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So many of you inquired about where to get Dahlia if you aren’t in the US and don’t want to deal with international shipping. I thought I’d post a rundown of retailers who may have it first in your area.

This isn’t an exhaustive list since there are many more who are still in the process of ordering. But these are the shops that ordered as soon as it was available, and will be first to get it. They’re awesome, please support them!


SewSquirrel (online)
Stitch 56 (online)
The Drapery (online)


Effiloché (Montreal)
Gala Fabrics (Victoria, Vancouver)
Patch Halifax (Halifax)
The Workroom (Toronto, online)
Spool of Thread (Vancouver)


Santa Lucia Patterns (Berlin, online)
Zugeknoepft (online)


Remember that you can buy a printed pattern locally and download instructions in French at our site.

Fifi Jolipois (Toulouse, online)
Lil Weasel (Paris, online)
Mistinguette & Co (online)
Un Chat Sur Un Fil (online)

Great Britain

Dragonfly fabrics (online)
Fabric Godmother (online)
Flo Jo Boutique (online)
Fondant Fabrics (online)
Guthrie & Ghani (Birmingham, online)
Sewbox (online)
Trixie Lixie (online)


Bitu (online)

You can also check our stockists page for other shops in your area that are likely to carry it soon. If they don’t have it, be sure to ask. It doesn’t hurt.

Sarai Mitnick   —   Founder

Sarai started Colette back in 2009. She believes the primary role of a business should be to help people. She loves good books, sewing with wool, her charming cats, working in her garden, and eating salsa.

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Gail Nelson

Is the Dahlia pattern suitable for figures with a very small bust, but not a petite build?
I am tall and usually sew a Size 40 or 14, but have an almost non-existence bust. Will this pattern work? It is very pretty but looks comfortable too.


Definitely make a muslin, and you will probably want to do an SBA. Devon will cover that in the sewalong. :)


My shop in Belgium isn’t on the list above, but I’ve asked the question. I hope it will get here soon. I already made a Rooibos and a Hawthorn. They fitted really good and are a pleasure to wear. So comfortable.


I just decided to go ahead and order it from the USA. I love the pattern and can’t wait for it to arrive. I even have the material in my stash.


In Dublin, Ireland a shop called the Cloth Shop usually stock your patterns.

miss agnes

Yeah, I see you have one of my local LYS in your retailers list, Effiloche in Montreal. So happy to know I can find your patterns there. i finally bought my first sewing machine and I am ready to start learning.


Australia: We’ve already ordered too, sad to see we’re not on this list!


I added you in, Jane! It’s likely your order came through after we pulled the list. :)


Thanks for adding us Sarai :) Quite a few customers keenly awaiting this lovely new design!


I just couldn’t wait and I am eagerly awaiting my parcel from America here in the UK. I love the pattern and have a beautiful moss green wool blend that I think will work perfectly :-D


Am really looking to the sewalong and will start working on a muslin this weekend. Wool suiting is a great choice for Vermont winters — just wondering if it should be lined so that it’s not itchy. Is it possible to line the dress?

Joanna McCartney

Wonderful pattern!! I love the plaid fabric, it feels like fall! I’ve just purchased some raw silk tweed suiting to attempt some winter dress making, and would love to know if you’ve worked with a looser weave like suiting fabric for dress making, and how you deal with fraying edges??


This is a lovely pattern! I’m pregnant, how easy would this be to modify for maternity?


Is there a LBA with the pattern? It is a beautiful dress the location of the waste bandis holding me back.

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