• Patterned Bias Tape

    Bias binding is neat stuff. You can use it to finish sleeves and necklines, make easy waistbands, use it instead of a narrow facing, or in place of a hem. It can add a real dash of color and/or pattern to solid colored garments. If you want a really beautiful finish for the inside of …

  • Vintage Details: Daisy applique

    I am lucky enough to own this very pretty vintage Nelly Don dress (the pictures are from the seller). I really love the way the embroidered vine snakes down the side of the dress, and the pretty little daisy appliques stick out a bit. It would be a really lovely way to embellish a simple …

  • Fabric Finds: Swing novelty print rayon!

    This novelty print rayon is pretty amazing. The seller says it’s from the 80s, but I think it’s not a bad repro, and it’s rayon too! I think it would make the most adorable 1940s style silky blouse.

  • Saying Hello with Buttons

    Look at this counter sign. It is made from individually glued buttons! The maker is Jo, who has a fabulously obsessive blog called Button Candy. She’s my new hero, I think.

  • A Parfait variation

    This is my new playsuit/overalls! I’ve been wanting a cute vintage style denim playsuit for so long. I’m generally a dress/skirt girl, but there are certain things that are just not as easy in a dress. Riding my bike is one of them. At some point, I realized that the Parfait pattern would look awesome …

  • Singer Manual Silhouettes

    I am loving these illustrations from old Singer sewing manuals, again from the lovely rhiannonmars. I especially like the last one: Success. That’s always my favorite part. ;) I’d like to imagine that I always look this poised when sewing. In reality, I’m usually wearing pajamas, have a mouthful of pins (I know, awful), and …

  • Stockists: Home Ec and Bolt Fabric!

    Some exciting announcements about new stockists of Colette Patterns! There are actually several new stockists and I’ll soon be adding a section on the site to keep you updated on stores in your area. But I wanted to share a couple shops that I actually know and love that are no carrying the pattern line! …

  • Haberdashery: Vintage Needle Books

    I love old needle books, and there are some great ones available on etsy right now. Doesn’t this sewing club look sinister somehow? They seem to me to be scheming. The insides are often just as pretty. I think these would look great just framed in a sewing room, the graphics are so pretty and …

  • Fabric Finds: Gorgeous summer prints on silk!

    I actually gasped when I saw this amazing print over at Thai Silks. First of all, the colors! Red and pale aqua is one of my absolute favorite color combinations, and these shades are just perfectly vibrant. And those adorable ladies in their bathing caps! The whole thing is so graphic and simple, it actually …

  • Beignet: Casey’s Creation

    Darling Casey was one of the (30 or so!) awesome volunteers who tested out our patterns before they went to print, and she chose the Beignet (though at the time, it had the rather dry name “pattern 1005”). Well, Casey has just posted her review of the pattern on her blog, go check it out! …

  • Adorable Belts

    Check out these ideas for making belts, from Good Needlework, 1935, courtesy of rhiannonmars. The first belt is made with dog collars (!), the second is knitted, the third with upholstery braid, and the fourth with silver cord. For the full instructions, view the image on flickr and click “all sizes.”

  • Textiles on sale at Henry Road!

    Continuing the theme of beautiful textiles from small design studios, Henry Road is having a wonderful sale with 40% off all their goods, including fabric yardage! Just enter SALE at checkout. The sale goes until May 10th. I first came across Henry Road in Selvedge magazine, and was really taken by designer Paula Smail’s bold, …

  • Fabric Finds: Ink & Spindle

    There are times when I am writing for my blog that I feel a bit too.. effusive. I mean, how many times can I say, “I love this!” or “Isn’t this artist/creator/thing amazing?” But what can you do when there is just SO much amazing talent out there and accessible online (Ok, there I go …

  • Colette Patterns is open for business!

    Friends, I am thrilled to announce that the Spring collection of sewing patterns is now available for purchase! I think you will all really love what we’ve done. Each sewing pattern is packaged up in a pretty little booklet with a linen-textured cover, a singer-stitched binding, and handy pocket for your pattern. They also have …

  • Polka dot bow tie!

    I’m always trying to come up with little projects that use up the little leftover fabric scraps. I love this bow tie from alltherage on Flickr. What a fun and beautiful and easy project this would be. It looks so amazing with her little white blouse.

  • Fabric Finds: Giant blue floral!

    Ooh la la, I am loving this heavy blue floral cotton on ebay! Doesn’t it look so much like the floral print used in this gorgeous Trashy Diva dress? I might like it even more, in fact. The best part is that a 5+ yard piece is available for $10 plus shipping! It’s a narrow …

  • Kitschen Pink’s organized craft room

    Having just moved, I am all about super high levels of organization. I am feeling so inspired by Kitschen Pink’s neatly organized fabric and sundries. Go check it out, I am especially loving the neatly piled stack of liberty-like prints. Mmm.

  • Haberdashery: Rainbows

    This rainbow of seam binding makes me happy. Since I’m in the process of organizing a new sewing space, this is really inspiring me to get things organized by color. Sort of like this:

  • Fabric Finds: Candy Store

    {Ye Olde Candy Shoppe fabric from Trumperies, $16 per yard} I love this mod candy fabric. It reminds me of Willy Wonka.

  • Sewing Tattoos on Flickr!

    { photo from ninjamomm on flickr } Oh my gosh. I just came across this flickr pool for people with sewing tattoos. There are some AMAZING tattoos here. Check it out!

  • Vintage Trim Gift Tags from doe-c-doe

    This is a cute idea. Doe-d-doe is offering free downloadable gift tags that she made from scanned vintage trim. Perfect for us vintage notions fetishists.

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