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A whole bunch of finished Rue dresses!


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This site is no longer being updated so head over to Seamwork to get all the latest patterns, tutorials, video classes, and more.

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Don’t you love to see finished examples of a pattern when it comes out? Well, here are some beautiful finished dresses from a group of women who stitched up Rue right before its release. It’s really fun to see different personal styles expressed with the same dress. Some have true vintage vibes, and others have a modern touch.

These talented bloggers stitched up Rue with very short notice—which makes me think they’re all actually sewing wizards—and shared their makes with us and on their blogs. So far, their pattern reviews and collected feedback have been extremely insightful. We’ve recently revamped our instructions and digital pattern formats, with new linked tutorials, A0-sized digital downloads, and a new layering feature to toggle sizes on and off, so you only print the sizes you need.

We’re super grateful for the time spent (and excellent fabric choices) on these dresses, as well as all the tips and tricks each blogger offered. Kate even had the brilliant idea to make your lining for Rue first, so you can practice sewing the seams and tucks before sewing your main fabric! Genius.

That’s enough chatting on our end, so let’s look at some pretty dresses!

See Rue in Action


Bianca from Vintage on Tap documented her entire experience sewing Rue on video! Watch her stitch in her picturesque home, and get ready to be jealous of her sewing machine.

Rue in Blue


These two ladies made some great fabric choices. Jen from Gingerella Handmade picked the sweetest heart chambray. Rachel from Rach Against the Sewing Machine accented her pretty floral print with white piping.

Rue in Red


Red is such a classic color, perfect for making a statement without using a print. Version 2 of Rue must resonate with the color red! You’ll find bold, red versions from Evolution of a Sewing Goddess and Piper Feeds the Dogs. So classy!

Vintage Touches on a Modern Dress


Rue is a return to Colette’s vintage roots, but it also compliments modern fabric choices. We’re using the Les Fleurs Collection by Rifle Paper Co. and Cotton+Steel for the Sewalong, and Natasha from The Confident Beginner had exactly the same idea! Gotta love that fabric.

Kate from Bombazine picked an incredibly beautiful border print silk lycra that left us all swooning.


Paige from Very Paige picked a lovely modern quilting cotton for version 1, and Ashley from Sewn By Ashley smartly picked another Cotton+Steel design for version 2.

Big print or small print?


Finding the perfect floral fabric is such a treat, and Rue looks especially great in florals. Fröebelina (in German here) chose a big, modern floral print and discovered a love for piping, and Trish from Trish Stitched picked a pop of color for her piping, to compliment the little flowers on her dress. Looking fabulous, ladies.

Thank you all for sharing your Rues! We’re in the middle of the Rue Sewalong right now, but it’s not too late to join and get step-by-step tips for sewing Rue.

How will you wear your Rue? Do you have fabric picked out yet? Share your ideas below!

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Marsha Ratzel

I like this pattern a lot but I’d need to add 4″ to the largest size. Do you think that it’s possible to make it bigger. I’m not an expert…just beginning.


It’s possible for you to grade up in the hip from the size 26. Check out the Curvy Sewing Collective’s post on grading up in sizes for some helpful tips!


My eye was immediately drawn to the red Rue – partly because red is my best and favourite colour, but mostly because the maker has done what I intend to do – combine the pleated skirt with the long sleeves.

Which brings me to a question I have been wanting to ask since this pattern came out. Would it be possible to indicate which pages need to be printed for different options? I don’t really want to print out all the pages for versions 1 AND 2 when I will only be using the skirt from one and the sleeves and bodice from the other. It would be very helpful if there was a note in the instructions saying something like, “for version 2 skirt only, print pages x to y.” It would make life much easier for the mix-and-matchers among your customers.


That’s a great suggestion, Pelly. It’s not spelled out like that in the instructions, but in the meantime, you can reference the pattern assembly pages (for Rue it’s pages 10-12). The pages have larger numbers now, so you can identify the pattern pieces you need and easily get the page numbers to print. Hope this helps!


This is why I decided to order the paper pattern. I just hate fiddling with those papers and all the tape. UGH. The paper pattern is beautiful.

abi dyson

Beautiful pattern, can’t wait to try! xo


I find the bodice so odd. Those seams pulling diagonally across the breast…I don’t know. Is it supposed to fit like that? Is it a question of corsetry or cut?

SJ Kurtz

I have the same question. The seam across the breasts looks awkward. Sarai’s plaid version keeps that seam below the bust entirely and is quite becoming.

To each according to her own taste I suppose.


The shaped seam is designed to hit 5/8″ below the apex on sizes 0-8, and 1″ below the apex on sizes 10-26, and that is also where the piping is installed. We will cover how to achieve a different fit in the Sewalong if you’d like to raise or lower that seam!


I’m looking forward to making my Rue, but I’d like to know if the curved side panels are meant to lie under the bust along the ribcage, or finish half-way up the bust? Thanks!


The shaped seam is designed to hit 5/8″ below the apex on sizes 0-8, and 1″ below the apex on sizes 10-26, so it’s not halfway across the bust or completely underneath, but you can raise or lower the bodice for the fit you’d like!

Kate C

I am confused by where the piping is *supposed* to be in relation to the bust. In some of these it goes right through the bust apex, and it looks awkward. The best version I have seen is Sarai’s plaid one, where the piping is completely under the bust. Which is the correct placement?


I think we’re all waiting until Sept. 20 so we can finally get the answer to this question. I think it looks odd with the piping over the bust. Its so odd. And a vintage dress wouldn’t have been over the bust with those gathers like that. I think it’s more vintage styling to have it under the bust. Some of these achieved that, but not many.
I too love the red. I plan on making a red wool crepe version. But, I’m undecided about the lining yet.


The shaped seam is designed to hit 5/8″ below the apex on sizes 0-8, and 1″ below the apex on sizes 10-26, but if you prefer the seam (and piping) to sit entirely below the bust, you can lower the seam line.

Kate C

Thanks! I think I will want it under the bustline, as I have about 8″ between apex and my bust ending, and I think it would look awkward just sticking out. I will figure it out around the time I do the FBA!

Thanks again.

Ruthann Jagge

GORGEOUS dresses, every single one looks so nice! The red ones are a wow :) Thanks for the inspiration!

penny hall

I am curious where you anticipated the curved lines to end up on the bodice. I seem to prefer the ones that the lines are under the bust and the pleats give shaping. Has anyone added or subtracted length to get the placement they ended up with?


We’ll go over lowering/raising the seam line in the Sewalong! See my comments above for fit details :)


Love the one by trish. Just the kind of thing id do!


So sew pretty!! I watch Bianca’s video and it was great . Hope someday you can have your sew-a longs on video too! Would you suggest this dress be hard for me to sew I’ve only been sewing for a couple of years ?


I really want to get on with mine but with my F bust I want to wait to find out how to fba-to my eye the pattern is a funky empire so should definitely go under th boob and not across it. Waiting for sew along information before cutting into the pattern. The delayed gratification is pretty tough to tolerate!!!


I’m with everyone expressing concern about where that bust seam should lie. Just looking at the beautiful Rues already on display, I see the curve above, below and on mid bust. Hope you will address raising and lowering line in the sew-along. Given that I’m a 74 years young with intermediate skills, you can imagine that I’m going to have more lowering than most to get a flattering fit.


We will cover how to adjust the bodice to achieve the fit you’d like in the Sewalong, yes!

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