Featured Seamstress: Vicky


Name: Vicky

Skill Level: Beginner

Pattern: Iris

What kind of fabric did you use? I used some cotton Chambray that I had left over from making a simple skirt. I really like the colour and soft feel of the cotton.

How did you decide to reflect your personal style in the pattern? I love blue! And what you can’t see is that inside I taped some of the seams in red bias tape – my secret!

What thoughts do you have about the project? The shorts were so quick and easy to make – as the pattern was easy to follow – that I have already got some jade cotton poplin ready for the next pair and I think I’m going to try piping for the first time around the waist band.

Thanks, Vicky!

Caitlin Clark   —  

Caitlin is the Colette Patterns design assistant. You can follow Caitlin at her blog, the story girl.

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Looks good and comfortable.

lee lee

Looks adorable. Now, I need a pattern for capri pants! Pretty please!!!!!!
( I had knee surgery and my knees are not very pretty,but they work.)


You’re in luck! Our Clover pattern can easily be made in capri length.

Nothy Lane

Oh what a fabulous pair of shorts you’ve made. And I’m excited to hear that they can be easily altered to a capri length. Now I will have to buy another pattern – oh yeah!


Hi Nothy Lane, actually it’s our pants pattern, Clover, that can be made at capri length, not our shorts pattern, Iris. :)


Really Nice !! Looks Great and it seems to fit wonderfully ;)!! Thanks for sharing!!

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