Introducing: Violet and Ginger!


Looking for some lovely classics to add to your summer wardrobe? A go-to pattern you can make again and again in different ways? Something simple to sew, with great instructions? Welcome the two newest additions to Colette Patterns: the Violet blouse, and the Ginger skirt!

These patterns were largely inspired by you, our friends and customers. You guys told us over and over that you wanted more separates, particularly blouses. So we decided to round out our collection with some cute basics that are fun to put together, suitable even for beginners, and have endless possibilities for variation.

Violet is a lovely blouse with a loose and easy fit. The lack of waist darts not only gives it swingy 60s style, but makes it very easy to add embellishments like tucks or insertions. In fact, Rachel will be giving us a few tutorials soon with some great ideas for modifying the pattern. You can make Violet with short sleeves or full gathered sleeves with elastic. I have tons of pretty cotton lawn (including Liberty prints) that are queued up to be made in this pattern!

Ginger is a simply shaped a-line skirt with three different waistband variations: a straight waistband, a pointed waistband, and a heart-shaped waistband. Not only that, but version 3 is cut on the bias, allowing you to use stripes for a cool chevron effect.

What I’m most proud of with these two patterns is the instructions. I wanted to make some new patterns for beginners that would really take the guesswork out of sewing. The instructions are explicit and filled with helpful tips and definitions. There are even links to tutorials here at the blog if you need further instruction.

I hope you enjoy these… and if you’d like to buy them locally, stay tuned. I’m going to post a list of our beloved retailers who should have this pattern in stock now, or very shortly. Or of course you can buy it in our shop!

Photography: Anja of Clever Nettle
Model: Brandi Herrera
Styling: Sarai Mitnick, Caitlin Clark, Rachel Rector

Sarai Mitnick   —   Founder

Sarai started Colette back in 2009. She believes the primary role of a business should be to help people. She loves good books, sewing with wool, her charming cats, working in her garden, and eating salsa.

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oh wow, i love these – they are both beautiful!


That skirt is just beautiful! Now I need payday so I don’t have to feel bad about buying another a-line skirt pattern!


Gorgeous!! I’m loving them!


I love these both! I also swore that I wouldn’t buy another A-line skirt pattern, but I love the waist on this. The blouse reminds me of something from Mad Men without looking costume-ish. I’m buying both!


Oh how pretty, I love them both!


It always make my day when a Colette pattern is released-they are so cute!

Emily Rose

I have been waiting for a blouse like this, ever since you made yours for the spring challenge! Is it already in stores? I am running up to Bolt TODAY to get it! It is so pretty. Thank you for the wonderful patterns!


Yay, new patterns! However, th first thing I noticed is how much the model looks like you, is she a relative?


No, but I’m flattered you think so! :)


I thought the same thing when I saw the pictures!


Oh, so happy about these patterns!!!! :)


Oh, they’re LOVELY! I shall be saving up for those in next month’s pay cheque for sure. Thank you for more loveliness


I’m in love with that white blouse and chevron skirt combo! Reminds me of something I’d see in J. Crew or Anthropologie. And the waistband variations are adorable!


Yaaaay! It’s like you read my mind! These may be some of my favourite patterns yet. Already bought the blouse pattern and the skirt is on my to-buy list! Thanks for two more wonderful designs, Sarai!


Oh I love it! Love them! Love love love! Thank you!


What a pretty blouse!

Cory Ellen

I love all three waistband treatments of the skirt. It’s definitely going on my to-buy list!


They are ordered! Adorable.

Patricia Austin

AWESOME!!!! I have been anxiously awaiting for the blouse pattern! Thanks so much!!!


Yeah! I’ve been waiting for the blouse pattern. And you named the skirt after me. LOL


Love LOVE LOVE the skirt. So awesome.


gorgeous! i need the peter pan top with the yellow chevron skirt outfit! so adorable!


I really love both patterns, and oh! that gold stripe on the Ginger- the absolute perfect fabric for it, just gorgeous! (I have been on the lookout for good stripes- one of those things you always see when you don’t have a pattern in mind, but can’t find when you do!)

I think it’s wonderful that you are really reaching out to novice sewers, too. What beautiful pieces to learn on!


Thanks Hillary! I’m enjoying the challenge to designing for easier sewing, and also designing things that can be instructive. It’s really fun.


Of course I love them all! Mom is finishing up the Sencha blouse for me and I’m finishing the Crepe dress. They will be my Quilt Market outfits for the booth! A weekend of wearing colette!
Now just design me some pants too!


Your wish is my command!


Aaagh, I have so many of your patterns on my wishlist….Hrm with my birthday around the corner, maybe some of my friends will help me out! Keep up the good work folks of Colette Patterns! You are a breath of fresh air in weird or lazy era of fashion where sweatpants are apparently appropriate for all occasions and everywhere.


Yay! Already ordered. :D Love both of them, but I’ve been wanting a simple blouse and this looks to fit my wishes perfectly.


You are the cutest thing!


I have a question– how does the skirt look without the shirts tucked in? I am so unlikely to tuck a shirt in (my proportions just don’t look great like that). It would hide the beauty of that waistband, but would it ruin the skirt over-all?


Well, it’s a pretty simple shape, and I think would look fine without something tucked in! You could just make the straight waistband version… maybe even add some trim or detail at the hem for visual interest?

A-line skirts are a very flattering and versatile shape!


More loveliness from Colette! Beautiful patterns.

I would be very interested in the fabrics used in photos. Crepe de chine in silk? Cotton? Also, if you could divulge your fabric sources, it would be helpful. Especially for that stripe.

Thank you!


Maybe I should do a separate post? But the yellow blouse is silk crepe de chine, and the white is cotton swiss dot. The yellow striped skirt is a lightweight silk taffeta, the bright blue one is cotton pique, and the coral pink is another light silk taffeta.

As for sources, most of these came from Mill End, a local shop here in Portland that sells many designer and factory ends (as the name suggests). But the yellow silk crepe de chine and the blue pique both came from Denver Fabrics, albeit a while ago!


These are beautiful patterns, excellent job creating them! Can I offer a suggestion for the future though, in the past patterns there was always a regular photo where the arms were at the side, so I could see the outfit, but for the skirt patterns there is no full-length shot, there is always something covering the skirt.


Good suggestion. I have been thinking about photographing each pattern on a dress form, and adding that to the model shots as well, so you can see it on a person as well as a very simple shot without distraction or obstruction.


Im in LOVE. I can’t wait to try that blouse. YUM.


I love them all, but where is the flower from. I think its a fabric flower.


Glad you asked! Rachel made it, and we’re going to publish a tutorial for making your own very soon!


I really like both patterns. Like others have said, I want that chevron skirt/white blouse combo! Yellow is really speaking to me this year.

Alexandra Mason

Wonderful patterns! Can’t wait to get mine.


I love both of these pattern! They are lovely! Thank you Sarai and team you all are so impressive and inspiring!


I also have one of each in my Craftumi store – an Australian site for fast postage.


I am back because I can’t stop thinking about these pieces. It gets really hot in the summer where I live, and I can just imagine several Cinnamon camisole and Ginger skirt combinations to keep cool and cute through the hot months.


These are beautiful patterns. I am a separates kinda gal and these make me smile. Always on the lookout for a good blouse pattern and Violet looks like a winner. Now, can you design a simple high-waisted trouser pattern? Then I think I would be in heaven….



I just received the Ginger pattern in the mail and read through the directions. I am a true beginner to sewing clothing, so I want to thank you for writing such concise, easy to understand directions! I do have one question though. I have a medium weight cotton houndstooth that I want to use to make this skirt but I don’t think I’d be able to match the pattern in the center front of the skirt. Is it ok to cut the skirt front piece on the fold, so it’s one piece instead of 2? Sorry if this seems like a stupid question. As I said, I’m a real beginner!


Hi Angelina! There is some shaping in the center front seam (ie, the center front is not a totally straight line), so you wouldn’t be able to cut it on the fold. You’re right that houndstooth is tricky to match up, though not impossible. If you’re worried about it, you might want to save the houndstooth for a skirt with darts rather than a center front seam.


Thank you, ma’am! In that case I think I’ll try it in a solid fabric.


I just had to come back & say that I sewed a muslin and the darn thing actually FIT! I am so excited to go buy fabric tomorrow and make a real skirt! I am stupidly happy about this. I’ve been making quilts for about 2 years now but clothes have always intimidated me. Thanks for making this pattern!

Also, I spy a Louise Brooks photo on the cork board in the photo shoot for these patterns! What an amazing woman she was – it makes me happy to see her here!

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