloomers, as you can see. They sit low on the waist, and are scandalously brief. The back view is particularly flattering. The waistband is sewn with two rows of elastic, and the legs are cinched with a length of ribbon. With just two pattern pieces, a beginner who is comfortable with elastic and buttonholes can make these.

The pattern is put together like any Burdastyle pattern. You just print out the sheets and tape them together to form the pattern. It’s multi-sized for XS to XL, which encompasses the usual sizes 0-18 in Colette Patterns’ range.

Download the Madeleine Mini Bloomers pattern!

Sarai Mitnick   —   Founder

Sarai started Colette back in 2009. She believes the primary role of a business should be to help people. She loves good books, sewing with wool, her charming cats, working in her garden, and eating salsa.

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These are so cute!!! Off to download for later sewing. ;) Thanks for generously sharing these, Sarai!!!

Free pattern: Madeleine Mini Bloomers · Sewing @ CraftGossip

[…] With all the Valentine’s sewing projects for kids, teachers, and significant others, why not whip up a little something pretty for yourself?  These Madeleine Mini Bloomers are just the thing!  Sarai from Colette Patterns is offering the downloadable pattern for free.  It’s an easy sewing project and you can make them from just a yard of fabric.  They’ve got just right amount of va-va-voom for your significant other to appreciate them as well.  Get the free pattern from Colette Patterns’ blog. […]

Anne Weaver

These are so pretty! Thank you for offering the free pattern! I am SOOO making a pair of these!

I featured your pattern out on Craft Gossip Sewing:



Thank you! I might just have to whip these pretties up for my valentine.


eek! What a sweet treat!

Sweet Treat from Colette Patterns « Modern Ma'

[…] Sweet Treat from Colette Patterns eeek! I had to post this right away! Colette Patterns has a wicked cute FREE pattern for these bloomers! […]


I do these in a super-soft silk or even a stretch lace with a scalloped edge…which would save you the time finishing the edges!


cute. cute. cute. Thank you for sharing!


Wow, these are super cute! Thank you!!

Amy P.

Oh my goodness! These are so adorable! Can’t wait to sew. Happy Valentine’s Day!


How cute are these! Thanks for sharing this!

Free sewing pattern: The Madeleine mini bloomers

[…] just released a free pattern for these cute mini bloomers, so hop on over to Colette Patterns to see more pictures and details, and download the free […]


So lovely…how pretty would these be in a pistachio green with pink bows? Thank you for the pattern!

Shelly Figueroa

What a perfect Valentines Gift!
I need to make these up for my night out with the husband that is 2 months over due! Maybe with my Red Rooibos dress.
He’ll thank you. :) Thanks.


thank you! i’ve downloaded the pattern and hope to make them up sometime!


Adorable! I’m going to link to these in my round-up post this afternoon. :) Thanks for the free goodies!


Oh Sarai!
These are perfect!
I’m going to whip up a pair tonight for my best friend for Valentines Day!
Thank you so much.
Good Karma.


SO sweet! I can’t wait to make these! Thank you, thank you!


thank you so much, this is so cute!


Love these!!! Printing the pattern out as I type ;) Thank you, Sarai!

Lindsey M Nelson

Thanks! These are adorable. I’ve been thinking about bringing bloomers back (but maybe the longer ones) because I love to wear dresses but running around after my kids on the playground makes it kind of impractical. Looking forward to trying these out!


Oh these are too cute! I’ve been wanting to make my own knickers. Thanks for sharing.


So, so cute. Thanks, Sarai! I know what I’ll be sewing this weekend!


Thank you for offering the pattern. Something new to try. I love it!


They are adorable! Thanks for sharing this pattern!


SO cute. Thanks for sharing this pattern!


Ooo! I’m definitely making these for myself.


I LOVE these!!!
And so will my hubby ;o)
Thanks for offering them for free!

amy k.

oh–so crazy cute!! thank you!


I made these yesterday afternoon, and they turned out great! I used a lightweight double knit that I had in my stash. They are super comfy with a flattering fit. The only alteration I made was to put elastic around the legs instead of ribbon because I didn’t have that much ribbon on hand (so I also eliminated the button holes). Thanks for a terrific pattern! I can’t even tell you how excited the hubs is…


awesome! I was hoping someone would try that out for me (elastic around the legs), I love the ribbon look and have quite a bit laying around but I lost my button hole attachment ages ago and still haven’t bought a new one :/ must get on to that…

Adelaide B

Thank you so much!


These are truly adorable. Thank you so much for this lovely pattern. I am definitely going to sew these!


Aack! I am so excited to make these. Thanks!

(Found you via angrychicken.)

Melissa Bankhead

Oh my GOSH!!!! Thank you for sharing. This is awesome!


Hello! I’d like to tell you that I have linked you in my blog.

Links! » Stella Polaris' New Blog

[…] une idée, allez donc faire un tour sur leur blog plein d’idées créatives et charmantes, et téléchargez gratuitement le patron de ce ravissant mini bloomer […]


These are dead cute, love ’em! Thanks for offering them as a freebie.


Thank you so much for the free pattern, and thanks to the Angry Chicken for informing not only about it, but also about all your wonderful patterns and online-ery via her blog. I’ve never made garments from patterns before (just skirts and other experiments) but yours inspire me so much. I instantly wanted to make a dress when I saw the patterns for the first time months ago. However, I’m on a long-term weight loss crusade which began last May and is currently in continuation. It’s the slow, healthy kind (for real!). Though it was hard to think of waiting, I came to the decision that when I reach my target weight, I’m going to make at least one of your dresses! It’s so exciting. It’s going to be the beautiful treat to myself after all my hard work. So, that’s a lot of blabbering, but, I just wanted to share my story. And mostly, say thank you. THANK YOU! I’m so grateful your work is out there in the world. It’s truly gorgeous and makes life better. Keep up the amazingness!!


These are fantastic! thank you for sharing, I’ve downloaded the pattern and hope to give a try really soon.

On an off topic note, any chance there are better pictures of the models hair? I love it! and I want to take a photo to my hairdresser. :D


Thanks so much for the free pattern! I have the Macaron dress pattern but have yet to try it. I made these bloomers over the weekend and am so in love with them! I blogged a review of the pattern, including photos of the final result, here:

Paths of Life

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[…] Télécharger le patron sur le blog. […]


These are so sweet! Thank you for sharing the pattern. I will be making a pair + matching cami just as soon as I find the right fabric :)


Besides the fact that I really like the look of those, as a man, I like to compliment the model as well ;)

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J’adore : c’est si charmant!
merci pour le patron!

Jess to Impress

Luv these – can’t wait to try!

Madeleine Mini Bloomers | Crafts Kids :: Free Crafts Network

[…] at Collette Patterns shares this handsome pattern for bloomers. I would love to make a pair for myself, but right now my sewing skills max out at simple tab […]


Crazy cute! Thanks so much for the pattern. I’m totally going to sew up a pair (or two).

Mlle Julie

Oh my! Have to have! Will sew some on my day off this week! Lovely! Cheers, Julie


I made a pair last night in red with white polka dots, and black ribbon. Totally Minnie Mouse inspired, I love them so much! I feel like I need about 6 more in different colours…

Thank you so much! I loved the instructions, they were so easy to follow for a sorta-beginner sewer like me. And I now feel confident enough to try a dress… mmm, now which pattern?!?


Absolutly gorgeus! amazing! i am loving them, and so tring it out too^^!

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Thank you for posting this. These are so cute. I haven’t sewed much at all, but these make me want to try it.

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I’ve tried downloading this a couple of times, but everytime i do it just says “this file is damaged and could not be fixed”


Try to download a new version of Adobe Reader.

Open Source Unmentionables! « Open Source Stitches

[…] think my favorites have to be Colette Patterns’ free Madeline Mini-Bloomers.    Colette Pattern's Mini […]


Thanks for providing this fun, free pattern! I made a pair in a pastel floral, and love them!


Totally LOVE this pattern! Can’t wait to try it out.
Weird thing though I printed out the test square and it’s coming up at 3.75″ not 4″.
Just a fyi.


Heidi, I believe this might have to do with your printer or your settings. It should print out at the right size, 4 inches, if the document is printed at 100%. If it doesn’t, it’s best to figure out why your printer is reducing the size; otherwise, the pattern will print out smaller than intended!


Ok, I’ll check it out. Thanks


Figured it out, had to fix my ‘Page Scaling’
Pattern printed perfect. :)


Thanks for the pattern! I wear these almost every day now!


I love it – it’s look so good!


ooo la la! these are so dang cute! I can’t wait to bust out my machine this weekend and make a cute pair! Thanks for the pattern…

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[…] ondertussen. Zoals patronen aan elkaar tapen die ik afgeprint had. Onderstaande foto is van het Madeleine Bloomers patroon van Colette. Met zo warm weer zie ik dat wel zitten om daar met in mijn tuintje te loungen. […]


It is difficult to find nice patterns on the ‘net. Thanks for posting yours.

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lovely tutorial! I have been meaning to try this for some time now, with this tute I’ll finally be able to make one ^^


Thanks for the pattern! I found you thru:

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The download pattern is coming across as a damaged file and cannot be opened. Can you update the file? Thanks!


Celeste, you may need to update your version of Acrobat Reader if you are having this problem.

Martin Carter

Cant wait to have one of those it was so cute..thank you for this blog

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hi is there any instructions on how to make these baby sized? like for a 12month old please?


Thanks so much. I wanted to sew one for my daughter. Thought I had to look for the pattern in the shop. You saved me the trip and the hassle. Thanks again.


YES! Thank you, thank you, thank you. These are gorgeous!


have you got a pattern of this for making toddler sized ones please?
these are so cute!

Gerri Rubloff

Very Nice website. I built mine and i was looking for some design ideas and your website gave me some. May i ask you whether you developed the website by youself?


LOVE! Just downloaded and I’m excited to sew some. I think hubby will approve!

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Thank you, I been looking for this pattern for a year , will try to make it for sure, hope to send you the result :))

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Carrie at In the Hammock Vintage

I absolutely love these! Thank you so much for the pattern!


terminer le bloomer par des elastiques, c’est exactement ce que j’aimerais cependant je ne comprend pas du tout comment realiser la finition de taille et des cuisses.
quelqu’un pourrait il m’expliquer?merci


je ne comprend pas comment on realise l ‘elastiquage de la taille quelqu’un pourrait m’expliquer?

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