What are your sewing resolutions?


Do you make resolutions for the new year?

I know some people say that it’s silly and arbitrary, but personally I think it’s nice to have a little reminder to come up with some new goals and to reflect on where you are and what you’ve done.

Sewing-wise, this has been an odd year for me. I’ve had a few personal projects here and there, but all in all, I haven’t really done much sewing for pure fun. A big reason is purely practical: I moved my sewing equipment into my lovely studio, which is a mile away from my home. So sewing just for fun means spending even less time at home, which is tough. But this year, I’m planning to get over that hurdle by sewing a little at a time during the week. I’d like to sew 1 or 2 garments a month just for fun.

I’m also planning to make my first quilt! I’m extremely excited about that, and already have the fabric and an easy pattern.

I’d like to do more wardrobe planning before I sew. I’m even thinking about a fun project: pick a palette for the season and sew from that palette. Would any of you be interested in joining me in something like that?

What are your resolutions when it comes to sewing? Anything you want to learn or try out? Any skills you’d like to strengthen or things you want to improve? Or big projects to take on?

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Eva Vercauteren

I should put that as my resolution too, making my first quilt. I’ve been following some quiltblogs for a while and it’s making me excited and scared at the same time. I do hope to get at making one soon.

I also would like to start making clothes, like a simple dress or a pretty vest.

New resolutions are fun and motivating, but I have the bad habit of finding too many things to do.


I’m really interested in quilts because I can finally use some of the millions of cute quilting cottons out there!

I think the trick with resolutions is to be reasonable about what you can do, and then make a concrete plan of attack, with some built in accountability. For me, I have to make something a habit or it won’t stick.


I made my first quilt last year for a friend’s baby. But this year I plan on making a large one for myself for my bed and I plan on doing the quilting by hand. I love handwork so I’m hoping to take my time with it and improve my skills.

Other than that, just to sew more and more efficiently.


I’m starting with a baby quilt too. Which makes it even easier to pick out ultra-cutesy fabrics that I wouldn’t have occasion to use otherwise!


I am going to (hand) sew something for myself this year. a vest or pyjamas probably. I sew so much for other people, and now it’s time for a project for me.


It’s not exactly sewing, but I want to do more embroidery. In particular, I’m interested in how embroidery and other techniques can be used to make a handsewn garment even MORE unique and personal. I suppose I could say that I want to play with embellishing my own sewing projects more this year.


I think that’s totally a sewing goal! I’d love to do more of that too.


I have a list of over 30 things to wear and the same for quilt tops. Yes, my stash is pathetic. Yes, I keep the scraps because I make kids clothes for gifts or for sale at craft shows, but that bin is full too. My first project for the year? Finishing my first Sencha top. Only the hem to go!!!


My resolution was just to start sewing & designing again. I finally got my sewing room put together but all I’ve done so far is go in, sit & enjoy the space. I’m going to drag out all those cutter daydresses I’ve been collecting, make a pattern for the cutest one & sew a few. Just starting up again will make this year a great one.


I’d like to improve my patternmaking skills and learn how to bone a bodice.


Actually I have some pretty ambitious plans this year that are definitely gong to need some serious wardrobe planning, so I’d be down with that idea for sure!


Cool, sounds like people are interested! I’ll think on it more and come up with something to do together.


I’ve been wondering if a site like pinterest might work for digitally selecting a palette/wardrobe planning?


I think it would work beautifully. I have some ideas for planning this and sharing, and I’ll be posting them soon.


working my way through the gigantic pile of fabric and patterns on my desk! yesterday, i mended a shirt, reshaped a pair of freecycled jeans, and sewed up the wikstenmade tulip skirt. now i just have to keep it up!


I’d like to learn to draft patterns in 2011, sew some of my newly acquired vintage patterns, and sew a few of the Collette Patterns my mom bought me for Christmas.

I’m a big fan of wardrobe planning before I sew (I’ve actually created a few posts on the subject on my blog). I plan colors for the season and from that palette I plan colors for each project. I love planning almost as much as the actual project! It keeps you from using the same colors over and over or making something you never wear.

I’d love to continue doing this with a group and take inspiration from others. :)


I’d love to finish my Lady Grey while it’s still cool enough to wear it! :)


1) Work with trickier fabrics and more challenging patterns (your Ceylon dress pattern, for example!).

2) Learning about good fit through reading AND sewing. These past few months I haven’t completed any garments because I convinced myself I needed to do my research first. I just need to jump right in and accept the fact that my first few projects or so might not be the perfect fit, but it’s all part of the learning process. (I have been sewing non-garment projects, at least!)

The palette idea sounds great! It’s always fun to sew with others.


I want to concentrate on filling holes in my wardrobe (pants and jackets) rather than what strikes me at the moment (usually tops/blouses or dresses).

From Colette, I’m planning to make the Lady Grey coat and Ceylon dress for myself, and the Negroni shirt for my husband.


Picking a colour palette is a great idea. I’ve only recently admitted to myself that some colours suit me more than others, and that I should try to wear every colour under the sun!

My re-sew-lutions are to:

1. Ease off on the deadlines, to enjoy the process more
2. To make more clothes I’ll wear every day, not just fancy dresses
3. Learn embroidery
4. Learn to sew with different types of fabrics
5. Sew trousers
6. Take my new serger out of its box!
7. Learn the basics of pattern cutting



“re-sew-lutions”. Awesome.


My sewing resolution is to learn to use my new serger. Luckily, my mom worked in a glove factory when she was in her late teens/early 20s and her job was to serge the wrists onto the gloves, so I can pester her if I can’t make sense of the manual and/or instructional dvd.


I have a huge list of projects I can’t wait to try. My problem is that I keep changing my mind about which one to do next. I have no plan, no order — just . . . enthusiasm.


I think this is a problem for many of us! As much as I try to plan, enthusiasm often gets the better of me too.


I find resolutions inspiring. Last year I developed a very nice plan to try to fit more sewing into my life. After being a life-long garment sewer, I have enjoyed lots of quilting over the last 10 years or so and limited garment sewing. Slowly this year I have reversed that process. Remember ladies, the whole quilting experience can be very addictive. Very fun and rewarding however. My goal is to make one garment and one utility piece per months. By utility piece I mean aprons, PJ’s, home dec items. It is always difficult to find the time but I keep trying. Thanks to my little resolution I did make progress. I think a wardrobe plan is great, count me in. BTW, looking for the right fabric for my first Sencha as we speak.


Mine is to sew matching outfits for my family for family pictures. Silly but whatever I’m doing it till my daughter gets old enough to refuse.


I am resolved not to start a new sewing project until I finish my repair projects. I cannot justify making something new if I cannot bring myself to tack on a few buttons and change a zipper. My reward is belatedly jumping into Gertie’s Sew along for the Crepe and making two for summer!


I admire the practical thinking of your resolution. I have a big pile of mending too. I hate to even think about it. :)


My resolutions:

– Try to restyle, before buying new
– Do NOT buy new, only because theres a cheap price on the tag, buy better clothes, even if it means I have to save money for them.
And if buying something – adjusting to my wardrobe.

Sewing related:
It’s difficult to decide. Should I make plans? and be frustrated, when they don’t turn out like I wanted? And always be under pressure?
Or should I keep it like until now: Sewing when it’s fun to me, but then I’m too lazy to get my ass sewing quite too often, which results in less garments I want to sew, and more frustrated buys.
anyways. I’ve came up with this, for 2011
– sew only one-thing-at-the-time, do not start with multiple things and have them lay around and frustrate you for the next weeks.
– sew whats fun to you, not what’s OMGSOFRICKINawesomeIhavetodothis…and never finish it, because it takes too long. If I don’t have the time, I don’t even start UNLESS it’s planned anyway.
– If I decided to sew something I start RIGHT AWAY, or let’s say asap. If i can’t motivate myself within maybe 2 weeks, i toss it out of my mind.
– Sew one Dirndl this year. (Know the german Oktoberfest? Yeah, something like that, but more elegant, more to come on my blog.)
– Sew gear for my Dog, like a Harness.
– Making a quilt is as well part of my plans, this year.
– And maybe sew 3 garments each season. Still thinking about that.

And I LOVE your idea with the color palette!

Something in the way she sews

My main sewing resolution was to start a blog, which I have already done. I then set myself ten more resolutions which included getting ready for self-stitched September and sewing more for others, the rest can be found on my blog.
I believe that setting resolutions is a good idea as long as you don’t beat yourself up about the ones you don’t manage.


I’ve been wanting to plan my own personal “line” of clothing – just for myself. I’m thinking for fall, since it’s already a little late for spring. I love the “work from a palette” idea – that’s probably pretty close to what I mean by a personal line of clothing, I guess, huh? :o) I’d be game to participate in a challenge! It would be great to have the extra motivation.

My only needle arts-type resolution I’ve said out loud is to “Knit the daily stitch from my knitting calendar” that my mother-in-law gave me for Christmas. So far, I’m on it, but – y’know – it’s only been 6 days. Then after the year is up, I’ll stitch them all together (at least all the pretty ones) and see what kind of quilt comes out of that. With 300ish (there is only one per weekend) 4×4 pieces, it could be a little excessive. We’ll see…


I actually made my new years re-sew-lution (love it) To make a dress each month of the year (i’m usually very very lazy and just put it off till never)! I’m actually really excited to start working on it! It’s cool to know you’re thinking along the same lines (if I read correctly)


I love the idea of a colour palette. I finished the year thinking about what goals I had planned for sewing for the coming year- better wardrobe planning, sewing with plain fabrics (patterns get me every time) and then found out I was pregnant. My resolutions have now changed to accommodate a more stylish maternity wardrobe than last pregnancy when my sewing machine didn’t come out of the cupboard. I can make a colour palette work with this I think!


Well congrats, Jane! Combining the color palette and maternity idea would be a fun challenge, I would think.


My sewing goal this year is to learn and master all the basics of sewing. So far all I have made is quite a few aprons and I have decided that it’s time to venture a little deeper into the sewing world by making some garments. Right now I am working on my first pencil skirt pattern. (I also started a blog to document my progress.)


I resolve to open the serger I received for Christmas two years ago!!! I have been so busy with reno’s I haven’t even taken it out the box.
I miss my sewing room it’s now the box room.
Happy New Year Sarai!


To make my way through my pile of already cut out patterns, sewing 3 new pieces a month. To make wedding quilts for my friends who got married last year (yes, I know a lot late!). To learn to take my time when sewing and making muslin patterns before sewing delicate fabrics. To keep my sewing supplies more organized. And if that wasn’t enough, to teach a group of students I work with to sew. That should be enough for me this year. :)


I finished my second quilt ever last year. Took me just 3 year to the finish but here it is. Problem was I initially planned it with a pattern I didn’t like after all so…. I took all the little snippets apart was lucky to still get some fabric and reassemble the whole thing. And then it sat on the shelf for 9! month because I couldn’t get myself to do the binding.
As for new years resolutions: get sewing again. And not only for the kids but also for myself for a change(which is going to be the difficult point). But I got myself a dress form for Christmas so I got hope. I’m not daring enough anymore to have my hubby help with all the fitting I need to do. He would have made a fine accupuncturist.


i want to make 3 quilts this spring and finally sew a garmet that i’ll actually wear!


I have lost weight and have 10 more pounds to lose. As a result some of my favorite clothing no longer fits. I would like to reconstruct some of my most comfy winter tops so they fit my new size. I also have several quilting projects in unfinished condition that I would like to finish.
I love your idea of selecting a palate and sewing garments with that in mind.

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