7 Days of Sorbetto


Have you guys seen what Mena at The Sew Weekly is doing this week? She’s doing a little feature called “7 days of Sorbetto” in which she makes a new Sorbetto every day for the week. She’s even drafted her own sleeve pattern for download! The version above is called The Summer Sorbetto.

Mena is perhaps my favorite sewing blogger at the moment, so I am thrilled that she decided to do this!

The Starter Sorbetto

The “Seniors Rule” outfit

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The Sorbetto is one of my all-time favourite patterns! I’ve used it as the building block for most of my summer sewing. Thanks for designing such a great pattern and for making it available for free! :)


You’re welcome, Sarah! I’m so glad everyone seems to like it so much.


I love the vintage look of the gingham check! Really a versatile pattern.


Me too. I am a huge fan of gingham.


Thanks so much for sharing! Love it with and without the sleeves!


Yeah, I love how the sleeves give it a pretty different look.

Gail Ann Thompson

I just finished my first Sorbetto. I also drafted a little sleeve. I’m happy to report, even though I intended it to be my mock-up, it turned out nicely enough for daily wear.

Susan Harker

Love your creations!! Is the Sorbetto pattern still available?

Susan Harker

I just found the free pattern and downloaded it- Thank you so much – can’t wait to get started on it!

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