Palette Challenge Week 7: My dream jacket


I really like short jackets and coats, but have you ever noticed how hard it is to find really nice ones? I’ve always found them elusive, especially in a warmer weight.

But this one has pretty much solved my jacket needs. It’s warm enough to wear most of the time here in Oregon, but it doesn’t completely cover me up. It’s got a cute feminine shape (and collar) but still a really clean and classic cut. And the fabric is such a gorgeous Pendleton wool, these photos do not do it justice. It’s just dreamy. And camel is becoming one of my favorite colors to wear lately.

The lining is a gorgeous coppery-brown silk charmeuse.

What do you think about the length? I like it for myself, but if you were making this would you want it a little longer? I can’t decide if it looks a bit too blazer-like at this length and making it a couple inches longer would make it seem a bit more, I don’t know… substantial?

Oh, and lest you think this an odd project for Spring/Summer, welcome to Oregon, where the high on Monday is predicted to be 54 degrees. SIGH.

But can’t really complain too much when you get to see roses like this everywhere.

Sarai Mitnick   —   Founder

Sarai started Colette back in 2009. She believes the primary role of a business should be to help people. She loves good books, sewing with wool, her charming cats, working in her garden, and eating salsa.

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It’s gorgeous! I really like the length, and I’d rather crop the sleeve length than the overall length.


I have a vintage jacket in a similar style with cropped sleeves. I think it looks really cute, though I like the versatility of longer sleeves (since you can wear them over long sleeve sweaters, etc).


It’s gorgeous. I love the color and the length and the collar and pocket details. The sleeves seem a bit strange to me win the seam in the front. Is that intentional?


That’s just a standard two-piece tailored sleeve. It might be more noticeable to you because of the jacket’s light color, perhaps. But they typically have a seam in front, no underarm seam, and a seam in back (that meets to side-back seam on the jacket).


I just LOVE it! It’s perfect. Did you use an existing pattern? Or is this a Colette pattern to be? I want one for myself!


It might be. :) I wanted to get your input first.


I *really* hope you end up producing this pattern…it looks like the perfect little jacket, and I want to make it in every color. I wouldn’t want it to be much longer than the one in the picture, but a cropped sleeve might make a nice pattern variation!


Your jacket is gorgeous…… I would love a pattern for it!


Yes! I love it. And I would totally make it. And I would probably add length- short doesn’t work on me so well. Beautiful, Sarai!


I would definitely purchase this pattern. It’s a great, adorable jacket! I’d like an inside pocket on it, too, I always love those.


this is the *exact* jacket I’ve been looking for for my wedding! Please, please, please, make this pattern available (and soon!) It is so hard to find a good jacket, not on etsy or ebay or anywhere.

Thank you for making another great pattern!


Love it – been wanting to make something similar for a while – I have a difficult time fitting my arms and shoulders – this will inspire me to try again – I probably would do something a few inches longer. I love the silk lining – I’m all about using silks, wools, linen and cottons.

lee lee

Oh,what a pretty jacket to wear with the lovely dresses. I would love one in pale pink. Will this be a new pattern? If so,then it could have options for a longer ones. Hmm,maybe a fall jacket also in a dark gray


Those bound buttonholes are perfect! Just lovely.


Thanks! I took some photos for a tutorial while I was at it. Perhaps I should do one for the welt pockets too.


This is so pretty! So many lovely details :)

I have a question about your bound button holes and how you finished them on the inside. I recently made a coat with them and I hand sewed around the whole edge of each square, but yours look so nice & neat- what’s your secret?!


There are lots of ways to finish them on the inside! I think perhaps Gertie has gone over some on her blog?

But for these, all I did was sew machine-stitched buttonholes on the facing, then handstitch the facing buttonholes to the bound buttonholes once the jacket was done. It’s a pretty easy and neat way to do it.


Such a lovely piece! I’m with you on the camel color – its such a great hue on you! A camel jacket is one you’ll wear for YEARS.. I really like the length on you, especially as a spring jacket. But personally I love jackets to fall right at my hip line. For my body, it’s the perfect length – not too covered up, but just covered up enough. ;)

As far a the weather goes, I suppose the grass is always greener. It’s been well above 100 degrees here in South Texas for weeks! We’re moving this week (wish I could say to a cooler place, but unfortunately… no), and packing up the house in this weather is insane! I think no matter where you are in this world, though, we all have beautiful blooming flowers to be thankful for. ;;)

Have a great weekend!


Ack, yes, I’ll take my cool weather any day! I generally like cool weather, it’s just that we all get a little crazy for sunshine at this time of year in the PNW. I want ripe tomatoes! :D


Such a gorgeous jacket!
It looks great on you, but for me I would choose a longer one. I’m always afraid of being cold and don’t like the risk of gaps in my mid-area. Living in Sweden, there’s always a risk of feeling cold, if we’re talking about the weather. Last week it was bikini-hot and this week I’m inside with fur-slippers and a fleeceblanket on me in the sofa…If there weren’t so many other great things with Sweden I would not hesitate to move to a warmer place/country.
Have a nice weekend everyone!


Ha! Should I be looking for some sale wool to make a jacket? I so hope this is a new pattern…’s been 90 here this week and horribly humid so I’m already hungering for fall….


Oh Sarai! I adore this jacket! You look brilliant in it and the color and style are so versatile. What a dream jacket! I’m drooling and I too so hope this is an upcoming pattern…
xoxo, Sunni


Oh, this would be a fabulous pattern. Personally, I would make it a few inches longer, but that is because of my figure. but I can also imagine a summer version in this length, with cropped sleeves.


I agree it is tough to find nice jackets like this. I have been actually looking for a pattern for something along these lines. I have a really cheap Forever 21 jacket that I end up wearing all Fall and Spring because I love the cut but I really want something better quality. In Pendleton wool would be lovely…


What a perfect jacket! Beautiful buttonholes! I like the length for fall/spring/not freezing winter. Love the rose picture too. :)


Lovely! Your jacket is fantastic!
Bravo Sarai!
Have a nice evening!

Miss Crayola Creepy

The jacket is perfect!! And the lining is gorgeous. The camel and copper look really nice together!


I love this jacket! I need it, it’s perfect! Please make this pattern!


This HAS to be a future Colette Pattern! Hopefully for the fall! It’s absolutely gorgeous :)


OF COURSE this is a pattern to be! I NEED THIS JACKET! Really, it is just the way you said, it’s hard to find jackets like these and it’s really, really cute! Great work!


Oh, I agree with so many commenters…this would be a lovely pattern for all of us! The details are “just enough” and it has a classic, simple look, but it can be modified in so many ways! I am imagining a bright print spring jacket from this pattern as well!


I love it, I hope you do make it an official pattern!


Beautiful jacket, you are a great seamstress! The button holes look perfect!


What a gorgeous jacket! Well done, Sarai! It’s such a luxurious and classic piece. I would keep the length just as it is, were I to make my own.


What a totally gorgeous jacket that I would absolutely love to make (or at least have a got at). The seams on the front and back sleeves are the only part I would like to change. Even though they may be part of the classic style, I’d prefer to not see them. Love the rest though, would buy this pattern for sure


How lovely, I just love that jacket.I want to buy this pattern!!!


Love this jacket! It would completely fill a whole in my wardrobe too. Would love to make one this length and one slightly longer. I think the beautiful collar stops making it too blazery.


Perfect length and long sleeves. Definitely a winner!


This is so lovely! I’m not sure it would flatter my frame, or that the work involved in making it wouldn’t exhaust me, but I’ve been dreaming of this possible future pattern since I saw it yesterday and might not be able to resist if it become part of your fall line :) It’s just so classic (and it doesn’t look impossible to fit!). The camel’s gorgeous on you and like another commenter said, will serve you for years.

I love the length! A great fall coat, and for those of us without a defined winter (no freezing temps) a cool weather coat that’ll shepherd us into Spring.



I kind of feel bad now that you’re not able to enjoy posting an item of clothing without all of us lusting after and wanting a pattern of it.

Ooops. It’s a pretty jacket, with or without an upcoming pattern…..


since you are specifically wondering, yes I would totally buy a pattern for this, and I really like the length (or at least the concept of the length — I am longer waisted than you, I think)

(and those blue wide legged trousers! ahaha)

Love the pockets & double breasted front. Looks great on you too!


+ 1! I love everything about this little jacket – the length, the collar, the sleeves, it is perfection. With winter in full force in the Southern hemisphere, it is just what I have been looking for too. I think you have done a beautiful job, Sarai and I do hope you produce it for sale sooner rather than later :)


As someone who has a lot of longer jackets/coats, that length is the “magic” length that I can’t seem to find! (And I’m dragging my heels about sewing… *ahem*) It looks lovely; I adore the color and that collar is such a cute touch!


Oh, Sarai,

This is Perfection in every way; every detail is just stunning. You are an amazingly talented designer . The Jacket/Coat is truly a classic . I’m always excited to see what you’ll create next, such fun!
Love reading and visiting your blog, thank you .


Please, please make a pattern for this jacket available – the length is perfect, in fact it’s perfect in every way.


I too am searching for “the perfect jacket” – as I am short, broad-shouldered and large busted jackets are the one piece of clothing I have real problems with. I have made lots of Colette tops and found them good for my shape, and I love the detailing on yours, I am just wondering about the “double breasted” issue. Every style book I own says short-waisted busty women should avoid double-breasted jackets.Do you buy into that argument? Yours certainly looks lovely on you! In terms of length – is it possible to issue a pattern with 2 different length options (a bit like the sleeve options in the Violet and Jasmine). As for sleeve length , I love the look of “braclet length”, but it limits the tops you can wear underneath. For a basic jacket, full length sleeves may be less elgant, but they sure are warmer!


Oh, I don’t know… I guess I’ve heard that single breasted styles are more flattering on large busts, but I’ve never felt that I look worse in a double breasted jacket. I tend to go by how I feel in something rather than what experts say (for better or worse), and I feel fine. And I’ve always thought peacoats were rather flattering on a variety of people.

I do like this style with something slim on the bottom (pencil skirt, slim pants). Just my personal preference, since I rather like my legs and hips. :)

Lisa Suit

I love this!! I think the length is perfect, and I would definitely love to buy the pattern if you produce it! :)


So lovely ! I like this jacket… Could be great to have the pattern to make one for myself and by myself…

Adri H

I love the jacket, but I’d like it to be a little longer for a pea-coat. I cycle everywhere and hate it when there’s that gap at the back… Either way, however you decided to publish it, it’s gorgeous.


Lovely coat. Camel is one of my favourite colours for outer wear.
Perhaps a wee bit longer would remove the blazer-y feel you mention…past the hip, top of the thigh….


Absolutely lovely, having been looking for a pattern like this – would suit my 24 yr old daughter and me ! Would love the option to do a cropped sleeve. I think the length is perfect and the lining gorgeous. Have some beautiful silks I bought in Singapore I could use


How did I miss this post!! I have been searching for the perfect winter jacket – and here it is! Though once you release it I will have to wait for the next Australian winter.
It’s a beautiful fit.


A bit late, but I had to comment that I love the jacket and would love to have it as a pattern. The length is pretty as it is, but I also like the idea of this style in a much longer length—mid-thigh even—so that I could bury my hands in the pockets in the cold! Just in case, you know, there was any thought of a B option :).


This is the PERFECT jacket – perfect for winter with longer sleeves and length, and then absolutely divine in summer in gelato linen with bracelet length sleeves and shorter waist length. I didn’t notice the sleeve seams at the front until I read the comments, and they do seem a little high. Most of my tailored jackets have the front seam lower, say around the apex level. But a divine jacket, and I can’t wait to add this to my pattern collection!


How large are the buttons on this jacket? I choose 2,3 cm, but they seem so small…How large are yours?

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