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Mesa + Aurora in the June Issue of Seamwork


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This site is no longer being updated so head over to Seamwork to get all the latest patterns, tutorials, video classes, and more.

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The June issue of Seamwork is up and ready for you to read!

In this issue:





Some favorite quotes from this issue:

“It turns out that you don’t have to trade elegance for comfort. You only need to look to the silk jersey evening gowns of Madame Grès or the beautiful yet functional dresses of Claire McCardell to recognize the diversity of looks designers have long created with knit fabrics.”
-Sarai Mitnick, Falling in Love with Knitwear

“I kept bringing knitting projects to family events so that I’d have an excuse to spend time with her. Knitting became my vehicle to develop a relationship with my grandmother.”
-Jessica Yen, Knowing Grandma

“Some of the most casual, comfortable and well, favorite garments in our wardrobes are made of knits and it makes sense to sew the kind of garments we wear most often. ”
-Melissa Fehr, A Guide to Shopping for Knits

And here are the two new quick-to-sew patterns in this issue:


Mesa will be an absolute staple in your closet. With features like a relaxed fit, flirty side slits, a shallow scoop neckline, and short sleeves. Mesa will take you from season to season with it’s effortless style.

Since Mesa only takes an hour to sew you can make a few! Sewn up in a cool cotton jersey, Mesa travels beautifully, making it ideal for your summertime trips. Or try using a french terry for cool weather, perfect for pairing with Manila leggings, and an Oslo cardigan.

Use techniques from this Month’s issue and add a patch pocket to create a customized dress you will love to wear.


The tank top is a warm weather staple, and with good reason, when the weather turns warm it is the easiest garment in your closet to reach for.

Aurora delivers all of the benefits of a classic tank top but with gorgeous modern details. This 2 hour project offers ease and versatility. The shoulder yoke and gathers offer soft shaping, while the back yoke and box pleat create a stunning focal point.

Make Aurora out of a luxurious silk jersey for a sophisticated evening look. Or sewn up in a simple cotton knit, Aurora can be worn with shorts and summery skirts. In cooler months layer with a cardigan for a sweet transitional look.

You can visit to read the issue, download it from the current issue page, or subscribe to get the patterns.

Haley Glenn   —   Editorial Director

Five years ago, Haley left the apparel industry to join the world of home sewing. She has been empowering women to sew ever since – first through years of in-person teaching at Sew LA, and now through her writing at Colette. Haley writes tutorials and articles on our blog, teaches sewalongs, and writes and edits for our magazine, Seamwork.

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All your issues are really amazing. Thanks.


and again…. really nice, especially aurora….


What fabric is the sample Mesa made out of (on the cover of the pattern)?! I love it, but in the issue, in the swatch service section, this one isn’t listed. Thanks!!


Hi Carolina, The fabric used for the sample on the cover is a knit pique from We didn’t site it in swatch service as it is sold out. Here is a fabric from the same collection, printed on the same substrate:


Would that Mesa pattern look okay if I made it a whole lot longer? Like, just above knee length? I like the pattern but it’s waaaasy too short for me.


Hi Sien! You could definitely adjust the length of Mesa.


Thanks! I’ll put both these patterns on my list of “1001 things I’m going to sew after I graduate and finally have time”.


YES! I almost cancelled my subscription for the summer because money is so tight but I am glad I did not. These are just the basics I’ve been scouring the internet for, but haven’t been able to afford individually. Seriously, look at my google search history. I’m a happy little kitten, just purring at these patterns.


Thanks Ani, I love sewing up a stack of basics to freshen up my wardrobe. Mesa and Aurora have us all sewing up a storm of summer knits!

Elise @ ChezNapier

Gorgeous! By far my favorite seamwork patterns thus far. Also, the amazing gold jewelry worn by your beautiful models? Details please!


Thanks Elise! All the jewelry is by


If I were to subscribe now, would I also get the previously released patterns?


Hi Georgia! If you subscribed now you will receive Seamwork patterns starting this month. You can also purchase patterns individually for $7 here:


If you subscribe, previous patterns are available for $5 each instead of $7


Love this issue! Aurora is exactly what I need for work.. any plans to release a mod to add sleeves?


I love Seamwork too. Two easy patterns is just enough for me right now. I love the dress pattern so much! It is exactly what I am looking for…and maybe a hat pattern for the fall and socks too. Great magazine!

Alyson Ray

Love love every issue of Seam Work!! Could not wait to download Mesa!!! It is my favorite style dress. I was wondering about the finished measurements especially hip measurements. It is due to negative ease?

Mary Kay

Jessica Yen’s piece “Knowing Grandma” was the highlight of this issue of Seamwork, not that I don’t love the patterns and other info about sewing with knits. My Grandma taught me how to crochet, and she taught my mom to sew…we still have some of the hand-stitched doll clothes my mom made as a child. While I’ve never knitted, I was able to connect with Jessica’s love for the Grandma she got to know through a shared love of an art and of a hard life well lived. Special thanks to Jessica for making me cry…and smile.


Made me cry as well! I’m also Chinese and knitting is a common language between me and my mom and my grandmother. It helps a lot with the divide being an immigrant child can cause.


Thanks Emily ~ how lovely that knitting spans three generations in your family! “A common language” is such a nice way to put it :-).


Thanks so much, Mary Kay! As a writer, making someone laugh or cry is a big compliment … and an even bigger compliment to be considered the highlight of the issue!

It sounds like your grandmother was multi-talented! I’m sure she loved being able to spend time with you and your mother doing things that you loved, and it sounds like there are some lovely family pieces to cherish for years to come :-).


I have to say this is now my favorite issue. Love all of the articles and Mesa is just perfect .How do you do it? Read my mind that is.


I really love this issue–and as someone obsessed with polka dots, I really loved the article on making your own polka dot print fabric. Does anyone know if there’s any reason you wouldn’t be able to do the same thing to a woven fabric? Because I’ve got a few prints that could use some dotty additions…


Hi Caroline,
You could definitely print a woven fabric using the same technique. Polka dots are so classic a cute. We love them too!


I _love_ the two patterns for this month and the dressier tank is just in time. Can you tell me what size bust the patterns are drafted for? I’ve just sewn up a wearable muslin for the Colette Myrtle and the neckline is a little too wide even though I’m right in the middle of the XL measurements.


Hi Kimberly,
Size XS-XL are drafted for a C cup. If the difference between your upper bust and bust is more than 3″ you will want to cut a smaller size and do a full bust adjustment. Devon has a great post on our sewalongs page on how to adjust the Myrtle dress accordingly.


Thanks for that confirmation! I’ll be testing out the pattern with the FBA this weekend.


Hi, love this issue, and both patterns too! Would I be able to us a viscose jersey for these? I am struggling to find cotton jersey in patterns that I like! Thanks, Zoe


Definitely, it would lend both garments a more relaxed fit rather than the structured look you would get from a heavier jersey. Happy sewing!


Fab, thank you! I like a more relaxed fit for a casual look anyway so that’s fine.


Mesa is just the sort of thing I’ve been wanting to make. Now I just need to get some fabric. I’ve a slightly off topic question: Is there any easy way to find pictures of finished projects that have been made from the Seamwork patterns? In the patterns shop there are links to the Flickr group; I find it so handy for seeing how things will look when they’re not on a model or when made up in a completely different fabric.


Loving this month! I have made three Aurora tanks and honestly don’t feel like I ever need another tank pattern again. It is fabulous. It was quite the effort to stop making more so I can try the Mesa. However, I need to lengthen it because it seems a little on the short side for me. I need help though. As I slash along the shorten lengthen line when I try to draw a line to connect outside seam line I can’t get away from a scalloped looking outline. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for the help!

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