• Seamwork 16: The Celebration Issue

    The March issue of Seamwork is up and ready for you to read! In this issue: Growing a Strong Wardrobe: Like building a garden, creating your own wardrobe is a process of discovery. A Field Guide to the Common Sewer: Understanding the curious nature of the common sewist, by Jenny Rushmore. Finding Inspiration from Vintage …

  • Earn Free Seamwork Patterns

    Don’t you love to sew with friends? Now, when you share Seamwork with your friends, you give them 1/2 off their first month, and you get your next month free! Share your unique referral link, and we will credit you one month of Seamwork for each new friend that subscribes using your link. It’s our …

  • Let’s Talk about Fast Fashion

    The next book in the Colette Book Club is Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion by Elizabeth L. Cline. For the last 15 years, Americans have enjoyed an almost unabated and unprecedented free fall in the average price of clothing. We pay less for clothes, when measured as a share of our income, …

  • Sewing Chatter: Do you ever sew for glamour?

    I’ll wear a nightie a few times a year, usually only when summer is at its hottest. And by nightie, I mean something vaguely breezy with spaghetti straps. Otherwise, you’ll find me in sweats and an old concert tee. For some reason, I’ve shied away from the traditional idea of glamour in my wardrobe, because …

  • February Inspiration

    This month Anna gathered vintage imagery to inspire her spring sewing.

  • Seamwork 15: The Intimate Issue

    The February issue of Seamwork is up and ready for you to read! In this issue: Hidden Glamour: Making beautiful loungewear is all about dressing up for yourself. Print Mixing with Kimono Prints: How to set off a statement print with flair, by Sabrina Lee. Scraptastic Lingerie: Make the most of your scraps, by Jessica …

  • Now Hiring: Front End Developer

    You may have seen this if you took a look at our careers page recently, but we are also currently looking for a Front End Developer to work with. This is a contract position, and we are looking for someone to work with long term. We’re starting by making mobile enhancements to our blog (this …

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