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Introducting Myrtle, a knit dress with a fun twist!


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This site is no longer being updated so head over to Seamwork to get all the latest patterns, tutorials, video classes, and more.

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In the summer, there’s one difference between a pretty dress that gets worn constantly, and one that languishes in my closet: comfort.

We can plan all the structured, tight, bombshell-y dresses we want, but when it comes time to actually leave the house, who wants to feel constricted? I’d rather look beautiful with as little fuss as possible.

Give me an easy to wear, flowing, goddess dress. Make it as easy to sew as it is to wear, and you have a winner.

That’s why I’m so excited about Myrtle, our third knit pattern (along with Moneta and Mabel) in collaboration with knitwear designer Alyson Clair.



Feel beautiful & stay cool

As many of you have discovered in sewing Moneta and Mabel, the very best thing about knits is that you feel like you’re wearing secret pajamas. And when your clothes feel that good, you actually end up wearing them.

Myrtle offers a different look to add to your knits wardrobe, one with more drape and ease but plenty of shape.

The draped neckline can look classic (like a greek goddess), vintage (like a cocktail dress from the 1960s), or completely modern (in simple black or white). Wide encased elastic defines the waist for a silhouette that’s flattering on a huge variety of body types.



Version 1 falls just below the knee. Version 2 is a little shorter and hits right above the knee, and includes button-on adjustable shoulder tabs that gather the shoulders a little more. Both feature in-seam pockets, a gorgeous draped neckline, and a flowing skirt gathered at the waist with comfortable elastic.

I can even see this dress lengthened into a maxi-length evening gown, or shortened into a sheer beach cover-up.


Use almost any fabric – knit OR woven!

Though Myrtle is part of our knits collection, with a few minor tweaks, you can just as easily make it with wovens. That means that no matter what beautiful fabrics you encounter, you’re sure to find plenty of ways to make this dress.


We created a free bonus set of instructions for you to download, so that this knits pattern can be made with woven fabrics like silks, cotton lawn, or voile.

Just download the free alternate woven instructions right from the shop page. Or, if you buy the digital version, you’ll get the extra instructions included in your download.



Plus tomorrow, I’ll share a few of the most important tips for making Myrtle in a woven fabric. With a few simple changes, you can make it either way. Have fun running through that stash!

A quick make with a fun twist

Like most knits, Myrtle is a quick sew (and it’s pretty fast in a woven too).

With only four main pattern pieces (plus pockets), cutting time is minimal. Just like Mabel and Moneta, you can whip this baby up in a matter of hours.

Plus, it is honestly really fun to put together. Myrtle has a clever self-lined front bodice that is cut all in one piece, folded, and sewn to help give a clean finish inside.


It’s a little like origami and so satisfying when it’s done. Of course, if you need more help getting this part right, we’ll have another in-depth free sewalong coming up in the next month (which Devon and I are planning right now).


I don’t know about you, but to be honest I spend less time sewing in the summer. So I want all my projects to be wearable, pretty, and fairly quick.

Available from XS to 3X

Like our two previous patterns, Myrtle is available in a wide range of sizes, from XS to 3X.

Check out Myrtle’s page in our shop to see the size guide and fabric requirements.

15% off through Friday!

To celebrate Myrtle‘s launch, get 15% off now through Friday in our shop! Plus, as always, free US shipping if you spend over $50.

Ready to join us in more knits fun, make something lovely and wearable, and learn a few new construction techniques?


Sarai Mitnick   —   Founder

Sarai started Colette back in 2009. She believes the primary role of a business should be to help people. She loves good books, sewing with wool, her charming cats, working in her garden, and eating salsa.

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Miss Crayola Creepy

This is so so beautiful! I purchased my fabric this weekend, I’m ready to sew this as soon as possible! xo


Very excited. Hopefully can make this in time for a wedding. Looking forward to the sewalong as well.


What a beautiful shape for a summer dress. The only thing missing for me is sleeves! Is it possible to add the sleeves from Moneta onto this dress?

Thanks for another great pattern!


They aren’t really designed to go together, though you might be able to adjust them to fit. I haven’t tried this out, though. :)


Quick question — are the skirts interchangeable? E.g. can I apply the shorter skirt to the bodice that does not have button tabs?


Oh yes! They are the same, just with a different cut line at the hem.


I absolutely love this pattern, looking forward to making it in both knit and woven and maybe a maxi! One thing that bothered me with the Moneta pattern was all the wasted paper. Is it possible to provide a list of page numbers that need to be printed for specific sizes? For example there are two bodice front pieces, depending on your size you only need one of those. Either way, great pattern, thank you!


I see what you mean, and I believe others have mentioned this too. We erred on the side of having fewer files to download, but it is a little annoying to have to print those extra pages.

I’ll chat with Kristen about it and we’ll see what adjustments we can make. The cool thing with the digital patterns is that when we improve them in any way, you can re-download them at any time from your account. Anyway, I’ll get back to you on that!


Thank you. I had a look through the PDF and I think I have the page numbers that are required for XS-XL figured out. Separate PDFs would be a definite bonus!


I’ve printed and assembled, so I’ve got a quick list of what people can leave off that can help while the new PDF is put together.

If you’re XS – XL, leave off the two columns with I and J triangles (except the bottom one with 9J, which is the pocket piece). Not only do you save paper, you also end up with two sections that have no trouble fitting on a standard tabletop. You can also leave off the 6 pages around 2A, 2B, and 2C, except the page with 2A, 3A, and 4A, which has the shoulder tab.

For 2X and 3X, you can leave off the two columns with L and M triangles, plus the four pages around 7F and 9F.


This dress looks fun and easy to make/wear. If you do the woven directions, I assume you still use the 3/8 seam allowance as per standard knit allowance?


Yep, that’s correct. And the free alternate instructions for woven specify that as well. :)


I love it! The neckline is gorgeous.


Another gorgeous dress! And so great that it’s up to 3XL again. The Curvy Sewing Collective salute you!


I wish I could do the vulcan salute emoji here.


I was just pondering some other knit dress patterns, but I love the shape of this one…


Another beautiful dress. I love the shape of this dress, just beautiful!


I really love the new pattern, but I love that navy and white fabric even more! Where can I get it?


I’m afraid it was purchased locally! It’s a lovely lightweight silk twill. I don’t know much more about it. I tried doing some searches, but haven’t found it online.

Jet Set Sewing

Such a cute pattern, with a nice retro look. Can you wear it backwards to put the drape in the back? I’m so glad people are sewing with knits again.


Omg that is a GREAT idea! I think I may try that!


Love this pattern! So chic! So versatile! I second a request for that lovely navy (or black) and white fabric. Please-where can I get me some?


Hi! Look lovely! Is there a black line drawing so we can see the design more clearly? And perhaps a close up of the butto-on tab? Thanks!


Found the black line drawing! :) Curious about the tabs tho!


Awesome, but for anyone else who wants to see the technical drawings, they’re on the product page:

I’ll try to get another photo of the tabs. They’re very simple, and you can sort of see one in the 9th picture down, of the dress shot from the back. The tabs are narrow strips that are sewn into the dress at the shoulder. They then wrap around the shoulder and button on the underside with small buttons. It’s a pretty subtle little detail.


I love this so much and will definitely be placing an order, but could I second the request for a sleeve option? As a fair-skinned redhead living in south Texas I can’t show off a lot of skin without being either horribly sunburned or eaten alive by mosquitoes – cardigans are fine, but it would be nice to not have to wear one occasionally!


Love the drape!!! This is a very flattering look for all body types! Great job as always :)


Can it be done as a top (w/ length adjustment)?


Sure, no reason why not. :)


I think I put in a “goddess dress” request after Moneta and Mabel came out… little did I know! I ordered my copy as soon as I got the email announcement! Hurray!

Sassy T

Great pattern. Your models are stunning!!!

Amandine www,

I absolutely love it! I think it does thoughtfully mix comfort and elegance. I am looking forward to sewing this dress!


I’ve been waiting to comment on this since Friday. I really do love this a lot. I love gathered skirts but although I have a very small frame on top (though with large boobs), my waist has thickened so much through the years that I really don’t like the way that gathered skirts look on me anymore. I’m so happy that this has elastic because it’s one of my favorite ways to “belt” something without a belt.

I really can’t wait to get my pattern….I have a lot of fabric that will work. It’s mostly woven because lately I find that I just don’t like sewing with knits except overlook which is really too heavy for a southern summer. I have so many flowy wovens…..

Thanks, Colette.


Totally agree with you, it’s way too hot and sometimes sticky in our summer in Malta to wear knits, they feel clingy – I prefer flowy voiles, light linens, etc – I wear the knits in May – June and then end of September…. It is great to know I can make this in a woven now and a knit later.


Lovely pattern! I third the notion of sleeves, though! A tutorial of adjusting the Moneta sleeves for the Mrytle would be great. Being a Canadian, I’d love to have a dress with sleeves that can get me past the two months of sleeveless summers we have. ;)


I’ve just come back from fabric shopping in the Netherlands yesterday and whilst I was out there, I found some beautiful jersey (knit) fabric but wasn’t sure what type of lovely dress I was going to make with it. However, you guys at Colette Patterns have solved my problem in an instant. Period. What a gorgeous creation you have developed with Alyson Clair.


This is exactly the dress that matches all of the wardrobe architect exercises for me. I can’t even tell you how excited I am about this dress! When I saw a similar dress in the preview of your knits book I was really hoping it would be one of the upcoming patterns. I can’t wait to make a closet full of these for every season!


Just lovely and flattering! I agree that if I had this dress in my closet I’d be reaching for it at least weekly. The longer white one is really to die for, super classical perfection! I’m excited to hear that the bodice is fold-over self lined. Looking forward to learning the finishes that you advise for that, since that is my pet peeve with every cowl-neck T I’ve ever purchased- keeping that overlocked edge tucked in. Thank you!


LOVE the pattern! Can’t wait to sew it!

Michelle Rose

I love that the bodice is self-lined. One of my stash fabrics that I think will be perfect for this is a little sheer, so that solves the see-through bodice issue. Is there any reason why I couldn’t line the skirt with a tricot or other lightweight knit, or would that cause too much bulk at the elastic waistline?


I think you could do that as long as it was a lightweight lining. It’s possible that you could trim away some of the extra fabric at the elastic waistline.

Jennifer Bieniek

Just found your blog through Fabricworm on Facebook. I love this dress. I have always been afraid to sew with knits – I am completely self taught and haven’t ventured there yet. So I thank you for making it available in woven too. I am looking forward to purchasing the pattern and getting started soon!


Ah! Can’t wait to get mine in!!
Would it be suggested to go off my high bust or full bust? Usually with the big 4 I go with my high bust and do a FBA.


So, so gorgeous. And so needed! These drapey, elastic-waisted dresses in cute fabrics are the things that make me FOLD LIKE A LAWN CHAIR whenever I go to Target. My head is always like, “I know it’s fast fashion, that the labor conditions sucked, that the fabric is not great, and that it doesn’t even fit me right in the boobs, but the ease of wear! And that print!” This is so fabulous, Team Colette. I am so pleased and so ready to get my sew on.


Very pretty and flattering. Good job!


I’m so glad we can talk about this now!! LOL I preordered mine through the sneaky peek, and the tipping point for me was that I could make it in woven – brilliant! It’s hard to find nice knit fabric here so it’s awesome I can use up some stash fabric instead! Can’t wait! :)


I’ve also been dying to comment since Friday! I am so in love with this pattern, I’ve been searching high and low this summer for a design like this. So elegant, but easy to make and wear. I’m especially excited we can make this in knits and wovens. I love the versatility of Colette Patterns, thank you for continually giving us something fresh and practical with your beautiful patterns!! I don’t know how you do it – but I am amazed. :) xo


I love this dress! I thought I’d throw one together before I went on vacation tomorrow, but… I’ve given up. Putting the pattern together is just seeming a bit overwhelming. I don’t have a ten foot table and I’m putting together pieces that are for completely different sizes than I want to make. I haven’t found anything that points to what pages pertain to a certain size. Anyhow, it will have to wait – I’m out of tape and printer paper. I have high hopes for the finished product, but the pattern construction is a bit of a disappointment.

Laura Lee

What a knockout. Your model, in the longer cream dress is absolutely gorgeous and looks fantastic in this knee length. It is obvious how much time you all spent preparing the pattern but you really go above and beyond with all of the extra instructions and such beautiful photo shoots.
Thanks for continuing to inspire!


I second the earlier comment above regarding having instructions for what pages of the PDF to print for what view / size. It need only be a little table in the instructions booklet. I am sitting here going through it page by page to try to work out what pages I can leave out if I don’t need to print the plus-size bodice pieces or the very outer edges of the skirt pieces. I tried to use the pattern overview diagram in the instructions PDF for guidance but I can’t zoom in tight enough to read the text. Please help us to save some paper! You’re not the only company that doesn’t do this, but it is so helpful!


I love this design, it’s perfect for my figure type!
I prefer pdfs for many reasons, but I’ll think better next time I buy a Colette pattern… 63 pages!!!! Is there no way you can provide the possibility for printing just our size and pattern pieces? I mean, so much paper and ink wasted! It cancells the money saving with pdfs.


We’re planning to update this pattern to reduce the paper. We’ll send out an email so that anyone who buys it will be able to download the updated pattern as well.


Wow, that’s great news! I’ve already printed it, actually, and rummaging through my stash in search of 2 yards of knit (which I don’t think I have). Will search at my local shop for some beautiful knit, though :)


I love it!! And the shipping was so super fast, thank you, guys! I am already looking at fabrics… I am in love with this beautiful deep wine knit, but it is a ponte fino knit– do you think it would be too heavy for the project? It is a medium weight; or do you think I should stick with rayon jersey? Thank you, Colette team, for yet another gorgeous pattern!


I’ll just add another comment about the paper wastage. I know it’s a trial and error thing and I’m so glad you have started offering pdf downloads — I live in Hong Kong. It was, however, something I noticed as I prepared the pattern. I have no clue how these things are produced but is there a way to make 2 download files? One XS -L and then XL-3XL? Anyway, I know you’ve had comments about this so I’ll leave it in your capable hands. Love the pattern and I’m sewing it in woven at the moment :)


Super excited to have my copy arrive (hopefully tomorrow!). I have lots of knit fabric in prints that I wasn’t quite sure would be right for Moneta (all about the stripes and dots baby!) but will be perfect for Myrtle.

Like another poster my only question would be how to work an FBA into this, if it’s needed, or rather, how to better accommodate a large bust as I’d hate to end up with any armhole gape or anything that would ruin the lovely lines of it.

Thanks again Team Colette :)


I actually think an FBA would be extraordinarily easy with this pattern.

You can add width at the center front to give your bust more room. This will increase the drape at the neckline as well, but it should be proportional to the bust. It would also increase the fullness of the gathers at the front waist, but you need that extra fullness for the bust anyway.

You may want to add length at the side seams as well, depending on how much extra fullness you need.


I am sooo glad Azzy asked about the full bust adjustment…

Since there will be a sew along, can the topic of full bust adjustment for this pattern be covered?

I am in the insanely hugh boob catagory and most of the time there has to be darts created to prevent armhole gaps. I know techniques for wovens but for knits with a front drape, this is a whole different animal.

A full back adjustment to the sew along would also be nice or is that necessay with knits and this pattern?



Can you do a post on a small bust adjustment? I’ve tried to figure it out on my own and I just can’t!


Second Andrea’s request for an sba!!! And I am totally not getting the instructions for the shoulders attaching the back to the front bodice! I sandwiched the layers but the back bodice shoulder is longer than the front bodice so I must be missing something here. Any help there would be very much appreciated :)


Actually, just after posting the previous comment, I realised that its probably a bias tape issue that I’m having, causing the back shoulder to still be too big. Brainy!


If you purchased the digital pattern and only want to print sizes S-XL these are the pages you have to print: copy and paste this into Adobe Reader and you won’t print the 2XL or 3XL split off pages:

I also printed the instruction packet so it was 2-pages-in-one using my printer settings, everything was still readable and it saved me some flipping.

I wrote up a full review on my blog here:


Thanks Kirstin, and we’re still working on creating the new version with separate sizes.

I love your version, and that print is awesome! Thanks for the review.

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