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Introducing Zinnia (+ 15% off through Friday)


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Zinnia from colette patterns

Every pattern comes into being for different reasons.

Sometimes, it’s a design people have asked for often. Sometimes, we want to fill a gap in our overall pattern collection. And sometimes, we’re just being selfish and want a pattern we would personally make over and over.

Zinnia falls into this last category. It’s a selfish pattern.

Kristen led the design on this beautiful, versatile skirt. She wanted a skirt pattern that would look good on her hourglass figure; she wanted different length options; she wanted pockets; and she wanted to be able to use a wide variety of fabrics. Sometimes the best ideas come from selfish needs, don’t you think?


Version 1 has a below knee length, and closes with a placket and buttons up the front. The skirt is gathered to a waistband at the natural waist and includes pleated patch pockets.




Version 2 is shorter in length, with stitched-down pleats, belt loops, and in-seam pockets.



Version 3 is also pleated, but comes with instructions for lining, so it’s perfect for sheer fabrics like the chiffon shown here.



Measure once, sew a bunch

The number one best thing about Zinnia is that it’s so easy to fit and sew, and has so many different looks, you can make it the basis of an entirely new fall wardrobe. Much like our beloved Laurel, it has many looks.

If you just get one measurement the way you want it – the waist – you’re good to go. You can make this beauty a million different ways.



Spend less time fitting

This skirt nips in at the natural waist then flows gently out over the hip and thigh area. That means it only requires one measurement to achieve a great fit – the waistline.

Less time fitting ultimately means more time sewing. We love that.

A quick muslin or even a simple tissue fitting is all you’ll need before moving on to your fashion fabric!


Spend less time cutting

With no more than 7 pattern pieces for any version, this skirt is super quick to lay out and cut. Because sometimes you just need a go-to basic you know you can whip up in a hurry.


A different way every day

Choose a design that suits your style: Short and pleated with belt loops, long with front button closure and pockets, or long and flowing sheer version with a lining. Or any combination of the three!

By mixing and matching the design details from each variation, you can create a fresh look for each day of the week. No matter what you choose, Zinnia balances playful with professional, flowing beautifully from the coffee shop to the office.


Any fabric, any season

Every version and every size of Zinnia can be made with less than 3 yards of fabric. Go ahead, splurge on that silk charmeuse or lovely rayon you’ve been eying! A little bit will go a long way for this garment.

How often are you able to use heavy, swishy or slinky fabric for the same pattern? By offering both a pleated and a gathered waist, Zinnia can be created from nearly any fabric in your stash.

That also means you can modify it to suit any kind of weather. You’ll soon have a whole collection of seasonal separates, from pleated wool for winter to gathered voile for spring.


We know you love pockets. We do, too! They’re functional, easy additions that add a whole lot of style. So we decided to offer you two variations.

Patch pockets offer a cute detail in version 1. Ours have an inverted box pleat and a flap.


In-seam pockets offer a discreet place to tuck your keys or cell phone, eliminating the need for a purse. Or, they can just be a place to put your hands.


15% off

To celebrate our launch, Zinnia will be 15% off now through Friday, September 20 at midnight US Pacific. Go for it now!

Be sure to watch the video to see Zinnia in action, and bonus cute doggie:

[You can also view this video on Vimeo]

Thank you to Tiro Tiro, who provided the exquisite jewelry (it’s seriously beautiful stuff) and our friend Jen McCabe for opening up her beautiful home for this shoot.

Buy Zinnia here

Credits and details:
Model: Jade Sheldon
Photography assistants: Sheli Ben-Ner and Kristen Blackmore
Jewelry: Tiro Tiro
Set: Home of the lovely Jen McCabe of Honey Kennedy
Wardrobe: Cabled sweater (vintage), hats (vintage), boots (Frye Lucy Boots), cream loafers (vintage Brooks Brothers), brown loafers (vintage), tights (we love colors), silk tank (Sorbetto), wine leotard (Danskin)
Fabrics used: Navy rayon challis (version 1), Metallic heavy tweed (version 2), mocha silk chiffon (version 3), all purchased locally in Portland, OR

Sarai Mitnick   —   Founder

Sarai started Colette back in 2009. She believes the primary role of a business should be to help people. She loves good books, sewing with wool, her charming cats, working in her garden, and eating salsa.

Comments 118


Wow. Just wow…

Amazing!!! :)

Paige @ LPD

I’ve been waiting to buy this since PR accidentally leaked it. Thinking about actually sewing version one up tonight since I just purchased the PDF.

Miss Crayola Creepy

If this is what selfish patterns look like, then keep being selfish! ;) I’m off to buy it now!


Ha! Sounds good to me.


Looks great and very versatile!


I’m not fond of the blue version, but I like the other variations.


Love it! Can’t wait to see what it looks like on fellow pears.


Pockets and pleats, my two favourite things! Can’t wait to get onto Version 2, mentally sorting through my stash right now. Yay!


I’m a bit disappointed :( Views A and C are definitely not my style – I avoid gathered skirts because of my large tummy, so it’s a no for me. Maybe view B would fit me a bit better… I think I’ll just wait for your next pattern :(


Yes, an hourglass or pear-shaped figure is one thing but if you’ve got a definite tummy (the way I do) then gathered or pleated waistlines are definitely not flattering. Oh, well, I’ll just make a Jasmine with long sleeves to console myself…

Paige @ LPD

I definitely have a tummy and gathered skirts look awesome on me. I just wear them more highwaisted maybe?


I agree, just because you have a definite tummy, does not mean this one won’t look great on you. I can really rock a skirt while “definitely” very pregnant. :D


My thoughts exactly. Although my consolation pattern is a Truffle…I just need to find the right fabric for a Christmas Truffle. (Need something for a party in Houston and services w/ the family in AZ – so Truffle is perfect, lol.)


I totally agree, not flattering for me either, since i don’t have a very slim waist, so i avoid everything that adds to my hips. Gotta stick with my Ginger!


I don’t know. I’m curvy but not hourglassy — that is, I have full breasts, small shoulders, large waist, normal hips, not much of a stomach but what I call childborne.

I just bought it because I know I’LL FEEL GOOD in it and if I don’t look as well in it as I might in something else? I DON’T CARE. As long as I have great fabric, top and bottom and feel happy and confident, I’m going to look great.

My life is getting shorter and shorter everyday. Time to love what I love.


You rock! I believe in this philosophy wholeheartedly xo


AW! xox back at you!


“My life is getting shorter and shorter everyday. Time to love what I love.” This may be my new mantra!

I’m uncertain what this newest lovely skirt will do to my post c-section tummy but I’m willing to risk some chiffon to find out! I wonder how a winter version in a wool jersey would play out?

Sassy T

I agree if you are confident and want it to look good it will. That’s the beauty of sewing for yourself. You can make it work.


Seriously adorable – beautifully done, Kristen! And I love that wonderful setting.


Thank you! I’m glad you like it.


You had me at “minimal fitting.” I might become a skirt girl yet!


That house is amazing! The skirt is cute too. I prefer versions 2 and 3 over 1.

The yellow blouse in version 2 — is that a variation on the Sorbetto free pattern? I love it!

Betty Jordan Wester

I was totally checking out the house too!


Yup, that’s Sorbetto in a mustard-gold silk.

Paige @ LPD

I’m so scared of working with silk, but the sorbetto seems like a good pattern to practice with!


I really love this pattern! It’s adorable! I don’t mean to sound passive-aggressive or anything, but I soooo wish I was small enough to fit the pattern. However, this is great inspiration!


I love this already, and I’ve got 4 different makes planned from my winter fabrics, you’ve done it again, we’ll done Colette Patterns !

Betty Jordan Wester

I have serious house envy. I also really like the pattern. I was thinking this morning while walking my son to preschool how much I’d like a swingy fall skirt. I really like all the views, but love the navy and mocha fabrics the best. Thye have such lovely drapiness. And finally, it’s so nice to see Jade modeling for you again. I follow her and her husband’s blog. She’s such an all around talent!

Rochelle New

Gorgeous!!!! I just finished downloading the PDF!! ;)


Hi, is there a code for the 15% discount? It seems to be the same price as the other patterns. Thanks.

Paige @ LPD

it happens right before you confirm payment automatically in your cart.


It’s deducted automatically at checkout. I added a note to the page to say that, thanks for mentioning it!


Thanks Sarai for clearing that up, off to buy the pattern now :) Happy sewing everyone!


Oh, I just love all three views! So excited about this pattern! It’s so versatile and easy to fit. Just what I need right now :) I hope the stockists get it in soon!


That’s the same cover model from your book… I love her!


me, too!

Mary Danielson

Absolutely lovely! I was just thinking about the sad lack of skirts in my wardrobe. Now here’s a pattern to fix it. All three versions are just gorgeous. I can’t even decide which I like the best! Though, some navy blue rayon challis is definitely in my future, for a knock off of View A.


I’ve sooooo been itching to buy this pattern! It is PERFECT for this one fabric that I’ve had in my stash all summer. And I totally just bought a pair of boots like the ones in the third version photos totally because of that styling! So lovely! Ugh, I can’t wait to have this outfit made and I can’t wait for fall so I can wear it with tights!

KS Gentry

Love it! Order placed and anxious for delivery!


Love the 3 versions, very smart and versatile. But this beautiful model does not represent the hourglass shape fitting you mention in the description of the pattern. Please keep on presenting your creations on more plump models. It is more refreshing and off the beaten path.


Love this! Off to order my copy now :)


This may be favorite-est pattern ever. It’s everything I want in a skirt(s) & each of the versions looks like a skirt that I’d wear every single day. I love it so much that I ordered it in hardcopy & in pdf (so I don’t have to wait for the hardcopy)! I don’t expect to sleep much tonight, thanks.

Sewing Princess

I really like the pleated version! Although I would need to lower the waistline…it’s so high-waisted compared to my own liking…but I know I am probably a minority :o) Love the video…I bow to your skills


Version 3 is absolutely my favorite style of skirt, floaty but still practical enough to wear to work. My order is placed, and the pattern can’t come soon enough! Is it here yet…….??


This has to be my favorite Colette pattern so far. I wear skirts almost everyday; I sew them, thrift, and go to consignment stores for unique looks. This will definitely fill a gap in my wardrobe !


When she went swishying (thats a word) down the steps is when I fell in love. I have silk that wants me to dye it and create it into just such a skirt.


Although I commented in a reply up above already, I have to say that I just really love this pattern. But, I’m confused by folks’ confusion about what hourglass should be or shouldn’t be. In Version 2 the pleats look sewed down so if one feels those pleats are going to add extra volume, that is taken care of. If you sew it in rayon, it’ll be drapey and not voluminous at all. I mean, don’t go using that beautiful (thick) corduroy. Someone mentioned a plumper model? Isn’t it always us that are the models here? Give it a week and you’ll see all shapes and sizes on the Colette Pattern Flickr group! I can’t wait.


Agreed! And this looks like the type of skirt that would flatter a wide variety of shapes, hourglass or not!


I am SOOO pumped! A fabulous, versatile, beautiful skirt that isn’t crazy difficult to fit and sew! YAY!!! I think I’m going to make all three!! So many pattern options!

How difficult do you think it would be to make the button down placket of version A off center?


I think it would be pretty easy. When you cut out the front pieces, just fold under one piece of the pattern and cut (better do a muslin….) and then add as many inches to the other side as you took off on its counterpart. That’s my off the top think but maybe somebody with more experience would know something different.


Yes, or you could slice off part of the front on one side and just tape it to the other side.


there you go! from the head chef herself….

Betty Jordan Wester

I have two questions, are the buttons on view 1 just for show? How do all the versions close?


Version 1 closes with the front buttons and placket. The other two use a short invisible zipper at the back.

Betty Jordan Wester

perfect. Thanks :)


I’m considering the version 2 for my 5’2″ daughter who is an inverted triangle type..square shouldered, busty with not much waist definition. I’m thinking perhaps the sewn down pleats with the release at just above the outermost curve of her hip would give her the illusion of fuller hips and more of a waist. Does this reasoning seem valid?

Is is possible to give us some stats on your model, too?


Yeah, that’s the one I’d do for some waist/hip definition. (I’m mostly rectangular now, but when I was slimmer I was pretty much a V… skirts with pleats like that made me more hourglassy.)


Jade is a very petite lady. She has a 26 inch waist, but is also very small, I believe around 5’2″?

Juli Williams

I have this lovely pink paisley silk chiffon that would be gorgeous made into version 3…off to the Collette shop.


The skirt is nice (not really my style ~ but I have no time for sewing for myself right now anyways ;-) but I was so distracted by the LIPS that I missed the beautiful house…. Please tell me what brand/color lipstick ya’ll used (and if wears well, or just photographs fabulously)


It is called Russian Red by MAC It lasted through the whole shoot.

And personally, when I want my lipstick to last for hours I use this method: Lip liner, lipstick, blott with baby powder, another touch up of lipstick.


Colette patterns aren’t really my style but I could see this being really cute with an exposed zip up the front and made in a thin fake leather or simple black! So, congrats on the versatility of this pattern, and Laurel too!


Lovely – I especially love versions 2 and 3!! Looks like I need to buy this one too :D


Already downloaded! Question: are there instructions for the wide format printing? Paper size, scaling, etc. that I can/should provide to the printer to ensure that the pattern prints the right size?

Thanks for including this format, by the way, it means I can be impatient and download, send to Kinko’s, pick up on the way home and make a Zinnia tonight when I get home. Perfect for girls with no patience and desperate need for a new fall skirt!


The wide format file is designed to be printed on a printer that can print at least 40 inches, so just check for that. Just tell them to not scale the file to fit the page, and to print at actual size. It should work out great! Make sure to measure the test square just in case, though.

Paige @ LPD

How much does printing at a copy shop normally run?


it depends. Kinkos is usually a $1 a sq ft for printing on large format bond paper. I print all my screenprinting films this way, I like it a lot. its pretty affordable.


I’m also excited about the wide-format print options – so much easier than cutting all of the rectangles out and taping them together.


I love it (and so did the 8th grade girls I shared it with), I can’t wait to make it.


A perfect pattern for a pear like me – I shall be selfishly sewing myself one (or more) of these.


I’m so excited – I just downloaded it! While I’ve sewn many Sorbettos in the last year (so easy!) this is the first pattern I’ve purchased from Colette Patterns. Can’t wait for a break in school so I can start on my project. Thanks!


I love this pattern, it is really elegant and seems to be also very comfortable! Thanks for your work, I am very happy that it is a skirt!


It’s possible to be a small hourglass. It’s a description of proportions, not size. I’m all for larger models, tho’.


I love it. I can see this on my niece, too. I am going to buy 2 patterns and send her one.
You have done it again! Excellent.


I love the skirt! Especially version 1. I think this will be a super versatile pattern. Also I’m really jealous with the model’s shoes in version 3.


I’ve been flip flopping on what new fall shoes I want to get and the version 3 styling totally made me buy these:!product/prd1/1127348991/haku-british-tan


Wow, those are fantastic!


I need those shoes (or similar) in my life…


Traditionally, skirts don’t suit my muffin-topped frame, but this pattern is so tempting! It’s a real stunner and I can’t believe how beautifully different each variation is!


This is great, I am sure everyone will love it but I feel like lately all the indie pattern companies have been releasing a lot of boring beginner patterns – I am not saying you shouldn’t cater for the novice sewist but don’t forget about us intermediate and advanced sewists! You have the perfect medium to release some interesting patterns with funky details and then guide the beginner seamstress with sew-alongs and online tutorials, give them some confidence and teach them a new skill, help them step up to the next level and also excite us intermediate/advanced sewists too…please? :)


I think they’ve been alternating back and forth. Laurel was a beginner pattern and the Hawthorn was an intermediate pattern. I’m intermediate/advanced and I’m quite thrilled with this new pattern. I have plenty of more advanced patterns to work with, but when trying to build a new wardrobe quickly- I have hardly any me-made fall clothes- something quick and easy yet stylish is wonderful to work with.


Our last pattern, Hawthorn, was intermediate with an extensive sew-along. We try to keep a variety.

Kate Nakano

I think it’s lovely! Thank you for the selfish pattern Kristen! Gorgeous! Love the gold silk sorbetto in version two! Another Colette Pattern to own for me.

cynthia gehin

Love the chiffon skirt. That drape has to flatter any figure.


I really like version 3, it’s gorgeous! I was wondering if the lining was also done with the same silk chiffon ? Thanks!


The lining on that one is a silk habotai.


Oh Zinnia is lovely!!! Thank you for this pattern and the dilemna of which version to make first. That dreamy v3 is going to be beautiful for golden autumn days. And maybe a pretty holiday versin of v2. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!


I love the versatility of this skirt pattern and the pleats!


I really love the styling of this shoot. It feels so cosy! Also, I love the inclusion of Tiro Tiro’s jewelry. I have been lusting over their new collection- and I think the pairing with your patterns is perfect.


What a great pattern. Congratulations on another release!


Love the skirt!


I love this pattern, but I prefer to wear skirts a little lower than pictured. My legs are long, and I like to balance out my frame a bit. Could I just use my drop-waist measurement instead of my natural waist measurement? Or would I have to alter the pattern? It sounds like I won’t, which would be awesome!


One of our testers also mentioned that she likes to wear her skirts low, so we recommended (1) choosing by your low waist measurement (depending on where you want it to hit) and (2) perhaps curving the waistband a little at the side seams.

Since it’s meant to hit at the natural waist, the waistband is straight. If you want to wear it on your upper hip area, curving it a little will prevent gaping. This would be very easy to work out with a quick muslin of just the waistband.


This is really helpful! Thank you for answering my question and for making such awesome patterns. Can’t wait to sew it!


I have been wanting a skirt like this for soo long and being able to make it myself is 1000xs better. I can’t wait to make this!!


Really beautiful, I love it. One of my favorite Colette patterns already (with Ceylon!!) Can’t wait for your patterns to be released in my language someday !
Great job, congrats.


Oh that is way cool! Well done you guys! I just love how you can get three very different looks from the same pattern. Definitely on my list now : ) Oh, and can I just say, I recently got your book and it’s just wonderful. I love holding it and I’ve learned heaps! x


I love. I simply love. I will order on Friday and until then look through my stash to make this up in all versions!


I love, love, LOVE this pattern! Seriously – it’s like you read my mind. I am so excited to sew this up. Thanks for another great design!

Claudia Miller

In love with the chiffon skirt! A very pretty skirt pattern.

Just Sew Jana

I love the patch pocket version!


Looking forward to sewing up a few for fall – a chiffon version is a must but I might try it in a wool jersey too? I actually love that it sits at the natural waist.


This is amazing! It’s the skirt pattern I have been waiting for. Bought this yesterday and already have a few fabrics from the stash earmarked.

Alli B

Love it! Super cute with the pockets. And the version 3 in the floaty fabric is so pretty :) I think I might have to twist my husband’s arm to get this for me lol ;)


This is a great skirt pattern that would suit many women. I love the chiffon version – especially with the edgy styling with the beautiful model’s strong make-up and her tights and boots.


I’m so excited to make this up! I’ve been dying for some more full skirts and this pattern is perfect. I love the sewn down pleats!


I just love your patterns…this one is fantastic !!! Will there be a contest?..I love contest..even if you don’t win, you learn and have fun. Plus you get all this ideas from everyones creations.


This looks great – I was wondering if it is suitable for border prints/fabrics?


It has a curved hem, so border prints wouldn’t work along the hem. The Hazel would be a good choice for border prints!


Why are the pieces cut on the crosswise grain? Im new to sewing and have never seen that before.


The main skirt pieces are huge thanks to the extra fabric needed to form gathers and pleats, and the curved hem. The pieces wouldn’t fit on the fabric if they were placed on the straight grain.


Oh, I get it! Thanks! One more question: what is the advantage(s) of having a curved hem and tapered waist in the pattern pieces? I have some other patterns that are just rectangles that you gather, but assume there must be a reason you went to the extra effort to draft these pieces with a curved hem.


That rectangular shape is called a dirndl skirt (our Hazel pattern has one). They’re great for simplicity and for using border prints or other challenging patterns.

The curved hem helps the skirt fall better, and also allows you to place more fullness at the hem than at the waist. A dirndl has the same fullness at the hem and waist, so it requires a lot of waist gathering to get a very full skirt.

But if you want to make the hem wider than the waist, you must have a curved hem. Otherwise, because the side seam is cut on a diagonal, the side seams will end up much longer than the center front or back.

MacKenzie Clark

can’t wait to make it! are you planning a sewalong?

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