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Giveaway: Sewing Fashion Knits with Linda Lee at Craftsy


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Craftsy has chosen a winner! Congratulations to David, who has been notified privately.

Obviously, we’re all about knits right now. I’ve extolled their virtues left and right lately, and if you’ve been following my Me Made May posts this month on Instagram, you might notice that I’ve been wearing them just about every day.

If you’re new to sewing knits, or just want to go beyond the basics in a class environment, Craftsy has the perfect class for you: Sewing Fashion Knits with Linda Lee. And today, we’re giving away an entry to this class (scroll down for details).



In this class, designer and star sewing teacher Linda Lee goes over just about everything you’d want to know about working with knits, including techniques to use with or without a serger.

I think that’s one of the most valuable aspects of this class. Since everyone has different equipment, there are a lot of options and different ways of doing things when it comes to sewing knits. Having all of those options clearly laid out for you is incredibly valuable.


What you’ll learn

This class covers a range of topics that are essential to sewing knits:

  • How to prepare and cut knit fabrics.
  • Seam finishes you can acomplish without a serger.
  • Techniques for stabilizing knits.
  • Hem finishes.
  • Edge finishes (like necklines).


Each lesson is fairly short (between 10-30 minutes), so you’ll get up to speed very quickly.

If you’ve started getting into knits more and more lately the way I have, this class is a really nice compliment to books and patterns.

Win this class!

Craftsy has generously offered a free enrollment in this class to give away!


To enter, visit this link on Craftsy and join using your email address or Facebook.

If you’re already a Craftsy member, all you have to do is visit the link, click the “sign in” button, and sign in with your Craftsy account. If you’re already logged in to Craftsy, be sure to log out before clicking the link or you won’t see the special sign up/log in screen.

Craftsy will pick one winner from all the entries.

Good luck! And be sure to check out the class after you enter.

Click here to enter to win!

{This giveaway was generously sponsored by Craftsy, one of our partners this month. Thanks Craftsy!}

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I took this class and highly recommend it. Good luck to all the entrants!


I signed up! Thank you for offering this giveaway!!


None of the links are sending me to a sign-up screen, just the class purchase page. Help?

Jenny S

I’ve got the same problem!


I’m also having that problem:(


It looks like if you are already signed into Craftsy, it won’t give you the sign up screen for the giveaway.

Just sign out of the Craftsy website, then revisit the link posted above.

I’ll edit the post to add this tidbit.


This would be a fab comp to win but alas I am all the way over in Australia :( I am so afraid of sewing knits, I really need to find someone over here that does lessons. Does Linda Lee have any Youtube Tutorials? I’ll have to have a look. Sasha :)


Sasha, you can enter this competition from little ol’ Australia because craftsy is international; it’s essentially a platform for online videos and discussions and you can access it anywhere in the world. I have signed up to so many classes and have watched them in New Zealand, where I live, and in the US, Australia and Asia when I’ve been travelling. You should enter


When will the winner be announced?


I’ll check with the Craftsy folks on that. :)


I checked with the lovely folks at Craftsy, who say the winner will be chosen on Monday.


Thanks for getting this class! I’m terrible at sewing knits (especially hemming), and would LOVE to have an extra incentive to take this class on Craftsy!

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