Photos from the Road Show, part 2: Portland, Oakland, & LA


Do you ever get a little tired of taking photos?

Between blogging, twitter, instagram, facebook… sometimes I start to feel like every moment of our lives is documented and packaged and shared. I have to admit, I was feeling a little burned out on all of that when we took our epic west coast road trip.

I just wanted to enjoy the beauty and grandeur of the California coast without worrying about capturing it for posterity. To live in the moment, you know?

Unfortunately, that means not a lot of photos of the gorgeous scenery we saw driving up California 1.

But I did have Kenn to take photos at our fabulous store parties! I can’t tell you what a blast it was to meet so many people and see all of their creations in person. Nothing compares.

Our first party on this leg was right here in our hometown, at Modern Domestic. Our friends at MD were as sweet and supportive and wonderful as always. Seriously, if you are in Portland, visit them (and buy a Bernina).

I did a little Q&A at this event, which I hope everyone enjoyed. I love talking about businessy things, so that was fun.

Next up was A Verb for Keeping Warm. I’d never been to this shop before, since they weren’t yet open when we lived in Oakland. But wow, what a dream! Knitting, fabric, natural dyeing, and the coolest staff on the planet. I want to move in! Maybe I could live in the back with the angora bunny.

Erin (pictured above, on the left) also organized a little pre-party meetup, which was nice because I got a chance to talk to even more people. Thanks for doing that, Erin!

After a brief mini-vacation in Palm Springs, we visited our old friends at Sew LA. They have a gorgeous new space, perfect for throwing parties. They decided to give it a Fall theme, complete with caramel apple bar and warm mead. It ended up being a really hot day, but so what? It’s never too warm for caramel.

I can’t wait to do this again. We’re thinking of hitting a few east coast cities in the Spring. Any suggestions?

It seriously blows me away how many warm, creative, kind people this blog and company has connected me with. Thanks you to everyone who showed up to celebrate with us.

Check out Facebook or Flickr for more photos!

Sarai Mitnick   —   Founder

Sarai started Colette back in 2009. She believes the primary role of a business should be to help people. She loves good books, sewing with wool, her charming cats, working in her garden, and eating salsa.

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PLEASE come to Miami, Florida!!!!!


You have to come here! Charlotte, Savannah, Charleston or Asheville would love to have you (and I’d be thrilled to meet you!!).

marta currier

ASHEVILLE, NC please!!!


Well it’s not really “coast,” but y’all could always come to Nashville :)


It would be so great if you could make it to New York!!


New York! I could see Purl Soho or a Brooklyn fabric store holding the party. :) Brooklyn General Store carries your patterns!


I second that! Come to NYC! I think I nagged Brooklyn General Store into carrying your patterns by asking/suggesting/begging them to carry them e v e r y time I went in! :)


Wow, that looks like it went spectacularly well—congratulations!
If you’re in our neck of the woods, your should really consider coming to Toronto. You have a lot of fans here, and there is a great community around the sewing shop in my neighbourhood, The Workroom.
Bonus: Toronto is lovely in springtime…


That looks like so much fun. You should do a Midwest tour!

Annie tulleandtweed

I take it Scotland is out of the question?! such a bummer being on this side of the Atlantic : (


OMG! Fabrika in Savannah, GA would be perfect!!


Thanks for coming to Sew L.A.! We always love having you and Kenn in the shop and had a blast as usual!!!


The photos of your fun events are making me a bit jealous! Please, please, come to Charleston! or Savannah, Charlotte, Asheville, or Atlanta and maybe i could swing a road trip =)

Miss Crayola Creepy

It was so great to meet you and Kenn!!! Thanks for hanging with us!


You should go to the Little General in Winston-Salem, NC! It’s an adorable sewing shop and would be perfect for one of these events. ^_^

Betty Jordan Wester

I had the pleasure of meeting you and Kenn at A Verb for Keeping Warm in Oakland. My favorite part was seeing the patterns made up and what kind of fabric you chose. It definitely made me a Colette fan!

I blogged about it here~


Come to Atlanta!


Or if you come to Toronto or Ottawa I will come find you haha…
But seriously come to Montreal… lots of fabric stores in the old garment district.


Totally unrelated comment, but I am REALLY HAPPY to see that most of the patterns now have their digital version! yuhuuuu! I just want them all now! Thanks a lot!!!

Rochelle New

Burlington, VT would love to have you!!! Of course, I’d be happy with anywhere in New England :)


I second Burlington, VT. We love your patterns here.


I third Burlington! I first saw your patterns at Nido, our local sewing and fabric store. Vermont would love to see you!


Cambridge! Gather Here would be totally perfect and every class Virginia teaches using a Colette pattern sells out in seconds.

Carol Carrier

Washington/Baltimore area would give you a big welcome!




Thank you so much for coming to the Bay Area! It was lovely to meet you and see all of your wonderful patterns up close and personal!


I agree!


I say, come back to Copenhagen and we’ll have a great big sewing party!


Buffalo, NY!!! Our local fabric store, Elmwood Village Fabrics, just moved to a beautiful new location which would be perfect for you to visit!


I just had to comment and say that I agree about the photo thing…i was getting to a point where i wasn’t truly able to enjoy a moment or appreciate an experience unless i managed to get a good photo of it…constantly interrupting the special moments, saying to my husband “D, seriously take a photo of this…did you get a good one?…let me see…no, get that thing in the background!!”…..AND relaaax!!

…i still love having photos but now i use one or two “characteristic” ones to provoke all the memories of the moment instead.


Depending on when you come East in the spring I may have a great place for you to do an event in Southern Maine (which is actually the geographic center of New England…) I will be opening a textile and fiber arts atelier in an old Mill in Biddeford sometime this coming spring.


Philly, of course! We’re total Portland wannabes here. Full of young crafty types! Spool carries your patterns and throws a good party. Plus, we’re easy travel to NYC or DC, but a lot cheaper. :)


Yes yes, please come to Boston/Cambridge! I second one of the commenters above, Gather Here is the perfect place and sells great fabric. We’re a crafty bunch up here in New England!


Washington DC or somewhere around northern va, could take a much needed road trip!!!


Two things:

1. Is that Cake Maker to the Stars, the fabulous Kittee I see? Best most joyful vegan xgfx blog on these interwebs (and best glasses, too)!

2. When your biz allows it, ditch the camera, I say. I support not taking pictures of every. waking. moment. of your life and the contingent compulsion to post it all online. Death to the instagram!!! (I always feel a little depressed when I see people at restaurants iPhoning every food item that appears in front of them, don’t you?)

It’s improved quality of life I’m talking about — one where you can actually have direct experiences and not shield yourself from them behind a lens, youknowwhatImean? Hope you enjoyed your sweet ride along the coast.

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