Let’s try something new

Our newest pattern is coming, and we've got some special things planned.

First, some good news! We have a new pattern coming out in just a couple weeks: October 20th.

From the time I started creating patterns on my kitchen table six and a half years ago, I’ve always released them out into the world in more or less the same way. I told people they were coming, but kept the details tightly under wraps until the release day.

To be honest with you, there wasn’t a particular reason for this. It seemed like a reasonable way to do it, and it seemed to work, so we kept doing it.

But lately, I’ve been trying to think of ways to give more with the pattern release, and to give earlier. So we’re going to do things slightly different this time.

But first, about that pattern

I’d still like to keep our new design a surprise, but give you enough of an idea that we can get started on the fun stuff.

Our new pattern will be an addition to the Colette Patterns knits line. Our knits patterns like Moneta and Myrtle are some of our most popular patterns, so about a year and a half later, we’re adding to that range.

Like those patterns, it will be classic, feminine, and really versatile. And of course, it’s knit, so it’s comfy.

How we’re celebrating

To get ready for the new knits pattern, I wanted to offer a little more. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Video Tutorials: Starting later this week, we’ll be releasing a series of videos all about shopping for knit fabric. We’ll cover everything from terminology to the 5 things to look for when choosing a knit at the store.
    * Bonus stuff: When our new pattern comes out on October 20th, everyone who buys the pattern in the first week will receive some special bonus items to go with the pattern. If you buy it from one of our stockists, you’ll be able to get it as well.
  • Join us on launch day: We’re planning some special stuff for the actual launch day. We’ve even got a ridiculous hashtag picked out.
  • Tutorials and more: As always, we’re planning some tutorials and a sewalong to go with this lovely new pattern.

Later this week, expect to see the first video in our new series on shopping for knits. I hope you like it.

Sarai Mitnick   —   Founder

Sarai started Colette back in 2009. She believes the primary role of a business should be to help people. She loves good books, sewing with wool, her charming cats, working in her garden, and eating salsa.

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Comments 19

Ina skyturtle.net

Looking forward for the video tutorials. I loved the podcast!
It’s very cool to put a sound to a blogger’s voice and as always the topics are thoughtfully selected.


What good news!
I was waiting for a new (regular, not simple in seamwork) pattern… I feel like a little girl at Christmas morning ;-)

Michelle thesewingphoenix.com

Looking forward to the video tutorials for the knit fabric. I’d like to do more sewing with knits and based on past knit experience, I know I need more info on finding quality knit.


Yay, I love your knit patterns and am really looking forward to the new pattern. Hoping for something with a hoodie :)


Yeah, knits! Thank you! I have trouble finding quality knits, and knits with enough substance to cover mid age lumps, yet in natural fibers that are also affordable. I like to think of them as investment knits (double knit wool and jersey silk would be fantastic…) I just made a swimming suit for lap swimming in one weekend that turned out great, better than RTW (and no dressing room require do) and the Seamworks article on working with knits was a lifesaver.

Catherine Coll rickracknroll.wordpress.com

Now that it’s getting colder in the UK I am thinking about my winter wardrobe. I have been a experimenting with knit fabric recently & am excited about the videos.

nothy lane aftagley.blogspot.com

I love all your patterns…they are so flattering and versatile. I can’t wait to buy the next one


I am happy too for the new knit pattern, because I love ALL your patterns, although in Italy where I live it is very difficult to find a wide choice of good quality knit fabric (unbelievable we produce it but they do not sell it for private people!) and buying online from the US it is very long and crazy expensive because of duty fees.


Oh, that’s so exciting! As a new sewist, it can be so frustrating to spend hours and hours researching and trolling the Internet, trying to imagine problems I’ll run across during a project ahead of time and how to circumvent them. I’m so ready to start with knits, but I don’t have a serger (or even a stretch stitch!) and there seems to be a big, fat black hole of *detailed* information about using zigzag stitches on knit apparel. Yay for Colette Pattern instructions! Woo hoo!

Melissa craftrambler.blogspot.com

This sounds fun! Can’t wait to see the pattern :)

Betty Jordan Wester nouvellegamine.com

A few weeks ago you wrote about Indie sewing companies. Just so you know, it’s stuff like this- the extras like sewalongs, the new videos, the engagement, new ideas, and flexibilty (love the new Seamwork subscription model)- that sets Colette head and shoulders above other companies.
Most importantly, you design cute stuff. I just picked up Rooibus from my local store to make a Fall jumper. I look forward to seeing your new pattern.


How exciting, for you and for us! Can’t wait! Thank you for all!


Yeah!!! Can’t wait!


Ooh, it all sounds very exciting! Will you be covering buying knits on-line? I don’t have a fabric store near me so I have to buy all my fabric on-line and I’ve found it can be a bit difficult to find what I want!


Yay! New pattern drops on my birthday – so I can justify immediate purchase!! :)


I always get excited when you send an email about a new pattern. Yay! Cannot wait.


i’m so pleased and excited…. even with seamwork to look forward to every month, i still find a new pattern an anticipatory delight (and i always buy the printed version when it’s available :) )
…. and am currently struggling with how to line a fairly stable, but not double or ponte knit… i’ve gotten conflicting advice from the senior sewists i’ve consulted – everything from rayon ambiance (no stretch so you don’t sit out the seat, slick interior finish, decent temperature control) and emma one sock’s stretch lining (stretch along with the exterior fabric, perhaps handle more like an interlining?) to “just don’t do it”…. so much more information on lining types, lining sources, interior seam finishes, knit hems, including hems with vents, interlining vs. lining, facings vs. lining to the edge, incorporating a lining when executing bound edge finishes…. would be really helpful to me…. i just can’t put the info together from the reference sources i have to hand, but i have seen and own some beautifully lined RTW knit garments, so i know it can be done….


Hooray! This will be released on my birthday!

*Happy birthday to meeeeee!*


Unfortunately I get all of “this” via my email. I can’t use data for videos. Love what I can get!

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