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Oh wow!!! That’s the sort of print I’ve been looking for! Brilliant!


This dress is really lovely !

Oups ! It seems like you got Julie’s blog name wrong, though ! It is bobines (which is french for bobbins, so I guess it’s not that much of a problem !^^).


Oops, must have been translating in my head. ;) I fixed the typo.


It looks like she cut up a flag! Brilliant match with the pattern.

fanny mcpb

Marvelous dress Julie !


Beautiful, beautiful fabric! How come I never find things like that (or maybe I do, but I just don’t have the vision to know what to make with it). Stunning!


When I find pretty material I buy the right amount for a dress or slacks etc. and bring it home I always find something to do with it.

It sometimes takes awhile but it is worth it.


Does anyone know where the fabric is from?




Really impressive, I love the colors!


That’s a beautiful eclair!


Youhouuuu ! Jolie Bobines on Coletterie :)
Julie you made so gorgeous clothes !!


So beautiful! And the photos look like they’re from a magazine. :)


Wow! This is stunning! What a unique, awesome dress!

cynthia gehin

The dress and model are a WOW esp. with the graphic background in the top photo.


Such a beautiful dress. I have always been a fan of the Eclair and hope to make it sometime. This print and contrasting sash are so eye catching.

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