Macaron with a sheer yoke


I guess I’m on a bit of a Macaron kick, but I just had to post this variation that Meghan emailed me! She used a sheer tulle for the top yoke and of course made it sleeveless. She says, “It’s a little variation on the strapless dresses that always slip down on me!”

So creative. And what a stunner, huh?

You can see more at Meghan’s blog, Sew Happy Clothes.

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Gorgeous! And I always thought that Macaron would make a wonderful basis for a Peggy Hunt knock-off…


This is a really lovely frock! I love the combination of sheer tulle and velvet-looking fabric.


I’m dithering between macaron and rooibos for my next project! great idea to use a sheer fabric for a strapless look.


Wow! That is an elegant solution to the “can I yank up my strapless dress without anyone seeing me do it” problem! It looks so classy :)

Hmmm… I wonder – did Meghan finish the edges of the tulle (neck & armholes) – I cannot tell if they are raw edges from the photo (as a novice sewist I’d have no idea how to finish them & would probably rip it trying to get the dress on & off :(!).


Wow! What a gorgeous dress. I am also curious about finishing the neck and armholes. I was just reading Fehr Trade’s narrow bias edge tutorial… would this work?


To Seemane and Carrie:

I originally added on the sleeves, but ended up taking them off and leaving the neckline and shoulders unfinished. was much more sheer that way.

You guys can check out all the details (including material) at:


Gorgeous and so innovative! Love the sheer yoke.


Beautiful! I have a sheer white with black polka dots that I am going to do the same thing with. The soft velvet(?) dress is stunning!


So beautiful! I really have to make my Macaron soon!

Jennifer B.

Perfect in every way! Stunning!


Wow! The dress is gorgeous! What a great idea!


is that blue velvet…dreamy!

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