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Just a quick note… yesterday, we quietly launched a new site design for colettepatterns.com!

This has been a long, long time in the works, and I’m so happy it’s finally here. Here are some of the new features we’ve added:

  • You can easily sort patterns by type (dresses, separates, etc), or filter them by skill level from a drop down menu.
  • Tutorials will soon be linked to each pattern in the shop, so you can access them easily. I’m still working on adding all these, but a few (like parfait) have some already.
  • Photos from the Colette Patterns flickr pool that are tagged with the name of the pattern now show up in a slideshow at the bottom of each pattern page in the shop, so you can see what other people have made before buying!
  • We now have accounts, so you can easily check your order status and see your history online.

So stop by the main site and check it out!

Sarai Mitnick   —   Founder

Sarai started Colette back in 2009. She believes the primary role of a business should be to help people. She loves good books, sewing with wool, her charming cats, working in her garden, and eating salsa.

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CheesePirate cheesepirate.wordpress.com

Awesome! I extra love the addition of the flickr pics — so cool to see how others have made the pattern.

junita stackofcookbooks.com

Congratulations! Knowing your background in usability, I’m sure your site is a pleasure to navigate as well as to look at.


The flickr photes are awesome!

Did you decide to take away sorbetto?

Sarai colettepatterns.com

Sorbetto is still in the same place, right here: https://blog.colettehq.com/colette-patterns-news/free-pattern-to-download-the-sorbetto-top

It went down for a short time yesterday when we switched over, but we got the free patterns back up pretty quickly. Let me know if you have trouble downloading it.

We’re planning to also add it to the shop (still free, of course) to make it easier to find.

Katherine wesewretro.com

I love it. Awesome job – you guys are doing incredible work : )

lauren lladybird.wordpress.com

i discovered the new site at randumb today while i was looking up a pattern. looooooooove it!! and now after reading about the changes, omg love x1000. the shop set-up with the flickr pictures & tutorials is GENIUS. i do have one small suggestion – can you make the pictures clickable to scroll through after enlarging them (as they had been on the old site)? right now they are set up to only show one, then you have to exit the enlargement & click on the next picture. not a deal-breaker, but i did like that feature!

anyway, congrats on the new site! it is beautiful & the navigation set-up is great – i like! :)

Sarai colettepatterns.com

Great feedback, I will file your request. :)

Kenn colettepatterns.com

Thanks for the feedback, Lauren. I’ll get that feature back in there soon.

Emilie emilie-bobbinsnest.blogspot.com

The Flickr pool with the concerned garments is a great idea! I’m going over to have a look right now!

Tonya Richard puddinsilovemylife.blogspot.com

Love the new website! Tell your hubby that I checked out his cocktail blog. I love me a good cocktail!

Seraphinalina seraphinalina.blogspot.com

How fabulous! That’s a great feature to add the flickr pool, it’s nice to see the potential of patterns from different body types etc.

mmj 120babies.ca

It’s a terrific site! So easy to navigate. And, I have to say, your branding is terrific. I love the look and feel of it, overall.

Kudos and congrats!

shelly patternsbyfiggys.com

I love it! As always.

Erin erinderr.weebly.com

I couldn’t find the drop-down menu for the different skill levels. Where is it?

Sarai colettepatterns.com

If you click on any page in the shop (“start shopping”, “dresses”, etc), it’s up at the top.


Hi I love the new site. It’s much easier to navigate than the old. Just one suggestion. I decided yesterday lunch time I was in need of some fabric shopping but not having my patterns with me I went on to the website to find out how much fabric I needed to make some Clover trousers however I coudn’t find the information. Could you add it to the pattern pages for those of us who are less than organised? Thanks you J

Sarai colettepatterns.com

You can see this information when you click the “details” tab. Sounds like this needs to be made more clear, thanks for letting me know! We’ll add another link to it from the description area as well.


Congratulations. All looks great!

Anna | Mormor hade stil mormorhadestil.se

The new site looks great! I’m however puzzled as to where to find the two free patterns now? (the bloomers and the sorbetto top)

Sarai colettepatterns.com

They’re going to be in the shop soon (for free). I don’t think anything’s changed in regard to them… we did a bad job of linking to them before too!

But don’t worry, they’re still available in the same place as before. Here’s sorbetto and here’s madeleine.

Sewing Princess bombardone.com

I love the new design. Well done. Congratulations!

Casey elegantmusings.com

The new website is stunning! I really love the category shopping and Flickr integration. Congrats on the launch!

Tasha blog.bygumbygolly.com

Love it1 I think the Flickr integration is brilliant, it is SO helpful to be able to see what others have created, right there from the product page!

wundermary wundermarysays.blogspot.com

Congrats on the new site, it looks wonderful!

Lauren wearinghistoryblog.com

Wow! Gorgeous new site! And I’m so excited about your new book, too :)

Erin erinderr.weebly.com

I have another question: where did Beignet go?

Kenn colettepatterns.com

Beignet is backordered for a short time. I realized this morning that the new site needs a better way of getting that information across but I also needed to prevent any new orders for it from coming in. It’ll be back on the site today.


I think the layout of your new site is absolutely fabulous!! The link to Flickr was a great idea!! :o) It gives shoppers an opportunity to visualise what other people have done with your designs which in turn helps to inspire them, regarding choice of fabric, colour, embellishments, etc. Well done, one of the best websites that I’ve seen to date!!

AmelieNoMori amelienomori.wordpress.com

I love the new site! It’s a really great idea to have added links to tutorials and pictures of completed projects. I checked the Flickr pool for particular patterns in the past, this will make it much easier!
The only thing I’d say on a slightly less enthousiastic tone is that on my computer it seems a little bit light colored. The image link to the blog on the home page is a very light pink, it’s not very easy to read. But maybe it’s mainly the very bright white background that gives this impression, and maybe it’s only because of my computer, which I think has a tendency to make things look lighter.
That said it’s a really great site and it’s very easy to navigate. Congratulations! :)

Sarai colettepatterns.com

I agree, I noticed that too. I’m going to make a slightly darker image for that link when I have a chance. :)

Lauren freshcollective.com

Oh my gracious, Sarai, this is ‘effing goooorgeous. And I thought the blog redesign was great, I must say, this is even better. Not only beautiful – lack of clutter, great palette, elegant design without too much fussiness – the added features of autolinking tags from the flickr gallery and eventual tutorials all in one succinct place is brilliant.

You have truly taken something that could have been “just” as very attractive as all your design and made it intensely clever as well.

Suellen Tomkins sewindigo.blogspot.com

Looks absolutely terrific. Congratulations. Love the search functions by garment type and experience level. The photos are wonderful as always.

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