• Colette ♥ Cotton+Steel: Double Cotton Gauze

    We are excited to be partnering with our BFF, Cotton+Steel for a fun and informative Substrate Series. Devon, who you might recognize from our Sewalongs, will be teaching you all about how these fabrics are made and what’s so great about them over at the Cotton+Steel Blog. On the Colette side of things, we will …

  • Colette ♥ Cotton+Steel

    Just how much do we love Cotton+Steel fabrics? SO MUCH! For the next two weeks, we’re collaborating with the team over at Cotton+Steel to teach you about their fabric and inspire you to stitch up your new favorite outfit. Here are the details Over the course of the next 2 weeks, we’ll feature 4 different …

  • Seamwork 20: Everybody Sews

    The July issue of Seamwork is up and ready for you to read! After all the positive response to last year’s Menswear Issue, we’re returning to menswear this July with two new patterns that can be sewn up by anybody and for everybody! This issue tackles some powerful ideas about sewing. Read about the barriers …

  • Sewing Chatter: What’s your trick for sewing challenging fabrics?

    I faced my first fabric challenge sewing a waffle cloth robe for my mom. I used her trusty old Bernina, and the many layers of thick knit fabric fought me like a wild beast. I stuffed it under the presser foot, plugging my ears to avoid the crunching noise the needle made. Only after arming …

  • Sewing with Eyelet Fabric

    Eyelet is a classic summer fabric that is breezy, romantic, and delicate. Its name comes from the small patterned cut-outs that are typically finished with embroidered stitches throughout the body of the fabric. Eyelet is a broad term and describes the design of the fabric rather than its fiber content or weave. Traditionally, eyelet is …

  • Save 15% on Summer Sundresses!

    Summer sundresses are perfect for easy one-piece dressing when the weather gets warm. Dresses are a breeze to accessorize with a hat, a fun necklace, or some statement boots. You can go from casual to dressy without an entire outfit change. Just throw on a pair of shoes—or hey, go barefoot—and you’re all set. We’ve …

  • Book Club Reminder

    In just one week, we’ll discuss The Lady and the Unicorn

  • S***suit Inspiration

    Swimsuit. That word has always been a dirty word to me. That is, until this past year where I’ve learned quite a bit about sewing and realized I could make my own swimming suit (mind blown). I’ve always had a very short list of must haves in mind when buying a swimsuit as an adult. …

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