Your Creations: 5 Favorites For November



Happy thanksgiving for those in the US! I’m celebrating at home with my family today, but I just wanted to share a few of the beautiful projects in our Flickr group this month. I may have to start posting some more favorites elsewhere, there are so many great ones. Maybe our Facebook page?

1. A fun Negroni in Charly Harper Fabric by Andrea of Birch Fabrics
2. A gorgeously embroidered Ginger waistband by Camille of Cafekam
3. A gorgeous red Zinnia by Caroline of Sew Caroline
4. Fall Macaron by Alessa of Farbenfreude
5. Forest green zinnia by Anne of Mora Mora

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Wow, twice in a row… Sure, I’m a lucky girl ! And it’s not even Christmas yet…
Thank you so much for selecting my embroidered Ginger. It was such a pleasure so make it and with this kind of support, I feel even more inspirated. Thanks

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