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Laurel discount ends today (+ digital pattern note)


Hey there & thank you for reading the Colette blog!

This site is no longer being updated so head over to Seamwork to get all the latest patterns, tutorials, video classes, and more.

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09-blouse-window-croppedJust a quick reminder that the 15% off discount on Laurel ends today! If you’re planning to make one, and especially if you want to join the contest, be sure to grab one!

I also wanted to mention something I forgot to call out in the original post. We’ve changed the format of our digital patterns (starting with this one) to make them more usable.

Now, when there are multiple versions of a pattern, you will be able to print just the version you want to use rather than having to print the entire pattern. We also included a layout with all versions, in case you do want to print them all at once. But you now have more choices and less paper waste!

We’re hoping to go back and reformat the other patterns in a similar way, but in the meantime, this is how we will do all patterns going forward. Thanks for your feedback on that!

Sarai Mitnick   —   Founder

Sarai started Colette back in 2009. She believes the primary role of a business should be to help people. She loves good books, sewing with wool, her charming cats, working in her garden, and eating salsa.

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Hi there
I’m very excited about the new pattern and competition! Thank you!
I was about to pay for my pattern on Paypal, and the 15% discount doesn’t seem to have been automatically applied. Do I need a code for this?
Thanks for your help!


Same for me when I tried to pay via paypal :(


Was wondering if I could get a 15% disc. ordered the pattern 3/22 8:45 am- thanks beautiful pattern


Oh my goodness, that is great news on the digital front!



I’ve had the same issues as the ladies above. I have paid by credit card for the digital version and the order confirmation states $14. Have I done something wrong?


Hey folks, there was a bit of an issue with the Laurel 15% discount this morning but it’s fixed now. The discount is active until midnight tonight (Pacific time) and will be automatically applied to orders placed before then.

If you’ve placed an order for Laurel this morning and did not get the discount, please send us an email with your order number and I’ll refund your 15% today.

Sorry for the trouble!


That’s great — thanks! Just bought the pattern and received the discount :)

Diane @ Vintage Zest

Awesome! I love the digital pattern changes, and it will be a bit easier in the narrow places to locate my size. You’re making it almost too easy, you might as well just come over and sew the thing up for me!

Nancy Anson

My Laurel is on it’s way (along with a couple of other lovelies I couldn’t resist). When I saw Laurel, it so reminded me of my hey-days when I was just learning to sew. It was the 1960’s and I was in college. Every afternoon I’d get home to watch my favorite TV soap opera, “Dark Shadows”. I loved the story line bouncing from victorian times to the present, but most of all I loved the fashions. It was the time of adorable shift dresses, many of which had a matching coat. The dresses were fairly easy for me to reproduce many times, and what grand memories I have of that wardrobe. Now here comes Laurel! While I won’t be sewing the mini-skirt versions of “Dark Shadows” fame, I’ll be sewing up some of these ASAP. Can I still pile my hair on top of my head in extravegant swirls? Nah — way too much troublel.


This comment is too funny– you’ll never guess what I’m currently watching! I live all the shift dresses on Dark Shadows, and I think I’ll be using my laurel pattern to replicate one or two of them :) while the Victorian-era costuming is beautiful, it’s the easy 60s shifts that Vicky and Maggie wear that I covet.


Hi Sarai, speaking about digital pattern, do you have any plans for digitizing Violet pattern? I’ve been waiting for it quite a while. I live way overseas, & with all the waiting time & the increase shipment fee, I much prefer the digital pattern.. (that’s how I bought the Peony & Laurel).
Thanks :-)


They’re all in the works, but unfortunately very time consuming to put together, so it’s happening slowly. We hope to have all of them available as downloads.


I ordered my Laurel today, and am excited to try it out :)
Congrats on the article about you on the Portland Monthly mag. But did they let something slip about another new pattern? Can’t wait to see it!


I don’t know, I haven’t seen it yet! :)


Thanks for the discount reminder! Just ordered the pattern and I am soooooo excited!

“Flipping” through the Laurel extras book, I was really struck by the level of passion you bring to your work. It doesn’t surprise me at all, as I have your book, read the blog, and have made two other patterns. Just thought you might like to hear that your passion is felt and your hard work is so appreciated! The laurel extras are exquisite! :)


I love the format of the Laurel digital pattern :) One question though, would it be a lot of work for you to include a file which could be printed on a large format printer? I’m lazy about all the folding and sticking together of print-out patterns, so I often tile them myself (in PowerPoint) and then take them to a copyshop to be printed on A0 paper.


We’ve had some requests for this before, and I’d definitely like to add it in.


I was at fabric depot yesterday and was sad to see the pattern wasn’t out yet. I didn’t get it online cause I didn’t see the point in paying for shipping when I live just down the street from you. Do you know when the pattern will be in some of Portland stores?
I can’t tell you how much I love your patterns, I have many of them, and they all fit my body so well with hardly any adjustments. I also like your blog with so many helpful hints and great sew alongs.


You may want to try other stores in the area. I believe Modern Domestic has it in stock. Josephine’s is also a stockist. Perhaps try calling to ask before you head over?


Hi… I don’t know if this is the right place to ask about the pattern, I already sew my muslin. I have this neck gap at the back and my front neckline is a bit too wide (i was about to add more on the shoulder but not sure, will it make another gap? ). Could you suggest hiw to fix this? Thanks a lot.


If you find the neckline gaping in back (but it fits across the rest of the back), you can try adding in a small dart on each side of the back neckline.

If it also seems a bit big through the entire back, you might just want to do a narrow back adjustment, making the whole back a little bit smaller.


I have the same issue as Nenny with the neckline. I have sewn two muslins so far and the second is better as I trimmed half an inch at shoulder/neckline seam but still have gaping on back neckline. Also, do you have suggestions for reducing the amount of sleeve ease? It is so hard to sew a sleeve in with so much ease – even with 2 or 3 rows of ease stitching – it ends up looking like a slightly gathered sleeve. Thank you.


For your first question, see my answer to Nenny above.

As for the sleeve ease, the size 8 has about 1.5 inches of ease, so it’s not a huge amount for this style/fit, but of course the type of fabric you are using can hugely affect how easy it is to ease a seam. If you want to remove ease, you will want to make the sleeve both narrower and lower the sleeve cap.

I also have an alternate technique for easing that I use on lighter fabrics, that I will try to post a tutorial for soon.

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