Free pattern to download: The sorbetto top


I have a little treat for you today: the Sorbetto top, a brand new free downloadable pattern!

Several weeks ago, Kathleen of grosgrain asked me to participate in a little something she put together called free pattern month. I thought it would be a great opportunity to put together another freebie pattern for you all, which is something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time, seeing as the Madeleine Bloomers were such a hit.

So I asked around on twitter and facebook to see what sort of simple, free pattern you all might be interested in. Many people said they wanted a simple tank or camisole, or possibly a babydoll top to go with the bloomers.

With that, I took the 60s as my inspiration and made this ultra-simple and swingy little top! With its ultra simple construction (just two pattern pieces plus some bias tape, and no closures needed), elegant loose cut shaped with bust darts, and the box pleat detail down the front, this is a pattern you can throw together in a huge range of fabrics for summer.

This version was made in a coral pink crepe de chine, with bias tape made in the same fabric. I’m sure you can imagine all the things you can do with a blouse this simple. You could use a patterned bias tape, or just use a contrasting color. Or you could sew just about any embellishment you want down the center. This blouse is a true stash-buster and a great way to use some pretty buttons or trims.

Or check out this version, in a casual printed cotton lawn. For this version, we went ultra-simple and used a pre-packaged bias tape. For this top, we use an exposed bias facing. It gives a nice flat finish, but still lets you show off a pretty bias tape.

This top goes great paired with a coconut-basil milkshake, pictured above. That’s a highly recommended serving suggestion.

Just like with the Madeleine bloomers, some assembly is required for the pattern. You print out the sheets and tape them together to form the pattern. It’s multi-sized for 0 to 18. We estimate that this pattern takes about 2 hours, from start to finish.

Download the Sorbetto Top pattern!

And don’t forget to post photos of any tops you make in the CP Flickr pool!

Sarai Mitnick   —   Founder

Sarai started Colette back in 2009. She believes the primary role of a business should be to help people. She loves good books, sewing with wool, her charming cats, working in her garden, and eating salsa.

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Angelina S.

I have what might be some silly questions.

1. Do the fabric requirements include the fabric you’d need to make bias tape out of the same fabric that your top is made from?
2. If not, how much extra would you suggest buying?
3. How wide do I cut my strips of fabric to get the proper size bias tape for this shirt?

Sorry, this is probably really simple stuff; I’m still really new to sewing clothing.


Hi Angelina… you might want to check out our tutorial for making bias tape (which is linked in the pattern instructions):

1) The fabric requirements don’t include the bias tape per se. But bias tape takes very little fabric, so it’s likely that you can just cut the tape from the leftover scraps.

2) See above. I doubt you’d need more.

3) The strips should be twice as wide as the finished width. (So for 1/2″ bias tape, you need 1″ wide strips).

Angelina S.

Thank you so much for replying! That tutorial looks great. I am ordering some liberty tana lawn to make a sorbetto and I really wanted to make sure I had enough to make the bias tape, but I didn’t want to order a lot more than was called for on the pattern. That stuff is expensive!



FWIW, I’d like to make up this pattern in Liberty Tana Lawn, too, but I’m first going to make a muslin and then use some other, cheaper, cotton fabrics first.

As you said, Liberty is expensive.


Oh yeah, I’m definitely going to make a muslin 1st! I have some voile that I got cheaply that has a similar drape to the liberty that I’m going to use. I would be crushed if I messed up my liberty fabric!


This is pathetic, but the last time I tried to learn how to sew before getting distracted, I bought two yards of Liberty to make a skirt in a beginning sewing class. I had to drop the class and I still haven’t used it, even though it’s far from my favorite Liberty pattern. That was over a decade ago.

I am actually glad that I didn’t waste it on the home sewery elastic waist pull on skirt that we were going to make. Plus, it was too light for that treatment; it needed to be underlined.


With all due respect to Sarai, if you want to make longer strips with as few seams as possible, you will need more than small scraps. This is a small blouse so the strips won’t need to be very long, but you will probably want to avoid seams.

I tried the method with the two triangles in muslin and was not happy with the results. I ended up with seams that ran in different directions and there were too many. I also found that my strips weren’t as clean and uniform as when I use a rotary cutter. For the results, it was not a time-saver.

I suggest you use the traditional method of making strips, cutting on the diagonal. A rotary cutter is helpful. There are articles that tell you how to estimate how much you’ll need.


If you take a look at the cutting layout for the pattern, there is quite a bit of fabric left at the edges, since both pattern pieces are cut on the fold. Its definitely more than small scraps and I still think it would be more than adequate.

If you think seams might be unsightly on the bias tape, you also have the option of doing the traditional piecing method:


Yes, the traditional piecing method is what I would recommend.



There is a Belgian site that sells Liberty bias tape for some fabrics. I’ve never ordered from them. It’s in French, but Google Translate is serviceable. You order by email. I’m sure someone there speaks English.


Thank you so much for posting this lovely pattern and instructions!! It is a beautiful top and I can’t wait to try it :)

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I’m not proud of my arms. How would I go about adding short sleeves to this pattern?

Sewing Princess

Have a look here

And here

You need to measure around the armseye to get the full lenght and back/front to know how long each side is.
You can also try and adapt an existing sleeve pattern by comparing the lenghts. Try it out first on a scrap of fabric to see if it’s ok.

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Sewing Princess

Would it be possible for you to save the pattern in A4 format. My printer doesn’t work on Letter format.
Thanks a million

Sewing Princess

I found the answer… you are a genius. Unlike other patterns where the printable area is stretched to the limit of a Letter format, you centered it. This solves the problem! And it gives me an idea in case I want to share patterns.

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Claire (aka Seemane)

(I tried to send the message below via your ‘Contact Us’ webpage – but it wouldn’t work)

Hi Sarai,

I saw Mena of The Sew Weekly’s post about her 7 days of Sorbettos. And, I saw that she’d drafted her own sleeve pattern ( to go with your free Colette Pattern. I thought I’d do you the courtesy of letting you know that I’ve turned her sleeve pattern into a PDF file – which I’ve uploaded to a post on my own blog here:-

Best wishes,

Recent Inspiration | Fresa Handmade

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I am new to garment sewing and after reading all the wonderful reviews about this Sorbetto top, I want to try my hand at crafting one. When I downloaded the pattern, however, I found that the pattern does not go up large enough to fit my ample curves. Any tips on how to draft the pattern to fit a 50 bust, 43 waist, and 53 hip?

Claire (aka Seemane)

Hi Jeri, you should be able to increase the size of the pattern. Increasing/decreasing the size is called ‘Grading’ – it’s not quite the same as take the seams in/out a bit – it’s more of a logical step-by-step methods to get an even, proportional increase across the body to get a nice finish:).

I’ve posted some links on my blogs to how to’s/resources on Grading:

You may also (like I had to on my first Sorbetto top) need to do a full-bust adjustment (sometimes abbreviated to FBA) – so making a test garment (called a ‘Muslin’ in the US, or a ‘Toile’ in the UK – where I am) out of some inexpensive cheap fabric will help you to assess any fit changes and tweaks you need to make to your pattern pieces… before you cut into your good fabric :)

Best wishes,


Thanks for the info Claire. I read through the info from Burda but unfortunately this still seems super complicated for my feeble brain to comprehend!

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mes ptits titis

Very attractive, I plan to be made the sorbetto in a few days

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Not sure if this is a problem with the download here in the UK, but when I download the pattern above, I’m completely missing row 6. Can anyone help?? I was really looking forward to joining the Sorbetto club, but can’t. :-(


Nikki, I’m afraid I don’t know what you mean by “row 6”?


I’ve found the answer! Don’t try to print things at work, which really aren’t work!! For some reason my Acrobat Reader at work (where I have a decent working printer) didn’t download the last four pages and so I ended up with everything below the 6s and with the 7s too missing.

I’ve downloaded it at home and brought it into to work on a USB to make sure I get the last four pages! Hooray, I can now get started!!

I really should learn to keep my sewing at home and my work at work, but you know how it is with sewing, you get an idea and you have to do it then! Thanks!

:-) (feeling a bit stupid now!!)

Cindy Ericsson

Thanks so much for the free pattern! I’ve been wanting a couple of new tops — now to raid the stash!

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I have a problem because I am big busted (G cup!!) and the top never fit correctly. What do you suggest I do to ensure the bust area fits correctly?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
One frustrated sewer!

Claire (aka Seemane)

Hi Wendy,

The FBA (full-bust adjustment) is your friend :)! Maybe try making a test garment (called a ‘Muslin’ in the US, or a ‘Toile’ in the UK – where I am) out of some inexpensive cheap fabric will help you to assess any fit changes and tweaks you need to make to your pattern pieces… before you cut into your good fabric :)

There’s some links here from on different FBA’s for different styles of top.

Or, you can see pages from 2 different fitting books on how to do an FBA here:
from this blog post
The Perfect Fit from the Singer Sewing Reference Library series of books (you need the top of pages 76 + 77).

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This a is fabulous pattern. I can wait to make a few tops.
Thanks !

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susan Harker

How wonderful! I just found the downloadable pattern – Thanks so much!!

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Teresa Raines

I’ve been looking for a pattern like this for a long time. Thanks so much. I plan on making several different tops in batist and cotton.

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Vanessa Newton

I just came across your wonderful site this morning and I can’t tell you how excited and happy I am about it! It’s wonderful. I was in search of a simple top that I could turn into a dress and perhaps even use my handmade dolls and I the sorbetto pattern is perfection!
Thanks so much for sharing. I will be following you lady and I can’t wait to get my hot little hands on your book as well.

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Just adding my thanks to this as well. I just made it and used a facings tutorial from here
I have this thing about bias binding !!
I made a toile from a pink linen and wow, this is going straight into my wardrobe, nothing toile about it.

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[…] did, however, finish my first Sorbetto top by Colette Patterns. This is such a quick and cute top to make, and the options to customize are […]


[…] the bear camo. But at the last hour, I decided to try out Colette Patterns’ ubiquitous Sorbetto tank. This pattern has been rocking the home sewing world, and I’ve literally seen over a hundred […]


Great pattern and beautiful work.

Es sind ja Ferien « Woll!

[…] Top heißt Sorbetto und gibts für lau bei Collette, und die FBA gibts hier, bei Sew […]


Great top! And it looks easy to tweak too.
The bum on that dressform is cracking me up (pun not intended!)…love the stitched look!

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