Featured Seamstress: Erika


Name: Erika

Skill Level: Intermediate

Blog: Erika Made It

Her post about the skirt: Beignet Skirt

What kind of fabric did you use? A cotton poplin from Harts Fabric and a quilting cotton for the lining.

How did you decide to reflect your personal style in the pattern? I wanted to make this as a basic, that I could wear with almost anything. I think my style is a little bit classic/vintage with a twist, the twist being the bright yellow! I also love anything with buttons.

What thoughts do you have about the project? As this was the second beignet skirt I made, I think it is the perfect classic pattern. It’s flattering and a great staple to any wardrobe. If I made it again I would add the belt loops before attaching the outer shell with the lining.

Thanks, Erika!

Caitlin Clark   —  

Caitlin is the Colette Patterns design assistant. You can follow Caitlin at her blog, the story girl.

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I really look forward to these blog posts, I love the colour of this skirt x may purchase the pattern soon x


Ooh, I love the colors of your outfit! And is that a Miette sweater? I’ve been meaning to make one — you look fabulous!


Thanks for making me today’s featured seamstress! @meredith it is a miette sweater, thanks for noticing


Okay, as a knitter I need to ask about that clearly hand-knitted cardigan (and it’s meant as a compliment). I see that it’s a Miette sweater (I’ll have to look that up on Ravelry).What yarn are using?


I used madelinetosh tosh vintage. You can see it on ravelry


I love the skirt, and all those buttons, both on your Beignet and on your Miette!
Especially love how you mirrored the button detail with the triangles and the yellow, white and dark blue in your shoes.
That’s one dynamite outfit!!


I need this skirt, Erika. When will you make one for your mother? Congrats to my favorite Featured Seamstress!


Erika looks fantastic. I love how she’s styled the skirt with her knitted button down cardi!


Cute outfit! Love the colour combo – miette is in my (enormous) queue, love how yours turned out:)

Marina v.K.

Congratulations, Erika!

I love your outfit and colors! I would also love to try Beignet, just need to get in the right mood to tackle all these buttonholes :-)


Your Name… * Norine

This is an adorable skirt. Great job Erika!

Jackie Keller

Congratulations Erika on being featured seamstress! That Miette sweater and Beignet skirt look beautiful in the photo but are truly stunning in person! Is that the same sweater which took top honors at the 2011 NJ State Fair? Readers should know! I’m so happy you have been honored for your exceptional talents! Bravo!

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