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Introducing Juniper and Anise


Hey there & thank you for reading the Colette blog!

This site is no longer being updated so head over to Seamwork to get all the latest patterns, tutorials, video classes, and more.

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Ideas for patterns come from a lot of different places. Sometimes they come from you guys directly. Sometimes they’re things that I want to sew myself (and think you would like too).

But above all, I want to help you make clothes that are wearable. I want my patterns to be things that you can make multiple times. I want them to be workhorses, but really fun, cool, stylish ones.

For Fall, we have two new beautiful wardrobe staples, Juniper and Anise.

{shown with the jasmine blouse}

This is Juniper. People have been asking a long time for a pair of pants with a wide leg, and the observant among you have seen the pair I made a while back. I cut them to be fitted through the hips, then fall to a moderately wide leg.

They have a wide tabbed waist, which really helps give some definition. I’d wear them with a shirt tucked in, or one of those cute vintage sweaters with a fitted ribbed waist. And of course, cut them long.

Next up is Anise.

{shown with the peony dress}

Isn’t she beautiful? I simply love jackets like this. Cropped and not too fitted for that swingy 60s shape, but still showing the hint of ladylike waistline. It’s double breasted and looks equally lovely buttoned or unbuttoned. And because there are no seams in front, it would look especially great in plaids and stripes. It includes single welt pockets, a full lining, and instructions for underlining.

{shown with the clover pants and sorbetto top}

This brings me to my final announcement, a brand new project I’ve been working on to go along with Anise: The Anise Companion.

I knew I would be doing a sew-along for Anise. Jackets like this have so many steps and details, that I knew extra help would be useful. I wanted to show you all the cool, helpful stuff you might want to know, like fitting advice and extra details like bound buttonholes, or making your own sleeveheads. There’s so much to say!

But sew-alongs are a bit limited. The information is hard to keep track of, especially if you fall off the wagon, so to speak. They’re sometimes difficult to reference later. And because of the blog format, it’s really really hard to convey all the information I might want to without basically taking over the entire blog for a month.

I thought about it. What would be the ideal way for me to convey all this great information? How could I properly and really truly walk you through the entire process in a way that makes sense? How to make a big sewing project more manageable?

So today, I present our very first digital guide, with over 150 (!) step-by-step photos. I’m calling it The Anise Companion, and it is pretty awesome if I do say so myself. It walks you through every step of the process by dividing the jacket into 8 separate days, just like a sew-along might. I cover everything from buying the supplies to fitting to extra details not included with the pattern alone.

The pattern is sold separately, so that you can choose to buy it as a printed pattern, or download the tiled PDF version.

We’ll also still be holding the sew-along! We’ll use The Anise Companion as a sort of textbook as we go through it, though you by no means need to purchase the companion to participate in the sew-along! It is just an extra (a very, very helpful extra) on top of everything we usually offer.

And finally! Because this is so new, we’re offering a special price just for today and tomorrow. The Anise Companion will normally be priced at $9, but if you buy it by Friday, it will be only $5. I want to give everyone a chance to get it along with their pattern.

Phew! I’m going to go collapse now! But you…

Go visit the shop!

Photography: Anja Verdugo
Wardrobe styling: Caitlin Clark
Model: Caitlin Drury

Sarai Mitnick   —   Founder

Sarai started Colette back in 2009. She believes the primary role of a business should be to help people. She loves good books, sewing with wool, her charming cats, working in her garden, and eating salsa.

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Love, love the Anise jacket! I am a big fan of crop jackets. Also looking forward to making the Juniper slacks.

Tiffany W

The are beautiful! I have just purchased the digital patterns for all three. Great job!


OMG the Anise jacket is the most perfect jacket EVER! I’ll jump on this immediately!


Oh, oh, oh! These are both so beautiful. I was secretly hoping you would release a pattern for those gorgeous wide-leg pants we’ve seen on the blog. I can’t wait to make them…I’m thinking they would look fantastic in a dark denim.

I love the Anise companion too! You have seriously outdone yourself this time. Thank you so much for two more fantastic patterns!


I know! I want to make them in denim too. And a bright red pair too.


I absolutely adore the Anise pattern! I can’t wait for the sew-along, and I have the perfect pink wool for this!

Sewing Princess

Both are great patterns. Congratulations. Anise is great. I love the photoshoot you did. The companion is a great idea!


They’re gorgeous, Sarai! I love them both! And the book! I am pregnant right now and could not make them to wear, but I’ll be dreaming of the day I can. At least I could make Anise… It looks really cute unbuttoned, doesn’t it? Thank you for more gorgeous patterns to make and learn from.


Super cute! Well worth the wait!


I love the Anise jacket! It’s perfect for fall!


That jacket is darling…awesome job on these new pieces!

Sew Little Time

love them both! exactly what i was hoping for. just a question on the anise companion – i would prefer to order the priunted patterns so i guess i will need to wait until some of the uk stockists get them in. but i should order the companion guide now to get it at the cheaper price as it’s a download?


Yep, I’d do that! You’ll save a little bit that way and can get the pattern locally.

Here are the websites of some retailers in the UK that should have the patterns in stock now or very soon:

Sew Little Time

great, thanks sarai! i use sewbox already so i will check with them.


Yay!!! The Anise Jacket will absolutely be sewn for my wardrobe and the companion is brilliant. I am going to scoop up my sale PDF now! Another awesome job Sarai :)


The jacket is just perfect and I love the idea of the sew along companion. What format is the digital guide in? It would be really handy if it were something I could download to my iPad. Like sew little time I’m in the UK so I’ll probably order the patterns from one of your stockists there, but I’ll download the guide ASAP!


Never mind – have downloaded it and it works perfectly yay! Just need to order the patterns now…


Oh good! For anyone else that’s wondering, it’s a PDF, which means you can definitely read it on your ipad.

Sassy T

What a fantastic idea having a companion. I can see people sitting with a coffee and browsing through it.


Lovely new patterns! I really enjoy hearing about your inspiration – it’s one thing to look at the patterns alone but my favourite part is how you introduce them :) I always feel more romantic towards them that way ^__^

Charlotte Tilley

Love them both, so I bought them…. I am already looking at my Companion, can’t wait for the pattern, how fantastic. I had been eyeing up those trousers when you made them Sarai so I am extra pleased and I just LOVE the jacket. That’s my Fall decisions made then ;0)


Two gorgeous patterns, can’t wait till mine arrive, and the companion is an inspired piece of work! Jacket are always hard for me, so can not wait for the sew along with the companion close at hand. Heading toward summer down here, and have always wanted a seersucker jacket, of to source some cute fabric!

Lauren T

What an inspirational post! I can’t wait to start sewing these lovely garments, especially the coat. Thanks!


Eeeeeeeeee! (Squealing with excitement)
I love all the Colette patterns and have longed for a trouser pattern to add to my hoard. So I am already in love with the Juniper! So gorgeous I’ve ordered it already (rather than wait for the UK stockists). I love the jacket too. Thanks Sarai for yet more gorgeous designs.


These are both adorable! If we’re happy with the fit of our Clover pants, should we be able to transfer the same changes to the Juniper pants? (I only needed minor tweaks to get a good fit for the Clovers.)


Yes, I think the same tweaks will probably serve you well (though of course I do still always recommend testing).


I’m not supposed to buy anymore patterns after my recent 12 pattern splurge. Clearly, this was a rule that was made to be broken. And I’m about to!! OFF TO THE SHOP!


I just adore the jacket – I’ve downloaded the guide and I will wait for the pattern to arrive in Australia with Sew Squirrel – it took all my strength not to buy the download pattern. I decided I needed the paper pattern for my ever-growing collection. I have a spring/autumn one planned and a winter-weight one. Thanks for an adorable pattern.


Love them! See you Saturday at Made.


Thank you, thank you thank you, oh thank you for making a wide leg pants pattern! I was hoping against hope that that was going to be one of the new patterns. I may never need patterns from any other designer between Juniper, Jasmine, Peony, Violet, Ginger and Anise… I will be a walking advertisement for Colette patterns!


Oh my goodness, I love the Anise jacket!! I can’t wait to try it. Also, I’m so looking forward to meeting you and taking your class at the sewing summit in October.


Oh lovely! I’m really looking forward to that class, and Sewing Summit in general.


Did you hear the screams of joy from Sydney? That was me, whopping with excitement and delight at Anise! Congratulations to you both Sarai and Caitlin, they both look spectacular and I can’t wait to have the postman knock on my door with a package from Portland! In the meantime I have the Anise Companion to drool over. Men of Sydney, you have been warned – in my new Anise jackets I am going to be irresistable! WOO HOO!


Congratulations on the release! The patterns are darling! I think the companion sewing guide is a brilliant idea.


Oh my gooood! lol :) These are so beautifully styled!! I love them and the photos are superb! :)


OMG – ordering RIGHT NOW- love the pants and the jacket – this goes perfectly with my new wardrobe plan.

Patricia Austin

AWESOME!!!!! I have some fantastic black twill that have been screaming for just the right pants project. Although a dark denim pair would be nice and red, and white linen and . . .

The Jacket is beautiful. Perfect for the Bay Area!


I love the Anise jacket. Would it be easy enough to modify to a mid-length coat for winter?


Congratulations these are two fantastic really wearable patterns, I’m really excited to make them :-)


Sarai, I loved Anise and just purchased it with the companion. Actually, I would really like to buy some of your older patterns as well, but I live in Brazil and the cost of shipping is very high. Will they be available as digital patterns as well? I want to make Sencha so much! Thank you, Fabiana.


Your Comment… *Oi Fabiana, eu também costuro aqui no Brasil, adoro os modelos da Colette, e fico torcendo para outros modelos em PDF… eu odeio usar moldes em papel, acho muito irritante, mas adoro os moldes em PDF… Vamos fazer uma campanha para mais moldes em PDF! rsrsrs .Onde você mora? Vc tem um blog? Eu comprei o molde da Anise por impulso, mas acho que vai ser um pouco difícil prá mim, eu ainda não sou uma costureira muito pro… Beijo!


Oi Tatiana. Sou de SP, mas atualmente moro no RS. Eu aprendi a costurar via internet… Joguei MUITA coisa fora no inicio, mas hoje em dia eu mando razoavelmente bem. Eu não tenho blog porque nunca deu tempo, mas sempre quis fazer um… quem sabe um dia? Não consegui pegar o seu e-mail por aqui, me escreve para a gente trocar figurinha: fabiana.mattos @ . Beijos!

Tatiana Di Maio

Fabiana, te mandei um email essa semana mas vc não me respondeu, será que caiu no seu spam? meu email é… Beijo!


Hi Fabriana… we’re working on it! We have several digital patterns that will be available within the next few weeks to a month.

Ani Hudson

I love the pants. Any chance you’d make a pair to fit a body with a thick mid-section, size 16? Would love to see what they’d look like on someone who isn’t thin and model perfect. Just a hint. =0)


Two beautiful new patterns. Congratulations!!! Garment sewing still frightens me a bit. If it didn’t I’d be stitching these up in a heart beat.

Jenn Quick

Love, love, love the pants; such a crisp look for wide-legs! Although the jacket isn’t me, I’m thinking the e-book looks really helpful for making any jacket?


It will definitely be a help. The only thing you might want additional help with is tailoring lapels, since this particular jacket doesn’t have the typical blazer-style notched collar with lapels.

Karen in VA

Love, love, love the jacket!!! And the companion is simply inspired – what a help to those of us who might be a bit scared of sewing a jacket…..Will definitely be buying these!!!


So love all your patterns and I was just looking for a coat pattern that I liked, so great timing! This will be my first coat so I’m really looking forward to the sew-along. I also love the Juniper pants, but I’m on the short (ish?) side so I’m worried they wouldn’t look as good as they do on taller frames. I can’t wear (ok, don’t) wear heeled shoes right now because I have to carry around a 20 lb. toddler most of the time. Any shorter girls out there that are rockin’ wide leg trousers, let me know!


First of all I would like to say congratulations on 2 lovely new patterns and a wonderful guide that will most definitely get extensive use.

Hi April… I am not sure what others think but here is my 2cents. I am short 5 1″ (I think that is correct, 158cm for the metric). I have worn wide leg pants in the past and plan to make these up too. I think short people are often (but not always), a tad on the pear shaped side and I believe that wider legs are actually recommended.

Hope that helps at least a little bit.


Thank you, Dana for responding to that. I think I’m going to go for the pants too. I’m actually not pear shaped at all, but I have other fit problems. Barely any hips and no butt. Pants/jeans are a nightmare. At least I can fit these more to my shape than off the rack pants. Or I’m hoping to anyway.


I am not short, so I don’t have any personal experience, but the Selfish Seamstress wrote about altering wide leg pants to fit her and concluded, ” As I had hypothesized (and have now proven with a sample size n=1), wide leg pants do not turn petite women into stumps when correctly proportioned! ”

You can read here entire post here.


These are both so so lovely. I’m so excited! The Anise looks so much like an old favourite 1960s burnt orange wool jacket I had that mysteriously went missing when I moved house. I think I actually cried when I realised it was gone. I’m totally going to make myself a new one now!


Congratulations on launching two new patterns.


I love Anise, I would look really cute in that coat while riding my bike to work.


Really, really beautiful! I love the park shots in particular! Well done on the styling – definitely one of my favourite Colette shoots. Both patterns are gorgeous and I have 2 lots of fabric in my stash waiting for the Anise already.


Would it be reasonably easy to alter these to make them higher waisted. I love the details and the fitted hips with the modest wide leg but prefer my pants to sit at my high natural waist.


It depends a bit on your experience, but I don’t think it would be that difficult. Also, our model was quite tall and long-waisted… they may not look quite as low on you.


Thank you for the pants pattern. I’ve loved them since you first showed your pair. Love the jacket too.


The juniper pants will soon be a pattern in my library. I’ll make them a tad longer than was shown on the model here, but otherwise, I’m in love!


I just ordered the Anise Companion. For those of you wondering whether or not to buy it, the layout is exactly like The Colette Sewing Handbook except, of course, it’s only about this jacket. There are TONS of pictures and very clear text. I’ve never sewn a jacket before and I know the Anise Companion is going to help me feel more confident as I give it a go. Plus you can’t go wrong with $5! Sarai, were you ever a teacher? When I read your books and tutorial I think that you must have been.


I’m not a teacher, but I do enjoy writing and finding ways to communicate things in the clearest way possible. Thank you for the kind words!


YES! I knew you were making a jacket/coat!!! I have had the camel jacket you made in an open tab on my browser for a few weeks now and I keep looking back to it beacuse it’s just so inspiring!!! I love it! YES!

Tracey Wirth

Wow!!! Another home run for Colette Patterns. I remember those trousers with the wide leg you sewed, you assured me that I would be able to wear them also even though I am on the shorter side. I will give them a whirl! I purchased both! AND I will see you at the sewing summit as well! Thanks for bringing real clothes to real women!!


OMG – what a treasure! Thank you! I will purchasing both.


Love them both; went for Anise — I have some navy wool and some great charcoal/blue plaid sadly both back home in Vancouver! I will have to wait to actually make them up… I also want to make one in cotton for spring; I currently have a purple cotton jacket a lot like this pattern that is falling apart!
Thanks so much & the companion looks great!


Both of these items are beautiful. I am a new sewer, and aim to make my first every pattern (the Sorbetto) this weekend. Your patterns are what make me want to be able to make my own clothes.


How wonderful! The Juniper pants are exactly what needed (and asked you for)! I just can’t wait to finish my current projects to start them! Thank you!
Also, congratulations on the two new patterns…as usual, your style is just right!


Congratulations! These two lovely pattens will be a great addition to any wardrobe!


I MUST have these. I’ve got a pattern fitting course booked in Mid November, and I need to lose baby weight before I think about encasing my thighs in anything that doesn’t stretch in all directions. Feeling motivated to keep up the diet and exercise so I can make the trousers as soon as I’ve done the course, and I think I’ve got some houndstooth floating about for the jacket.

The trousers look nice and high waisted- I just need to find my waist…


Oh wow, these are both to die for. I especially love Anise, it is absoloutely gorgeous! The three quarter sleeve version is right up my alley :) Even though we’re coming into Spring here, I just don’t think I’m going to be able to resisit participating in the sewalong! The companion is a brilliant idea. What a great resource it will be.

And the styling! I love your big pattern unveils and all the beautiful photos- they continue to inspire.

You guys are just the best!


Oh I love them, so exited. It’s my birthday in 9 days, just need to show my husband so he can suprise me…

Kira Withers-Jones

Those Juniper trousers are definitely going to fill a gap in my wardrobe. I was just thinking yesterday that I needed to find a good pattern for semi-fitted, wide-legged trousers as I have trouble buying bottoms in the shops. I look forward to making these, and hopefully loving them enough to make in loads of different fabrics to give myself some choice :)


Oh, lovely! Just the type of jacket I like – cropped and waist definition – perfect! And those pants – they might actually get me back into pants again:). The perfect pants for my bootilicious shape (unlike clover).
And the guide looks brilliant. I’ve made jackets, both lined and not, and am quite confident with them, but this looks so good I will get it anyway – if it’s anything like your book, it’s a must!

Jo Roulson

Both patterns are lovely! I have just purchased the digital Anise pattern and companion – now I just need to find some lovely material! This is the first intermediate pattern I have bought but figured a challenge would be good and as the companion instructions are so comprehensive it hopefully won’t be too daunting.


Oh, I’m so excited by your beautiful new patterns. Just in time for the cooler weather. :)


I was going to comment to say how beautiful that Anise picture is, and then I read down and it’s on the cover of the Companion :-) And what an absolutely wonderful idea that is!

lee lee

I just ordered the Anise! I really need this lovely jacket.My plans are to make a cordury one first and then make a wool one with a silk lining.Thankyou for the e book with the “detail lessons”-that will be so helful. My local fabric store just got in the most lux wool fabric in the most vibrant colors(and some very fall colors-neutrals).I can’t wait to learn to make some jackets. Thankyou for some practical patterns -clothes that I can live in.


So in love with these patterns as always, Sarai! Especially Anise, I absolutely can’t wait to get started! I just finished a move and haven’t sewn anything in a while so have itchy fingers for a project. The sewing room has been the last to be unpacked, but this release is very well-timed: just when house is looking good, sewing mojo is about to boil over, here are these gorgeous patterns!! I just ordered my copies, as well as the ebook- which is an absolute DREAM by the way. Brilliant idea, can’t rave about that enough and I’ve only just flipped through it, but just what I would expect from you guys- super well done! Thank you!


Hi I can’t wait to buy the two new patterns! I got the pdf for the jacket…I must say I love it…it reminded me of the singer book for tailoring.. in the sense of clear picture and clear to understand. I for one learn best by seeing something done..and this gets the job done.thanks for making this companion book.

Aunt Consuela

Like some of the other posters, I’m wondering how those fantastic slacks will look on my 5’4.5″ size 6 frame. I think I’m about the size of a “fitting model,” according to the last casting call, but the actual model looks about 6 feet tall. How tall is she, anyway?

Nevertheless, Sarai, I think your patterns are magic, they fit me every time with zero alterations, and every garment I complete feels like a small miracle. I’ll be ordering both new patterns and a Violet blouse to boot.

Unrelated…where on earth can I unearth a pair of those marvelous yellow shoes?!?


She is quite tall… I believe she is 5’9″, if I remember correctly? But I’m about your size and love these pants, even though I usually go for skinny-legged things.


I prefer the full scale paper pattern, so am prepared to wait before joining in with the sewalong – I just checked and they are sold out of the Anise and Juniper patterns – but never fear is here and the seller Tracy aka lovestuff2010 is getting a shipment in any day now. She’ll be selling the patterns for £13.50 which includes postage and packaging, (whereas sewbox totals £15 including p&p) to about so I’ve reserved mine!!

@ Aunt consuela: I’ve seen those type of wedge-heeled shoes in, but only in red and grey!!


The jacket is really adorable and it is in fact a genius idea to offer the guide. It may be worth having for any jacket pattern. What kind of rise do the pants have? They look quite low on the model. Is it possible to alter the rise on pants? My biggest problem with ready to wear pants is finding a high enough rise to prevent muffin top.


Gorgeous! I love both of the new patterns and I will definitely be adding them to my “To-Sew” list ASAP. Also, somehow you have sparked renewed interest in your older patterns with these pics! Jasmine, Sorbetto, Peony and Clover (oh my!), they are all so gorgeous I must make them mine immediately. ;)

emily rose

beautiful and gorgeous, I cannot WAIT to sew them!

Also, those yellow shoes on the model! like @aunt consuela above, i would love some info on where to get a pair like that… they look so good with the pants!


Thank you so much for producing the companion to the Anise pattern!!! Wow, this is amazing! It takes away so much fear about trying this pattern in the near future as a newbie to sewing.


Oh I LOVE Juniper (and I mean LOVE). Too bad there’s no plus size. :( I’m not that great with grading; do you think there will be much issue in making them 2 sizes larger?



I would love to offer larger sizes some day, I’m sorry there isn’t one for you. These pants shouldn’t be too difficult to grade up if you have some experience with that.


Thanks Sarai!

I may try it (love their structure)!


Just took the plunge and ordered the Juniper pants! These look as though they would be very flattering for most body types. Can’t tell you how distressing it is to try on slacks off the rack! I’m new to sewing, so I’m going to take it carefully and will make definitely make a muslin first. Any suggestions for best fabric choices for a sort of beginner+ sewer? I’ve made shorts for my son, a couple of rompers for him, and before that a a really atrocious maternity top that I’d just as soon not think about….


Your companion guide is adorable, there’s a note that if you wanted to make a summer version you might even omit the lining – its summer over here and I’d love to try to make a summer version in linen or something light and was wondering if you omit the lining and have the facing and all show, or use less of the facing? because wouldn’t it be nicer lined?

Ah.. I need my own personal Sarai to teach me how this works – I can sew dresses but I don’t know if I can sew a jacket!


It depends on your fabric choice, but for unlined jackets I really like hong kong seams or bound seams! You can even use a fun color or pattern for your binding.

I have a dark denim blazer at home with seams bound in a striped fabric. It’s adorable.


Love them so so much. They are definitely on my to-do list, when I have the skill and time.


So exciting and beautiful! Thanks for making the world a prettier place with all you do. :) These are going on my Christmas wish list!


Question! I love the lines of this little jacket (and 3/4 sleeves!!!) a lot, but for some reason I am not warming to the rounded collar. I totally get that I’m probably weird, but I can’t get the association out of my head with those little blouses my mother used to make me wear to church when I was like 5 with the same kind of collar. :)

I assume it would be pretty easy to square them off, right? Is there any reason that would look weird or I should think more carefully about it?


You could definitely do this. I see no reason why not!

Tracy Lucas

I have seen these patterns on UK website and they are going to be £12 each which is a great price. They should have them in next week and are doing a give away with every purchase at the moment.


Anise is so lovely! I need to make a new woollen jacket for the winter and I’m so happy to see that there’s a version with full-length sleeves.


That is AWESOME! What an absolutely terrific idea, to create a sew-along GUIDE you can buy to go with your pattern!


I was so happy to see this post last week, I couldn’t wait to see the new patterns! Juniper is nice but not for me, at least not at the moment. But I love Anise. It’s absolutely adorable! I’m afraid I won’t be able to make one before winter, but I’m seriously considering getting it to make one for spring.

Tracy Lucas

What dress is she wearing with the Anise jacket? Is it a Colette one?

Allyson V

I love the new patterns! I also love that grey polka dot Peony dress! Where can I get my hands on some of that gorgeous fabric??


Two more HITS with the Anise and Juniper patterns!! Have to add to my wardrobe,ordered them today, and downloaded the Anise companion….this will be a true and valuable asset,as i’ve never made jacket b-4. Wish I could fly to WA. for the party…have fun, and thanks….I wouldn’t have such a terrific wardrobe without you!

Natasha E

I love the blue fabric used for the Anise. Can I be so bold as to ask where you got it from? It’s the perfect shade of blue. I have graded my pattern up 2 sizes done my muslin but now for the fabric.


It is a Pendleton wool. Pendleton is local to us here, and we purchased it at their outlet store. They make the best wools!


I’m ready to start sewing but I’m not sure about the waistband—if I’m using denim, is interfacing necessary? What kind should I use if so? Thanks for help!


It depends on the weight of your fabric and how stiff it is. The best way to tell is to hold the interfacing along with the layers of your fabric and feel. Ask yourself whether it would feel too stiff? Too bulky? Too floppy? It’s going to depend a lot on your fabric, but it’s not that hard to get a feel for it!

If you’ll be using fusible interfacing, you may want to cut some swatches and fuse it to your fabric to get a sense of how it will feel. Fusibles get even stiffer after you fuse them to fabric, so that’s the best way to tell.


Just making the Anise jacket (with the bound button holes) in a linen, similiar to the colour of the one you habe made. Love the spotted fabric you used on the Peony and have been trying for weeks to find something similiar…….where did you source the spots from??? Please help, becoming obsessed!

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