Welcome to the Spring Palette Challenge


{photo of the lovely Carlie in Eclair by the talented Lisa Warninger}

Welcome to the Spring Palette Challenge, a 10 week challenge for creating a mini seasonal wardrobe based around your favorite color palette for Sring 2011!

The idea is very simple. You choose an inspiring palette for Spring, then you sew a tiny wardrobe based on that palette. You choose the color palette, the number of colors, and the pieces you sew. The palette can be based around fabrics you already have (so you can use what you have), or you can do something new. The challenge will be 10 weeks long (now through the end of March). Here’s how we’ll structure it:

  • Week One: Define your challenge. Gather inspiration, make inspiration boards, review fabric choices, pick your palette, and decide how many garments you’d like to sew from the palette.
  • Week Two: Plan your projects. Choose your patterns, sketch out your ideas, and make a plan.
  • Weeks Three through Ten: Sew! Make your mini Spring wardrobe, and share your progress with everyone else.

Doesn’t that sound like fun?

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Sarai started Colette back in 2009. She believes the primary role of a business should be to help people. She loves good books, sewing with wool, her charming cats, working in her garden, and eating salsa.

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Kristin seemommysew.wordpress.com

This sounds like a lot of fun! I’m still sewing winter clothes, but I think I might have to join anyway.

Kirsten tiredmirrors.blogspot.com

I LOVE this idea, and it will be a great motivation to get some spring sewing done in time to wear. I’m definitely doing it!

Emily Flippin Maruna emilyflippinmaruna.wordpress.com

This sounds like so much fun! I’ve really been wanting to sew a few things for myself, some of your patterns included, and this will be a great way for me to commit to doing it. Thanks! I’ll make sure to grab a button too!


I love this idea! The idea of using the palette for several projects is brilliant. I have a couple ideas I’ve been wanting to start on; perfect excuse!

Michelle leavingthecocoon.blogspot.com

Awesome! I’m def in. :)

anja louise clevernettle.com

This is a great project Sarai! Forums are a really cool addition too.

Dalígula daligula.blogspot.com

Perfect! I was looking for a challenge. I’m in!

Erica ericamulherin.com

What a wonderful idea!! I have been wanting to start sewing my own clothes but felt overwhelmed…needed some structure.!

Marina frabjous-fashion.blogspot.com

I would love to join – very good timing for starting on spreng wardrobe

ohsweetie d-funk.blogspot.com

YAY! i can’t wait for my palette and i’ll be using those colours… i already have ideas! wooooo.

Ali wardrobereimagined.blogspot.com

Inspiring! I don’t know if I’ll join in (not much time and I’ve put myself on a fabric buying hiatus) but I’ll certainly be following along. :)


Yay! I look forward to this challenge and I love the idea of the forum. I get a lot of inspiration online since no one around me sews. I’m going to try and be creative by using what I have in my stash. Great idea, Sarai!

Karen seamripper.squarespace.com

I’m excited! It’s hard to think about Spring when you are surrounded by snow and ice, but it’s like a light at the end of the tunnel. A chance to make my Beignet. I’m in.

Bea W horrormaedchen.blogspot.com

I’m up for that. Sounds fun and I definately need some more Spring pieces that will also carry over into Summer. Yay!!

Tilly tillyandthebuttons.blogspot.com

Mmm… pretty colours… I have trouble finding fabrics in my dream colours, but I might create a palette using colours of fabrics I already own. The forum is a great idea – looking forward to joining!

Kerry kestrelfindsandmakes.blogspot.com

What a lovely idea. I will have to start thinking about colours as I’m not really into some of the pastel spring colours but I’m up for some florals so I’m sure I could make it work!

Carlotta carlottastermaria.wordpress.com

I had begun gathering ideas and palette for spring and considering a massive invasion of pink for the first time, so this is not far from sheer serendipity! althought it is a bit short for a slow-paced seamstress like me, so maybe I’ll keep things to a minimum…
But I’m definitely in!

Ashley refurl.blogspot.com

Sounds like fun, I’m in! Spring doesn’t seem so far away now. :)

Rebecca Doster thebestdressintheroom.blogspot.com

What a great (and extremely motivating) idea!! Thank you! I am definitely in! I have started a blog about style and sewing but have not published it yet. This will be a great thing to start with and will light a fire under me to start publishing! Sometimes you just need a good kick in the pants! Like Amanda (see comment above), no one around me sews and I turn to online sewers for inspiration, motivation and tips. Thanks for all the work you put into what you do!

Mia snugglyporcupine.blogspot.com

I adore this idea. Unfortunately, I’m getting dangerously close to taking on too much, so I’ll only watching this challenge. I’m also quite excited about the forum!

The Straight Grain thestraightgrain.blogspot.com

What a great idea! I’m going to have to look through my fabrics (and maybe I’ll finally get around to sewing the Macaron dress pattern!)

Catherine loveandfolly.blogspot.com

This is a fantastic idea. I’m going to apply it to the next decade I’m sewing, and keep playing with it for the entire monolithic project! ;) The forums are a great idea too – thank you!

I was wondering, how do we get those lovely square swatches of colour? I’d love to just photograph my fabric but the colours almost never turn out accurately, and I’d love my palette to be tidy like yours.

Sarah rhinestonesandtelephones.com

Great idea! I’m in!

Daisy daisyinaction.com

Oh how fun! I have already started brainstorming and I think I have my palette picked. It is quite a bit darker than those you have sampled, but I think that is what will make this so fun, seeing everyone’s different color palettes!

Donna snowrouteranch.blogspot.com

I’m in! Already thinking about it. Unfortunately, I can’t get my blog to accept the URL for any of the buttons. But, I am still in!

Spring Palette Challenge 2011 | Sadie Fox

[…] amazing Sarai of Colette Patterns is hosting a great sewing challenge. It is the Spring Palette Challenge of 2011. I am going to participate! How could I not participate. I am looking forward to thinking about […]

sadie fox sadiefox.com

I am in! I think I have my palette picked out. My grand finale will be a vintage Vogue prom dress I am already committed to make for one of my favorite teens. Fun Fun Fun!!!

Beth snoodle.typepad.com

I think this might be just what I need to start sewing for ME! I’m an absolute newbie at sewing my own clothes – which will require lots of specialized fitting- but I have a dress form and I’m ready. This is just the challenge that I need to get me going. I’d appreciate any guidance along the way. Thanks for all of the inspiration and sewing instruction that you’ve already shared. Happy sewing everyone!

maelis laguepiere.blogspot.com

I’m so eager to join!
I even already made my own palette!
Now I’m waiting for the forum and project to start!



I do not have a blog (maybe sometime in the near future!) but I want to join in the fun! You will see me ” at the forum” ! My hubby in Japan for a week starting today, and I am taking a staycation from work, so this will be a great week to get started!! Funtimes!

Joke teamydear.wordpress.com

What a cool idea!
I think I might join in on imagining my wardrobe and maybe looking for fabrics, unfortunately I won’t have a machine until the summer…

Lynne Williams sewingcafewithlynne.blogspot.com

I am certainly interested in thinking about Spring. I will follow along and have added the button to my blog, but know I will not make the 10 week deadline due to work deadlines. Our spring though does not begin until June….so this will give me some always welcome structure.

Thanks for the challenge

angie.a jemimabean.blogspot.com

OH, I’m such a good planner! haha. ;) I love challenges like this, and spring is my favorite season to sew for! Great project, I’ll join.

Spring Challenge « Good Gnanners

[…] seriously going to try to participate in Colette Patterns Spring Palette Challenge – love the idea and how it’s organized.  But I am trying to use fabric already in my […]

laura tagtraeumerin.de

i’m in. (:

FITZ fitzfabulous.wordpress.com

yup. finally found a sew along that works for me. huzzah!

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[…] jupe d’hiver (doublée, s’il vous plaît) et j’ai décidé de rejoindre le Spring palette challenge de Sarai, qui correspond assez bien à mes envies de garde-robe cohérente. La première étape, pour cette […]

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[…] White cutwork and texture ideas for Colette Patterns Spring Palette Challenge. […]

Amber dragonfly-lifestyle.blogspot.com

I love this idea and as I have my sewing head on at the moment the timing is perfect. Off to pick my colour and sort out some ideas as we speak. Have a wonderful week. ax

So, what´s next? « delfinelise

[…] This is another challenge I´m up for, with more loose planning, and manageable deadlines, it also fits quite well in with my previously documented love of sewing in one distinct palette of color! A hint for my palette theme: Morocco. […]

Sølvi solvi.se

A little late to the game, but I´m definitely in! :-)

Sewalongs galore! « KristenMakes

[…] Patterns themselves are hosting a Spring Palette Challenge, which is in their words, ’10 week challenge for creating a mini seasonal wardrobe based […]

Madame Parfait theparfaitcafe.com

I’m really looking forward to this, sounds like fun!

Spring Inspirations… « Roulette Vintage

[…] challenges in the blog world, but there is one that has me hooked. Colette Patterns is having a Spring Palette Challenge. I have been so excited about this challenge and have been looking at some amazing spring pieces […]


I love this idea.. I’m ready to sew for the Spring.. Count me in……

Spring Fabrics…. « Roulette Vintage

[…] help but start daydreaming about spring clothing. While looking for some fabric choices for the Spring Palette Challenge I found some sweet fabrics I wanted to share. I spent hours on Purl Soho’s site just dreaming […]

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[…] final straw was when I found this challenge at the Colette Patterns blog: The Spring Palette Challenge.  […]

Atomic Mum atomicmum.blogspot.com

I just followed this from an other page and love the idea, however I’m heading into winter downunder so I will look on.

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[…] The Colette Spring Palette Challenge 2011 and the Sewing Through the Decades challenge also helps me stay in focus, and helps me to be creative within borders. Just the way I like it. […]

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[…] Here it is!  My first sewn item for the Colette Spring Palette Challenge 2011!  […]

Tasha blog.bygumbygolly.com

I didn’t sign up for this as I’m not yet in the place in my sewing where I can really commit to something like this, I still need a little more confidence. I hope to be there by the end of Spring. So this is just a little plea for a Summer palette challenge. ;)

Sarai colettepatterns.com

We’ll see! I was thinking about at least doing one for the Fall, just to give people a little breathing room between seasons!

Tasha blog.bygumbygolly.com

Ha, true, I didn’t think about people needing a breather. :D Fall or winter would be lovely too. At any rate, it’s certainly giving me some great ideas to mull over this year, thanks for the inspiration!

Samantha theunconventionalhousewife.blogspot.com

I love this idea. Unfortunately, spring is rarely a good time for me to take on something like this as I’m always knee deep in Easter dresses and hats. Every year I find something new I “need” to add to our ensembles.

But I have the fabric stash, patterns, etc for a summer one. Honestly, I probably have the same for a fall challenge as well. And the mini could use some too.

Decisions, decisions.

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Vorige week | Plutomeisje

[…] van de week werd gevuld met wat spelen met waterverf, een moodboard maken voor mijn persoonlijke Spring Palette Challenge (hoewel het eerder een Style Palette Challenge mag genoemd worden, ik focus namelijk niet per se op […]

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Well i love the nice colours. Makes me happy such colours !

2012 wrap up – I’ve learned my lesson | a stitch too few

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