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This week I found myself matching some of our studio plants. I picked up this crazy linen ikat fabric over a year ago and just made it into a sleeveless version of the Licorice dress from the Colette Sewing Handbook. Don’t you love the pink planters Sarai picked out for the studio? The plants are so bright and tropical looking.

The foliage on this plant in particular is stunning. I love the painterly look of each leaf. We recently had to treat it for some teeny tiny spiders that were crawling all over it. Poor plant! It’s recovering now and growing some bright new leaves.

Sarai brought in some more paperwhite bulbs that are sprouting up quite a bit every day. While we don’t have any direct sunlight in our studio, we do have lots of indirect light. So far it’s been enough to keep all our colorful plants alive and thriving.

I love having this jungle of plants in the studio. There’s something so warming and homey about live plants indoors, don’t you think?

I hope you enjoy these sewing (not plant!) related links I put together for you:

  • Since it’s time to start sewing with summery lightweight fabrics this rolled hem tutorial will come in very handy
  • This tutorial shows you how to make those sewing fingers all fancy
  • Make a cute maxi dress and learn to dye it with this tutorial
  • Learning about your machine’s thread tension doesn’t have to be scary, this Threads article breaks it down for you
  • Gertie’s scissor post discusses the different kinds you need to get the job done
  • And speaking of scissors, if you don’t use a rotary cutter, this tutorial shows you how (it’s our most used tool here at CP!)

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That looks like very pretty fabric; are we allowed to see the whole dress?


Oooo, that’s a great rolled hem tutorial. I’ve been putting off properly hemming one of my costumes (it has a circle skirt with two layers of silk chiffon), but I think I can manage that method nicely. I’ll have to give it a try!

Nothy Lane

I love the rolled hem tutorial. ANd the link for tension is very timely. I just posted a bit on fiddling with tension on my blog too.


I want to see the whole dress! I love that fabric.


I’d love to see the whole dress too! I’m really curious to see a sleeveless version of Licorice.


That dress looks beautiful! Would love some pointers or a quick tutorial on how to make licorice sleeveless- I’m pretty sure I would get the armscye all wrong.


I bought a rotary cutter and mat over the weekend – my new favourite toy. I wish I had bought one years ago. It makes cutting so much faster – love it!!!


Lovely fabric! i’d love to see the whole dress too :)

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