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Giveaway: Sewing Bras class from Craftsy


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Years ago, I made my first bra. Walking me through that process was Beverly Johnson, who created the pattern and book (The Bra-Makers Manual) I used to better understand the construction of this highly specialized sort of garment. It was one of those experiences where you realize just how much there is to learn, but her expertise guided me through flawlessly.

For me, the most interesting thing about making bras (other than getting to play with all that cool fabric and lace) was learning how stretch affects support as well as fit. It’s a very different perspective on fabric that’s much more architectural than what you may be used to. That understanding has also transferred to other projects.

Now, Beverly Johnson is teaching a whole class on making bras at Craftsy! We’re giving one away today, courtesy of Craftsy.



To enter for your chance to win, click the link below and sign up (or sign into your existing Craftsy account). The winner will be chosen randomly by Craftsy and notified directly by them. Good luck!

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I can attest to what a great class this is! Beverly is a great teacher and super cute, to boot. Highly recommend this class!


I already bought the class, so don’t enter me… but it is a great class and I am learning a lot. What a nice give away!


I was lucky enough to take a bra making class at Bra Maker’s Supply in Hamilton, ON this past September. What an eye opener! I have only had a chance to make 3 bras but they are definitely the ones I wear on a day to day basis. I was fit by Beverly herself and I can’t believe how comfortable, not to mention supportive, these bras are. I have a narrow ribcage but larger cup size and have never been able to buy a bra that fits me in the retail setting. I highly recommend trying out making your own bras, and Beverly is just the one to help you through the process. All it takes is some patience and attention to detail.


I tried to ‘click through’ to enter this giveaway, but only got a blank page! Is there some secret to this? I thought that this was maybe a giveaway I could enter as there is no postage involved to those of us “Downunder”. Thanks, bevaau


Not sure why the page isn’t working for you, Bevaau. Anyone else having a problem?


I simply clicked and the page came up. Before I knew it, I was notified that I was entered in the drawing.


Something nice about Craftsy is that they never charge more to those of us overseas, even when it means shipping a pattern internationally. They occasionally offer free classes, and I once got a class that included a pattern, and they shipped it to Asia free of charge.

When I clicked through, I got a popup saying I’d been entered, but I have a Craftsy account I was already signed into. Do you have an account open?


I took this class over Thanksgiving and thought it was brilliant — not only did I learn quite a bit about bra-making — I learned quite a bit about the type of bosom I have!


I have never taken a craftsy class before. I went to the link and watched the video. Sounded great until I watched the video. It looks and sounds like something on the shopping network. Very unpersonable. Are the classes like that?


Nope, the classes just feature the teacher presenting the lessons, explaining sewing principles and demonstrating techniques. And you can ask questions.


Awesome. Thank you for replying. I feel better about buying now.

Alice Elliot

Are the classes for underwire only?


If you look at the class page and expand the lessons menus, you can read about what is covered in the class. One of the lesson blurbs mentions that underwires are optional.


When I took the class in person at Bra Maker’s Supply we all sewed the bra in the same way including the channelling for the underwire but one of the ladies did not want underwire and so just did not insert it.


I am fortunate to live only a couple of hours from Hamilton and the Bra Maker’s Supply. I was also personally fitted by Beverly and have purchased her video. I was there this week and picked up some supplies so I can get on to making my bras. What an amazing, kind and knowledgeable woman, and her video is so easy to follow. The staff there are incredible, and with so much stuff available, it can be overwhelming, but they were so helpful and didn’t make me feel intimidated. So happy with this video, and can’t wait to get on with the sewing…maybe this afternoon…


Is it possible to make handmade ‘t-shirt’ bras ie ones without seams across the nipple area? tia


I am having the same problem that Bevaau had. I clicked on the link to enter to win the class, but nothing happens. Hmmppfff. :-(


I’ll notify the folks at Craftsy. Perhaps it is a technical problem. Maybe try a different browser on your computer in the meantime?


It worked! I used Windows Explorer browser instead of Google Chrome and I was able to click through no problem. I am entered into the contest, thank you!

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