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New patterns! Make your own dainties!


Hey there & thank you for reading the Colette blog!

This site is no longer being updated so head over to Seamwork to get all the latest patterns, tutorials, video classes, and more.

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We have two lovely new patterns in the shop, this time for making your own light summertime loungewear!

Nutmeg includes a sweet little bralette that ties in the back and at the shoulders with ribbons and looks perfect in a soft silky fabric. It also includes a pair of short french knickers, and longer tap pants with a pointed yoke. I am addicted to these tap pants. They are so easy to make, pretty, and comfortable… perfect for a Sunday morning.

Cinnamon is a bias-cut slip dress with a pointed midriff band in the front and double straps that loop through the front bodice. It can also be made as a camisole. Super flattering, it’s a great summer layering piece. And best of all, it’s sewn with only 6 pattern pieces!

I hope you love these as much as I do!

We’ve also refreshed some of the existing patterns with new looks for Spring, have a look!

Sarai Mitnick   —   Founder

Sarai started Colette back in 2009. She believes the primary role of a business should be to help people. She loves good books, sewing with wool, her charming cats, working in her garden, and eating salsa.

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Love love love!!! The new dainties are darling and I love the colors you’ve chosen for all the photos.

Will have to snap up a Cinnamon pattern so I can pair it with my Beignet skirt.


Thank you so much Sarai, I love your exisiting designs modeled by a more flat-chested model. I am petit and have been collecting your patterns. I am now even more convinced that I have to try out the patterns after seeing those photos


Oh Yay!! New patterns! Love the names, they perfectly match your sweet designs. The summer versions of the exixsting designs look beautiful, I’m a sucker for sorbet colours, making my way to your shop as we speak !!




The new patterns are so sweet, I like the cinnamon as a cami. Can’t wait to get my pennies together and make these for summer. Thanks


So sweet! I love the colors, and I love the chantily in white and baby blue.

amelie no mori

Lovely! Those new patterns are interesting. And the spring time versions of your older patterns are beautiful! I love the colors.
I’ve known Colette patterns for some time now, but really started to follow your blog only recently. I’m really glad I did because it’s very interesting and inspiring, thank you! I can’t wait to try one of your patterns.

Lisa Warninger


It all looks fantastic!!! Beautiful job.


Love the new patterns. Unfortunately there is no way I would be able to fit the nutmeg bra pattern over my 34Es. The ties wouldn’t help much either. Much too uncomfortable. I love the new look of the old patterns! Now I’m seriously considering a Chantilly or Macaron. The new versions are so cute.


i’m so excited about this!


I’ve been waiting for the new designs since the PR chat and I’m sad to say that I’m broken-hearted. Please please please let there be more summer designs on the way. I know the patterns can’t be all things to all people, but there is no way to wear a bra with the extremely lovely slip dress and to add a wider strap would ruin a brilliant design element.

I am happy for the smaller busted sewers, but summer seems so easy for them with their spaghetti straps and all.


Azadeh, you can wear a strapless bra, but I know it’s hard to find a good one.

But in any case, don’t be heart-broken if these don’t quite work for you…. I do have more designs for summer.


Yay! I love the new patterns!


Your new patterns are Gorgeous! While I miss you modeling your first set of patterns I cannot express how much I appreciate the choice of who models your patterns. These women are real and natural and your designs enhance and brings this out. I cannot wait to buy these! I love my Sencha and Lady Grey, I feel so feminine when I wear them. Thank you Sarai!


Congrats on the release of your new patterns, Sarai! The pictures and styling are gorgeous. I also just love the white and blue color palette that you chose to re-do your older patterns in — they look so delicious!


YAYYYYY! So gorgeous, Sarai! That model is just stunning, and the new designs are so so pretty. Congrats on another successful pattern release!

P.S. I was so happy to see the polka dot gauze from B&J!


Gorgeous!! The new designs are soft, pretty and feminine and definitely on my wishlist… and the photography is beautiful!
The models look like they’re having fun too :)

The Cupcake Goddess

Oh Sarai! Everything looks so wonderful! I especially love the new takes on some of the older patterns! Lovely, really lovely. The photos are so beautiful! Love what you’ve done. Very excited to give the slip dress a try!


OMG!!! I wish you had posted this before your sale! I would have bought more than one pattern for sure! The makeovers give the patterns a whole new look. You also continue to distinguish yourself with your choice of model. I am absolutely delighted to see a beautiful brown women in your designs!! It makes me that much more able to imagine myself in them.


Your designs and your models are gorgeous, as usual!


So much loveliness! I think both the new ones are pieces you’d want to make again and again. Gorgeous, gorgeous colors, styling, and models in the photos. Totally in love with the new versions of the first series, especially Chantilly & Beignet, but I loved the old versions too. Seeing them styled differently does make you look at the patterns with new eyes though. Already made my order, have been hording charmeuse and ready to get started on a big run of those tap pants! (Aside from loungewear, I’ve found they make great summer half-slip substitutes, especially for skirts with slits.) Cheers & congrats– great work!!


beautiful! i love me some pastels. :) but i kind of miss the original look of the patterns too…


oh wow. so pretty. Loving both new designs! wishing i had a smaller bust to fit into them but heck i’d wear them both anyway! also loving the sorbet colours. you talented little thing! Currently creating my lady gray jacket so look out for some pics :-)


I’m so excited that these are out! The set pattern looks fantastic… definitely adding that to my wishlist. ;) Oh, and I wanted to say that all these new pictures are gorgeous–you pick out some really knock-out models to show off your patterns, Sarai! :)

♥ Casey
blog |


It is all so pretty and feminine!


Amazing how different the dresses look in summery fabrics. I love the polka dot and the mint green. Feel cooler just looking at them. So many patterns, so little time…


LOVE these!!!! I’ve been thinking and thinking and thinking about making my own knickers. Now that there are such lovely patterns to guide my way, there’s no more excuse not to!

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