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Gift idea: Creativebug subscriptions for the holidays (up to $104 off!)


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This site is no longer being updated so head over to Seamwork to get all the latest patterns, tutorials, video classes, and more.

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Have you tried the online classes at Creativebug yet?

I first heard about Creativebug a couple years ago when they emailed me to tell me about this new site they were launching with video-based online DIY classes. At that time, the first thing I noticed was the absolutely gorgeous quality of their productions. Their videos are just beautifully made.

Now that they’ve been around a while, the site has grown to include some amazing teachers, like Natalie Chanin, Gertie, Cal Patch, the always-lovely Amy Butler, and my awesome friend Amy Karol.


As someone who is a very visual learner and a bit of a homebody, I’m so glad this kind of media is coming for the sewing and craft world. It’s great to be able to watch, pause, and come back to things at your own pace. And getting someone like Amy Butler or Natalie Chanin in your living room to show you their techniques kind of makes me feel like I’m living in the future.


A deal on gift subscriptions

Through the month of December, we’ve partnered with Creativebug to offer our readers a special price on gift subscriptions for the holidays, so you can buy classes for someone you love (or get a gift for yourself):

  • 3 months of classes for $30 ($59)
  • 6 months of classes for $60 ($101)
  • a year of classes for $99 ($203)


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OMG I love that cross stitching on that heather grey shirt! MUST DO!


I don’t love my Bernina. And after writing and redacting a lot of commentary in this little box, I am reminded of something I was told a long time ago.

You love the machine that ‘gets’ you. Either the one you learned on, or one you hunted down for it’s features. Usually, it’s the first.

I learned on an Singer, had an Elna for decades, bought a Bernina. After ten years on this Bernina, my hands will still do things the Elna way.

I miss my Elna. The local shop no longer supports their repair; they went Bernina. And reluctantly, so have I. I spend more time starting up a seam because of those plentiful feet, but I use that time to reflect on the little phrase I’ve put up over my sewing area: “The machine cannot hear you swear”.

Eh, I still get the work done. And the Beast goes in for its annual checkup today. In the meantime, I’ve got an all metal Kenmore to play with. Which I am learning to repair myself.

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