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Hawthorn Wearable Muslin: Crop Top


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Ok, I mentioned I was making my wearable muslin as a crop top and that I would share some photos. I finally finished it today and the weather agreed I should share it with the world. Here are the changes I made:

1. Drafted a waistband.

2. Used snaps for closures, including two at the far right side of waistband.

3. Added a button to the inside of right waistband.

I had never used snaps before, and I ended up hammering the first one so it is wonky and wont close, but I’m ok with that. I may do something about the gaping above the waistband, but for now I am happy for something to wear in this heat!

Post Note: I’m excited you all like my fabric, it means I can further sing the praises of using thrifted fabric for wearable muslins! This only cost me $12 for 6 yards and since it is vintage, the cotton is broken in and very soft.

Rachel Rasmussen   —  

Rachel is a nerdy Oregon native with a philosophy degree and classical dance background. She fancies her personal style to be quirky sophistication, focusing on the importance of fit while adding special touches of handmade embellishments. She is also a connoisseur of whiskey and nap-taker extraordinaire.

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That fabric is gorgeous!! And what a great idea to test a dress pattern!


It’s absolutely lovely, Rachel! I love the fabric, and the waistband looks great :-)

Domestic Debbie

I love it! Pearlized snaps are my favorite and your fabric is wonderful!


I love it! THAT is what I want to make! Any pointers on drafting a waistband?


I’ll try and have a little tutorial up soon. Stay tuned!


Now I wish I had used a different choice of fabric for my muslin fitting. I love it and my daughter would have loved something like this too!


I love it like this!!


Wow! I must admit the dress didn’t grab me immediately (sorry!) but this blouse version is absolutely beautiful!


Hawthorn is such a versatile pattern, I’m glad to show it in yet another light and that you enjoyed it.


Wow this is so cute! Love your fabric and I have just ordered some pearl used snaps!- thanks for the inspiration :)


PEARLIZED snaps! Darn you auto- correct! ;)


Wow! As a button-up shirt shunner, I love everything about this. The fabric, the style, the waistband. Lovely.

Lisa S.

That is darling! Love the snaps and waistband.

Gina C.

Love this! Sooo cute!


This is adorable – I love your fabric! Snaps are sooo tricky. I used them for the first time on a Negroni shirt last fall and had a few wonky buttons :)


Haha, I finally forced to top button closed a little while after taking the photos.


I love this! I’ve been wanting to do a crop top to go with a pair of high waisted jeans I did. I’m very much a novice sewer- any hints on how to draft, attach, etc the waistband?


I will get to work on a little tutorial (which means I get to make another top, yay!)


Very cute! I already have a stock of pearl snaps (although I need to check them – they may be 2 different sizes). I intend to use them for a flannel version of this dress. Or corduroy. Maybe more … LOL

Sassy T

The fabric is sooo cute


So cute!!! love the fabric!

Linda- pr crazygrad

What a cool idea! Great fabric!


It has such a lovely shape as a top! It kind of reminds me of Call the Midwife, the BBC series.

Are you on Kollabora, the crafting site? Everyone there goes crazy for a good blouse, and I want to see what they’d make of this one.


I have heard of the site (they sell our patterns) but am not on it myself for lack of time. It would definitely be fun to see how they respond to this version.


I’m not much for dresses, but this is a super cute top! Love the neckline, and your choice of fabric is very cute. This pattern would look really cute in a solid color too..

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