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Introducing Wren: The fitted surplice dress + a Sale and Bonus Sleeves


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This site is no longer being updated so head over to Seamwork to get all the latest patterns, tutorials, video classes, and more.

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Today we are thrilled to share the latest Colette pattern with you! Meet Wren, the fitted surplice dress.

We are also excited to share special promotions and free downloads surrounding Wren this week. You can purchase Wren for 15% off through this weekend. Or bundle and save more! Buy the Wren bundle and get the Wren dress, plus The Colette Guide to Sewing Knits, plus one additional pattern of your choice. The bundle is available in both print and digital formats.

Last, but not least, when you purchase Wren this week, you will receive a free PDF download to make a 3/4 sleeve or long sleeve version of Wren.


Wren is a feminine, wrap-style knit dress that is sure to flatter every figure. Make Wren in a colorful cotton jersey for the perfect day dress, or stitch this pattern up in a black silk jersey for the ultimate little black dress.

Sewing with knits is such a pleasure, and the Wren dress is no exception. You will breeze through sewing this dress with easy step-by-step instructions. And the best part is, when you are are done cutting and stitching, you will be left with an unbelievably flattering dress that is just as comfortable as it is stylish.

Wren is available in sizes XS through 3X, making it a gorgeous staple for all shapes and sizes.

Version 1


Version 1 is a sleeveless dress that is perfectly suited for warmer months. The wrap bodice is embellished with a gathered neckband, and a fitted, 6-gore skirt finishes just at the knee. The streamlined, smooth look of this dress is great for layering, so it transitions perfectly into cooler months.


Version 1 works best when sewn out of a stretch knit with body and good recovery. Look for thicker knits with ample stretch that will flatter your curves.

  • Ponte de Roma
  • Wool Jersey
  • Double Knit
  • French Terry
  • Interlock
  • Stretch Velvet

Version 2


Version 2 offers the same wrap bodice, with the addition of short sleeves. The gathered neckband is gracefully echoed in the gathered A-line skirt. This dress has a charming silhouette that can be styled up or down.


Version 2’s gathered A-line skirt requires a knit with more drape. Looks for knits with ample stretch, good recovery, and a soft fluid hand.

  • Silk Jersey
  • Cotton Jersey
  • Tencel, Rayon, or Bamboo Jersy
  • ITY
  • Baby rib

Features and Skills


Learn These Skills

When designing a new sewing pattern, we strive to create something that is versatile, beautiful, and highly teachable. In sewing Wren, you can learn and perfect several details.

  • Working with knit fabrics
  • Hemming knits
  • Gather knits using clear elastic
  • Installing knit sleeves

Make your Wren One of a Kind

Wren is highly customizable. Why don’t you try:

  • Color block using contrasting of monochromatic colors.
  • Lengthen into an ankle skimming maxi-dress.
  • Mix and match sleeve and skirt options.


Purchase Wren within the first week, online or in stores, and you will receive a free PDF pattern for the Wren long sleeve variation. This limited edition variation is perfect sewn up in a wool jersey. This version will keep you stylish and warm through fall and winter.

Through Sunday (midnight PST) Wren is 15% off. Buy your copy today, and begin sewing a version of your own. Stay tuned later this week for fun giveaways!


Find Wren Locally

You can also find Wren at these amazing retailers:

Sarai Mitnick   —   Founder

Sarai started Colette back in 2009. She believes the primary role of a business should be to help people. She loves good books, sewing with wool, her charming cats, working in her garden, and eating salsa.

Comments 59


Beautiful. Love that colour too?


I LOVE THE NEW PATTERN!!!!!! This is just my dress type for my full-fig bod. Perfect for any body type! I think I may have to splurge on the bundle. Well done, Coletterie team!


i managed to get the perfect fabric for version 2. Can’t wait to sew it up.

Francesca a

OMG. Freakin fabulous!


Ooooh! This is definitely a go-to type dress!
Also, random question…the model is wearing such a beautiful shade of lipstick in the first picture? Do you happen to know what it is?


You’re right! It is a gorgeous shade of lipstick! LOL!


I was honestly wondering the same thing, it is such a gorgeous shade. Unfortunately, I am not sure of the brand or color.


ooo looks like a close match to Rebel by MAC! Looks more purple or burgundy depending on the light, like Rebel does.


That looks like a perfect match, I just might have to treat myself!


What a beautiful and versatile pattern!

I’ve just one question: Is the neckline stretchy enough to work for breastfeeding?


We just tested this to check, and it looks like it would work perfectly! Just make sure to hem the neckband using a stretch stitch.


That’s great! Thanks for checking!


Dresses and tops that can accommodate breastfeeding will always get top marks from me! I imagine this dress would also work well for pregnancy, although the pattern might need tweaking to fit a later-term bump.


I love this so much! Thanks for a great pattern.

Question: how do we get the sleeve download if we buy it in a store?


If you buy the Wren dress at a local shop, you will receive a card with the URL for the free download with your purchase.


I didn’t know to ask, and I definitely didn’t get any card for the sleeve variations download at Grey’s in Boston. :(


I think Meg chatted with you and got this sorted, let me know otherwise. :)


Gorgeous!! I am in love with the short-sleeved version with the six-gore skirt.
I am so coveting a serger right now.


Oh la la! When you previously described the upcoming pattern as versatile, feminine, and classic, I began hoping for a Colette version of a wrap dress – yay! It’s lovely.

I’ve already purchased the pattern, along with a couple others to refresh my collection, and I’m hoping that Wren is the push I need to try out my serger. I received a hand-me-down serger quite some time ago and frankly I’ve been terrified to turn it on. I do have the Guide to Sewing with Knits already (whew!), to help me with that, too. Looking forward to this new sewing adventure!


Becky, serger is amazing! You really should try it. Once you do, you’ll never look back :)


That’s exactly that kind of encouragement I need, thank you so much!

Catherine Marie

I have ordered the paper version as I love the coloured instruction booklets. I will keep my impatience at bay by searching for the perfect fabric. iIt is half term break next week, hope it comes in time for my planned sewathon!


Beautiful! Well done, again. I think I have the perfect fabric, only when I checked the supplies / quantities list, for version 2, it looks like the yardage is more for 60″ (2 5/8) than 45″ (2 3/8) in my size (medium). Is this a typo?


Hi Alex, sorry about that. It does appear there is a typo. For version 2 size medium the required yardage for 60″ fabric is generous. It should be 2 yards for the medium in 60″ fabric, and 2 3/8″ for the size large.


Thank you!! Now I know for sure I’ll just have enough :)


This is gorgeous, guys! I ran to order even before I finished reading the whole post! Now I’ve got to find some fabric to match….


Oh, that is pretty! I have to admit, the knit patterns outside of Seamwork haven’t sparked me quite as much. They’re nice, but just not something that I could instantly see plugging gaps in my wardrobe. This, now, this I could do a lot with. In solids or muted colourwork, it’d be great for easy go-to work dresses. And layerable, I think!


Question about the PDF version…

Is it tiled such that I can print one version or the other?? E.g., I am really interested in the gored skirt, not the gathered. I wouldn’t want to have to print/assemble the entire thing just to get the gored view. Does that make sense?? :)


For the tiled pdf, versions 1 and 2 print separately, that way you can make the gored skirt without assembling the gathered skirt.


Any chance of a bundle deal for those of us that have already purchased the Knit book?


I wonder the same thing about a bundle deal for all of us who still have your book…


Ohhh, that is just heavenly *sigh* . You have outdone yourselves team.


Quick question, where do you buy silk jersey? That would be so lovely!!!


It can be a challenge to get your hands on, I have seen it online at both Mood and Denver Fabrics. It typically goes for about $40 a yard, but I have seen it on sale here and there for about $20.


You can also buy it at Emma One Sock in a variety of gorgeous colors, I believe. It’s a special order item, but lovely stuff. I ordered some silk jersey from Mood just the other day for some special lingerie, and it was 20 or 30 per yard, I believe. It’s a pattern in champagne, with peony pink roses.


By any chance will Colette be hosting a sewalong? I’d love to participate if so?!


Oh it looks gorgeous! I’ve been wanting to make a wrap dress. I usually have problems with wrap dresses though – I find the neck line too low. Is the ‘wrap’ part easy to adjust to fit? Thanks!


I agree, and would also like to know. Making necklines more modest hasn’t gotten much response in the past. I bought the pattern anyway, and thought I would try to change the angle of the front bodice pieces to see if that helps. I am really happy about the sleeve bonus for this dress, I appreciate it! I am still hoping for a sleeve hack for the Myrtle. If the sleeve bonus included in the early purchase will work for the Myrtle, I will buy that pattern too!

Betty Jordan Wester

from looking at the pattern, I don’t think you could change the wrap from under the bust to over the bust without trouble. As it is, the ends of the wrap match up to the skirt seams, crating nice design lines, which would change if you moved the top over.
What I do with wraps is sew in snaps so that after I put it on, I snap it closed. I’ve also worn camisoles under wraps :)


I love this pattern and ordered it straight away! Just one thing, it would be awesome if you had a curvier model to show off the design too so that us fuller figured gals could get a sense of how it would look on someone who’s busty. Like you did with the Moneta and the Mabel!


Hi Everybody, I love this new pattern! It is flattering and there are many possibilities of variation, that is very good.
I am still waiting for the monthly pattern hack and I wish you created a Zinnia coulotte version… (in case you had not thought I mean to give you a suggestion for future pattern hack editions…)
Thank you!


Hi, well done, another beautiful pattern! I am wondering if the fitted skirt of version 1 could be combined with the top parts of Moneta and/or Myrtle without too many pattern alterations? It is difficult to tell from the pictures if the waist is raised in Wren or not.


Absolutely beautiful! Already bought, printed and taped! Now I need to find a perfect fabric. I see so many versions with this dress! Summer dresses and winter sweater dresses… So excited!


Hum-hum… Not sure about this one:
I like the nice shape of version 1 (flattering for everybody, no doubt!) whith 3/4 sleeves for me, perhaps more a top than a dress (I hope the waist-line is raised).
But, I have to down-size (mabel was simple to down-size), perhaps not so simple for this lovely wrap with gathered shoulders, in knit… Well, not sure!
(I like the back neckline too ;-)


Ohhhh this looks gorgeous!! Is the waistline a bit higher than e.g the Moneta? If so, the version with the gathered skirt seems to be the perfect maternity dress. If no: do you think it could easily be adapted to cover the big belly? I guess you’d just shorten the bodice and the neckband? Thanks for the help!


Yes, the waistline is slightly raised. :)


Yippie! Thanks Sarai. I’ll go ahead and buy the pattern right now.


I wonder why the sleeves are not included in the pattern; but as a bonus this week only.


This is a lovely pattern. Could it be sewn successfully on a regular machine? I do have your book about sewing with knits – it’s very helpful – but I’m not ready to invest in a serger at this time.


You definitely can! The Colette Guide to Sewing Knits has lots of tips if you’re not familiar with the basics, but overall I’d say just do some practice stitching with your chosen fabric. Some of it I actually find easier to do on the straight-stitch machine than the serger. :)


What a nice dress !!!


This pattern looks incredible! I can’t wait to order it, sew it as soon as possible and wear it to a night out:)


Hello, I’m very excited with this lovely dress ! It seems to be a “hit” like Moneta !
I’ve bought the pattern yesterday on a french store (l’atelier de Dina) (so, sorry for my english; -))
Is it possible to download the PDF with the bonus sleeves and how? Thank you very much !


Your pattern should come with a little card with a special URL to download the sleeve, but if it didn’t just contact us and we’ll help. :)


Your new pattern is gorgeous and I’m so excited to see my local store in New Zealand is now a stockist!


Hello! I was wondering how much extra fabric is needed when adding the sleeves?
Thank you!


I was wondering the same thing. I’ve found some lovely fabric options, but I definitely want long sleeves and wasn’t sure how much extra I’d need.

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