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Your Creations: 10 Favorites For September


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This site is no longer being updated so head over to Seamwork to get all the latest patterns, tutorials, video classes, and more.

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It’s always difficult to pick just 5 user creations from the Colette Patterns Flick Group for these posts.

This month was particularly hard. Then I decided, since we had such great support in the Martha Stewart competition, I should celebrate our fans by picking an extra 5 user creations!

1. Denim Hawthorn by Amanda Lyn of Ador, Zest

2. Rooibos like a BOSS by Julia of Julia Bobbin

3. Peacock Hazel by Erica of Caught On A Whim

4. Confetti Sorbetto by Ashley of Everything Else We Do

5. Ikat Laurel by Caroline of Sew Caroline


6. Frankenstein Macaron by Reana of Reana Louise

7. Phoenix Lily by Melanie of poppykettle

8. Blue Laurel by Renee of The Afro Crafty Engineer

9. Hawthorn & Clovers by Kathy of The Nerdy Seamstress

10. Orange Laurel by Mary of Idle Fancy

Cheers to ALL of our loyal fans!

Rachel Rasmussen   —  

Rachel is a nerdy Oregon native with a philosophy degree and classical dance background. She fancies her personal style to be quirky sophistication, focusing on the importance of fit while adding special touches of handmade embellishments. She is also a connoisseur of whiskey and nap-taker extraordinaire.

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Such beautiful makes all around!


I love them all! I need some of these ladies to come over to my house and whip my fabric stash into… awesome clothes! :)


Thanks SO MUCH for featuring my Laurel dress! I am loving all of the other creations, too! xoxo


well, this was about the coolest thing to wake up to, ever. thanks! so [beyond] flattered!

The Nerdy Seamstress

Thank you! This is beyond my wildest dreams! :)

rita penner

This comment has to do with your tip about dart tips. Looking at that dart, I thought, that’s going to be quite a pointy one. I have a tip for keeping darts from being quite so pointy. As you’re sewing the dart, aim as if the dart is supposed to end about 3/8″ short of where the end dot is. Then when you get within about 1/4″ of this shortened dart end, turn gently to the real end.


WOW! I’m honored to have my peacock Hazel included alongside some other amazing makes this month! Thanks so much! I love seeing these roundups. It’s inspiring to see everyone’s take on the patterns. :)


Love the blue and orange Laurels. Theýre beautiful !

Julia Bobbin

Thank you thank you! I feel all warm and fuzzy to be included with this bunch of sassy ladies on this wonderful blog.

Alli B

Great job girls! Gorgeous clothes :)


Love all the Laurel variations! The ikat, the blue, the orange ! I want!

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