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This has been a doozy of a week. With a half marathon in just a couple days, a race I’ve been training for for at least 5 months I might mention, Kenn and I have both gotten ill. I’m holding out hope that I’ll be well enough to run Sunday, even if I’m not at my best. Think good thoughts for me!

On the plus side, I was able to guzzle herbal tea from these lovely teacups I thrifted, in my favorite Franciscan pattern.

I also learned that Caitlin loves filling out forms. Who knew?

And this is what I’m working on for the palette challenge, a swingy little jacket in a gorgeous Pendleton wool. I’m afraid progress is rather slow, because sewing is not my favorite thing to do when I’m sick. Knitting is more my speed right now. Sewing just seems too high energy and requires too much thought when I’m sick. Do you feel that way?

Here are some lovely links for you to peruse from the sewing and blogging world:

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Caitlin, you’re not alone! I am crazy for forms. I have never understood it… hope you are well soon at the Coletterie.


Oooh me too! I love a good form. Handwritten is best, but fillable PDFs will do. I always loved standardized tests, filling in those bubbles was so satisfying.

I’m so happy to know there are other weirdos out there! :)

Helen’s Sewing Adventures

Oh good luck with the half marathon! Hopefully you’ll be feeling more on form come the weekend!


Oh no! I’m so sorry y’all are sick :( Hope you both get to feeling better ASAP!

I dislike sewing when I’m sick, too. When I’m sick, I just want to be a big baby & lay on the couch in a huge pile of blankets+cat, watch bad tv (the kind of stuff I’d never allow myself to consider when I’m actually feeling well haha) and mope. Sewing does take a lot of mental exercise & it can be pretty exhausting when you’re not feeling up to par.


I love filling out forms, too.

I wish you guys would make a summer jacket/blazer pattern! Please?!


Aw, I hope you get better soon! I did a half last April and my friends just did the Rock and Roll Nashville. It stinks to worry about that. At least you are supposed to be resting during taper week! Just stay positive during your race and know you CAN finish.

I’m the opposite with sewing, I find the sound of the machine soothing. If I can’t stand to be upright though, knitting or reading is all I can manage.


Best of luck in your half this weekend! I ran my first one in Paris in March, and I’m entered to run Amsterdam this fall too, so I understand the illness frustration after putting in so much training! But remember that you would’ve tapered this week anyway, so don’t get too upset, and concentrate on getting better for Sunday. You’ve done the training and distance, and your legs know what to do.

My own personal guide for half marathon pacing is “Go slow when you want to go fast (in the first 5km), and go fast when you want to go slow (in the last 5km)”!

Good luck!


I think my legs know what to do, but my brain and lungs feel awfully fuzzy!

I love your advice. In a way, I find the early part of the race takes the most willpower, because you have to fight the urge to run as fast as the people ahead of you.


Crossed fingers that you are well again on sunday! My very best wishes!!


Thanks for including my post in your links round-up!

Hope you get well soon. I agree, sewing requires too much movement when you’re not feeling well – stand, sit, iron, repeat! Knitting you can do while sitting still in a comfy chair.
Good luck with the marathon, I hope you’re feeling better by then!


Good luck with the Half. I did one about a month ago, and had last minute nerves caused by shin splints appearing out of nowhere on my final run the week before. Just rested completely until the big day, went a bit slower on the race than I would have done, and all was fine. Hope the same goes for you on Sunday! X


So good to hear from someone else who had a last minute monkey wrench thrown in! I mean, not good that you had shin splints, but I’m glad to hear that you managed to work through it.

Tracey Wirth

love the red nails and Caitlin looks so cute!!!!!


I love filling out forms, too! I know all the answers! It’s so much fun…

Pippa @ Beads and Barnacles

Ohh good luck and I hope your feeling up to it.
And yes there are many times when Im not feeling well or feeling a bit meh about stuff that I wouldnt want to sew. Takes too much concentration and when I dont have that I would likely sew through two layers or something silly like that!

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