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Macaron Redux


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This site is no longer being updated so head over to Seamwork to get all the latest patterns, tutorials, video classes, and more.

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I just had to share this gorgeous re-imagining of Macaron that Liz created. A long time in the planning and making, I think you’ll agree that the result is absolutely stunning.

Hop over to Liz’s blog for more pictures and tons more project details. You really must go there and see the workmanship yourself.

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That is just stunning, I’m amazed.

Diane @ Vintage Zest

I really love a good peplum dress, and I wouldn’t have thought to make the Macaron pattern into one! So beautiful! Unfortunately when I try to reimagine patterns, my results don’t always come out too well… (

Congratulations on the beautiful dress!


Yay! So great to see Liz’s amazing Macaron featured here. :)


This is such a gorgeous rendition!


OMG! I love this! I am going to have to pull my Macaron pattern out and get started on my own copy of Liz’s dress.


this is absolutely gorgeous! great job!!


Oh, wow! This is absolutely gorgeous! The black on red is to die for!


Absolutely beautiful!


Wow! What a gorgeous dress.


Wow, i didn’t realized it’s Macaron. so beautiful!!!


you look stunning! this is the story of how the pattern inspired you to learn how to sew, and how your dress will inspire others to do the same. Congrats!


Wow – amazing! Sooo beautiful…



Thanks you guys for leaving such lovely comments on my Macaron dress! Happy sewing.

liza jane

Amazing! Just beautiful.

Pam Jones

It must be so satisfying to have people using your inspiration as a springboard for their own. I am so grateful to have run into your bog, Sarai


Wow wow wow and WOW! Such a glamorous rendition of Macaron!


Oh my god! THIS woman! She’s amazing, such a craftmanship. And also – I must say – this is the kind of models that I would like to see! :)


This is so beautiful! i love the combination of the black lace the red underlining. AMAZING!


Beautiful! I love the peplum.


It’s fabulous! She looks gorgeous by the way :)


Really stunning, and so inspiring – I want one too! Such beautiful work. Now I want to get my Macaron pattern and start playing with it even more than I did before!

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