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Do you have a "No Regrets" attitude about sewing?


Every denim jacket needs a pin, and everybody who sews needs a sewing-themed pin, right? We’ve got the perfect accessory for your coat, tote bag, or sewing machine case.

For our first enamel pin, we picked our favorite notion: the seam ripper. It’s a powerful tool that might be your best friend or your biggest rival. Emblazoned with “No Regrets,” this pin’s got some attitude. It’s sure to give you a bit more street cred at your next sewing meet-up.


Best of all, this pin is free when you purchase two or more printed patterns or books in the Colette shop, while supplies last.

Update! We still have more pins available as a package when you order two or more printed patterns or books, but we are sold out of the individual pins. The pin will be available for sale individually here when we have more in stock!

What about you? Do you love your seam ripper? Do you have a “No Regrets” attitude about sewing?


Meg Stively   —   Communications Manager

Meg is here to help you. She's the smiling face behind our customer service and social media. Keeping in touch with our family of stockists, and shipping your orders all across the world, she loves seeing what you're making with our patterns.

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That is hilarious. I need one!


How cool! No regrets all the way!


Argh missed my window! Please restock soon!


I’m glad you’ll be restocking these. I already own all your patterns & books, but would love to buy the pin!


Yeppie! They are back in stock! You can buy them on the Colette Store !




Good news! They are back in stock!!!!


You bet I have a “no regrets” attitude! I sew a lot, make most of my clothes…which pretty much means I make a lot of mistakes. But that is okay. It’s always a learning experience, and in the end sewing for me is really about relaxing and being creative.


I just had to say I’m loving it!


I would love one of those pins or some other you might offer. Please put it (them) up for sale soon. Would make a nice gift.


Hey Jan! We are offering them as a free gift when you purchase 2 patterns or more over at the Colette shop, until supplies last. We have about 50 more pins set aside for this offer. We are just sold out of the pins individually.


These look great! Can you tell me where they’re made?


Hi Nina! We order them from Pin Depot.


Thanks for replying, Meg. I can’t find anything on Pin Depot’s own website about where they manufacture – I would guess it’s outside the US as they’re not shouting about it… There’s nothing there about corporate social responsibility etc either. I’m really hoping they’re ethically sourced because they’d make such perfect Christmas presents! I wonder if you guys can find out??


Thanks for asking, Nina. The pins are made in China, but that is about the only information we have from the company so far.


Very clever!

Rikki Nimon

Will you be making more? I completely missed the email until a few days ago. Or are there still ones available with purchase of 2 patterns? Thank you!


We have more ordered and will make an announcement when they’re back in stock. Unfortunately, the free pin with purchase packages already sold out!

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