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What We Made Volume 4


Hey there & thank you for reading the Colette blog!

This site is no longer being updated so head over to Seamwork to get all the latest patterns, tutorials, video classes, and more.

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We have just a few makes for you this month – it’s been a busy one, and one of our makers is currently on vacation in Europe (we miss you, Kris!)

But Taylor more than made up for it with her gorgeous fall dress. Can you believe it’s only the second garment she’s ever sewn? What a natural!

Taylor’s Plaid Alder





Who: Taylor
Role: Graphic Designer
Pattern: The Alder Shirtdress by Grainline
Fabric: Robert Kauffman Flannel

What was your original inspiration for this project? How did it come to be?

To learn. This is my second ever made garment that I’ve sewn, and I was super excited to take a class at Modern Domestic to learn so many things that have always intimidated me about sewing.

How do you plan to wear it?

This piece is super versatile. I knew I wanted to make the version without the gathered skirt so it would lay flat against my body under sweaters and cardigans.

What did you learn?

SO. MANY. THINGS. I learned how to make button holes, how to make a collar, how to use different sewing foots. But, most importantly I learned a ton about matching plaids and working with a bias.

What are you most proud of?

That I made something! I already have several projects planned for the rest of the year :).

Sarai’s Knitted Coat



Who: Sarai
Role: Founder, cat herder
Pattern: This is a knitting pattern from the 1960s, from a little booklet
Yarn: Quince & Co Puffin in Clay

What was your original inspiration for this project? How did it come to be?

I found this 1960s pattern booklet long ago at a thrift store and loved all the chunky knit patterns in it. I was really excited to try it out with the Quince & Co yarn – they have the most amazing colors, and this terra cotta pink is definitely one of my signatures. I found the matching vintage buttons in my stash.

How do you plan to wear it?

I love big comfy sweater coats, I wear them with everything all fall and winter. It looks great with slinky or silky dresses. So cozy.

What did you learn?

I took a lot from this project. I loved how the facings were knit in a lighter weight yarn (Lark), and the way the facings added structure to the hem and sleeves especially.

If I were knitting this again (and I might!), I might use a smaller needle for a tighter gauge, as I think it’s a bit drapier and bigger than I’d imagined.

What are you most proud of?

I’m just proud of finally finishing this baby. It knitted up fairly quickly, but it took me for-EVER to do all the seaming and finishing.

Sarai’s Wool Wren


Pattern: Colette Patterns Wren, with long sleeves
Fabric: Navy wool jersey

What was your original inspiration for this project? How did it come to be?

I’ve been noticing so many beautiful vintage wiggle dresses lately that were made in wool jersey. I really wanted to make the Wren in black wool, but when I couldn’t find it, I went with this lovely navy.

How do you plan to wear it?

I like it with long necklaces a la Joan Harris. I think it’d look good with some heathered grey wool tights.

What did you learn?

I need more wool jersey in my life. It was a total delight to sew with, it’s warm and breathable, and not even a little bit itchy.

What are you most proud of?

The fabric and pattern pairing. It’s just lovely.

What did you make this month?

Feel free to leave a link in the comments (even if it’s just a photo on instagram!) if you have one too. We’d love to see!

Sarai Mitnick   —   Founder

Sarai started Colette back in 2009. She believes the primary role of a business should be to help people. She loves good books, sewing with wool, her charming cats, working in her garden, and eating salsa.

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Fabulous work, guys! Sarai, can you say who put out that coat pattern (or maybe a photo of the booklet)? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a knit coat pattern with facings, so I’d be so curious to track it down.


I would also love the information!! I’ve been dreaming of a pattern like that. great work!


I’ll try to take a picture of it today. It’s from Laines du Pingouin yarns, and the booklet is from 1962. It’s really great, there are several other coats in there I’d like to make.


I took a picture of the booklet and put it on my personal instagram account :)


Thanks so much! Ima go do some internet stalking of this thing.


I made a crazy (i.e. awesome) sewing lady skirt! I decided I needed something that LOOKED homemade with an awesome print, so I tried out the basic dirndl skirt from Gertie’s New Book for Better Sewing. It was fun, and I got to try using horsehair braid for the first time!


Taylor, your dress is so cute! Great job!! Love that beautiful knitted coat! I am so stuck on my makes. Either the pattern didn’t work or the fabric was all wrong…my wheels are just spinning in mud this month. Love seeing your makes!


Talor and Sarai Love your makes! I made a Sophia mashed with gerties half circle skirt in a navy peach skin like fabric. It was for my cousins wedding and it turned out great for dancing!! Finishing a wool coat then hopefully a wren in wool if I can find the right fabric! Thankful for colette patterns hard work!!!


Lovely makes! I’ve been obsessing over the idea of swingy, slightly tent-ish shirt dresses for a while, so I am especially enamored of the blue plaid dress. I have a similar body type, so it’s nice to see that the shape does look as good as I was imagining it would since I currently have a self-designed one in the works. Good job, ladies!

Gretchen Potts

Im gaga over the long sleeve wren in wool jersey. The navy is stunning. Just got my pattern in the mail today! Ive searched for wool jersey and am a bit stumped on sources. Any suggestions?


You could ask Tessuti ( if they know which Australian & New Zealand wool jersey supplies supply shops in the US?

With the Aust dollar going down against the US, Australian items are getting cheaper for Americans.


Holy Crap!! I love this!! You made things outside of your line…true artists for sure! Taylor is so pretty! Sarai?? Where do you find the time to knit too?? Simply amazing!!


Taylor’s SECOND project included buttonholes, a collar, and matching plaids?! I’m completely impressed. Great job!

Alice Elliot

Really great job on the plaid dress Taylor! Wow! only the 2nd project. Impressive, loving the pockets. The knitted coat is so cozy looking. Haven’t tried such a huge knitted project in years. Still working on a lacy stitch afgan I started when my daughter was 4…she’s 49!


I’m IN LOVE with this coat! I wish my knitting skills were at that level! I made a pair of culottes in my pattern making class this month. I paired it with my Astoria sweater and it was a killer combination!


Taylor love the cute outfit. What pattern was the red cardigan?


I am trying to find the Alder pattern on your website but, no luck. I love it and want to make it. Where is it? Thanks


The Alder is by another indie pattern company, Grainline! It’s linked above, but here’s the direct link for convenience:

Lazy Harp Seal

Has anyone suggested or tried a roll/shawl collar edge to the Wren dress?

Marsha N

I love everything! Especially the knitted coat! I just finished “the scoop” bag that I may never use but I loved making it. I have my bamboo jersey ready for my wren dress. Just need to tape my pattern together. I’m enjoying my slow process. I’m so glad I stumbled upon such inspirational, positive, talented sewers on this blog. It’s heartwarming.

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