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Va-va-voom! The Wren bonus sleeve (available until Tuesday)


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First, I’ll state the obvious: my shoes don’t go with this dress.

I was just so excited to put it on when I finished sewing my Wren that I changed out of my jeans right there in the studio. Gotta wear shoes when you’re taking pictures outside so…. clogs it is. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

As Wren was being developed, I had this vision of making it in wool jersey with a full-length, fitted sleeve. I knew it would be the perfect fall/winter sheath dress, and one that was actually secretly comfy.

That’s what led us to create the extra bonus sleeve variations, after the pattern had already gone to print. They’re a free download if you buy the Wren before Tuesday (or while supplies last from your local shop).



I have no idea why, but for some reason the long sleeve just makes this feel a lot more Joan Harris to me.

The fabric I used is a wool jersey, purchased locally at Mill End. I actually wanted to make it in black, but loved the feel of this deep blue.


(Of course, if I’d found the black, maybe my shoes would have matched a little better.)

Wool jersey is one of my favorite fabrics. It’s great for making vintage-type dresses and skirts that are actually stretchy and comfortable. I think it often reads like a woven rather than a knit, so it looks a bit dressier.


For those of you asking, we might bring out these sleeve options again in the future. It’s just a little bonus promo for us, much like a sale or gift-with-purchase sort of thing.

Sarai Mitnick   —   Founder

Sarai started Colette back in 2009. She believes the primary role of a business should be to help people. She loves good books, sewing with wool, her charming cats, working in her garden, and eating salsa.

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Will the bonus sleeves be available to buyers who purchased Wren through another vendor? I purchased mine on Pattern Review, but I’d love to have access to the long sleeves!


All of our stockists received cards with their first order that they can ship or give you with your pattern. If for some reason you bought your pattern (before 10/26/2015) and it didn’t include one, just contact us and let us know. :)

Lissa Brooks

I bought the Wren the day after release and my download already has the sleeves in the folder. If you bought the digital version, check your folder, they should be in there.


I have the same question as Lindsay, I live in the UK and bought my pattern from a local stockist to save on postage and the airmiles for a pattern. I’d really like to make a long sleeve version (its pretty chilly in London already!)


Bekky, see my answer to Lindsay, same thing. :)

Francesca a

I love this. I actually think that navy is a more flattering and sometimes more chic alternative to black.
I bought mine from Zugeknopft in Germany since I am in malta and their post is the fastest in Europe:) and I can’t wait to get it – but even if she puts in the card with the url I doubt it will arrive before the expiry date :(


Don’t worry, you’ll be able to download it as long as you have the card. :)

Francesca a

Cool! Thanks Sarai!


The dress is beautiful! I am counting down the days until I give birth so I can make one. I also want you to know that your haircut is everything I’ve always wanted but can never seem to achieve on my own tête.


I just can’t wait to get my hands on this pattern!

Your dress is lovely–so classy!


Sexy, Sexy Girl!!! Beautiful!!! Mine is on the way!!


Very classy with the sleeves! This pattern is destined for classic greatness: gorgeous lines & timeless. Without sleeves it’s too young for me … adding my voice to those who’d like the pattern standardized with sleeve options to appeal to the entire Colette customer base. Thanks!

Lissa Brooks

It’s funny because when I first saw the Wren, I pictured it exactly the way you describe – wool jersey with longer sleeves. I like the gathered skirt version best because I don’t like bodycon dresses, but I think it would be just as cute.


Loveee this version of the dress! That does to buy the pattern now

Catherine Marie

I’m n my hasty excitement to buy the pattern I ordered it from the USA. To keep my impatience at bay until it arrives I decided to shop in a leisurely manner for the fabric. In four days I have ‘invested’ in grey woolJersey, red & blue bird print cotton knit, lilac & grey floral French terry & a beatifull abstract light knit!
Now the hunt for stay tape/transparent elastic starts, I am struggling to find this in the UK. Would lingerie elastic or narrow FOE be suitable?


you can use a narrow (1 cm) strip of tricot interfacing instead. Be sure it is not too lightweight (ie it matches the weight of the fabric )or it won’t hold up.

Alice Elliot

I love this pattern, and what you’ve made up. I am beyond the stage where I feel comfortable in a form-fitting dress, but if I were 20 years younger I”d make it right away. I’ll look forward to seeing what all these young women come up with.

Kettle Yarn Co.

So pleased to see you’ve made this in wool jersey as I purchased some the other day for this dress! Looks fab. ;-)


This turned out lovely! Now I really want to make a long-sleeve version :)


Love the navy! I’m fabric hunting right now to make mine and I’m wondering how much extra fabric (size medium) I need to make the long sleeves. The fabric guide doesn’t include that.


I’d just buy an extra 1/4 yard to be safe.


A gorgeous color and a beautiful make. The shoes don’t bother me at all- I wouldn’t have noticed them had they not been mentioned. A nice variation from the sleeveless. Three quarter length would be nice too. Love wool jersey and the color as well.
p.s I think the necklace is a tiny bit distracting from the fabulous pattern design and flattering neckline. Take a few photos without to show the dress off even more!


I have missed the bonus sleeve option, any chance that will it be available again?


You look beautiful, Sarai! I love Wren, it’s one of my favorite dresses, ever! Where can I find the wool jersey or the merino wool? I can’t wait to try seeing with it, it looks so fabulous!


I bought mine locally. But some good places to look are Mood or Emma One Sock. Meg is looking at some other shops in our own network of stockists and might have some suggestions. :)

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