Giveaway: Win a Pattern + Gorgeous Modern Fabric from The Needle Shop!



I’m always interested in how other business women define success. When I first spoke to Rachel at The Needle Shop, I knew I’d met a woman after my own heart.

Rachel’s goals are not what you might expect for a typical business owner. “This might sound strange, but making money is not our top priority,” she told me. Instead, what she wants is to inspire her customers, encouraging people to create and go with their gut.

Defining success this way has allowed the Needle Shop to thrive. Opened in 2005 as a sewing studio in Chicago, Rachel responded to greater and greater customer demand by beginning to offer the interesting fabrics her students wanted. These days, that selection of wonderful fabrics is available online as well.


By focusing on what her customers want along with her own unique perspective, Rachel is able to offer a gorgeous selection of fabrics online as well as in store. With her background as an interior designer, Rachel’s trained eye is evident in the selection of prints she carries. “We don’t try to carry everything, but hopefully everything you see, you want!”

Her fabrics are easy to search by designer, color, content, weight, and more. You can find knits, organics, Japanese imports, and more. This is why I love shopping indie.

Rachel has generously offered up a $50 gift card to The Needle Shop along with a Colette Pattern of your choice for our giveaway today.

How to enter:

Visit The Needle Shop and tell us which fabric you’d choose for making your Colette Pattern of choice. That’s it! The winner will be chosen by a random number generator. You have until Sunday 01/26 at midnight to cast your comment.

ETA: Penelope is our lucky winner, chosen by random number generator! Congrats Penelope!

Fabrics shown above: (1) Romi by Michael Miller (2) Diamond Fiesta by Bren Talavera, (3) Confetti Watermelon by AFG Studio, (4) Terrain Slate by Leah Duncan, (5) Mojave Illuminated by Leah Duncan, (6) Home Decor dots, (7) Purrfectly happy by Lizzy House

Sarai Mitnick   —   Founder

Sarai started Colette back in 2009. She believes the primary role of a business should be to help people. She loves good books, sewing with wool, her charming cats, working in her garden, and eating salsa.

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Sharon Pickles

I love the Confetti Watermelon by AFG Studio – so pretty :)

Robin (not ever sewing)

I’d love to make a Laurel in Echino Decoro Gothic Grape! Thanks :)


i’d make a hawthorn in eleanor grosch lechuza azul. what a lovely shop!


I’d make the cooper bag using the dots home decor fabric …


I think while it may sound a little boring with all of the fabulous prints that are there I would probably pick the Alexander Henry fabric Heath in navy and tea. I’ve been dying for a classic pencil skirt in navy. But I would probably add in a little melody miller because well, who could resist? I think I would want the Albion pattern for a new coat perhaps lined with melody miller. Ooh that would be smashing!


Hapi Sky pyramid in cobalt. So fun! But now I need to go browse some more, lovely shop

Debra Hewitt

I would make Laurel tops with the Monaco Starburst and the Terrain Slate. It is hard to pick just one! Thanks for the chance to win this.


i love number 5. It’s increible!!!!


Mojave illuminated would be a cool print for Hazel


I am having a bit of a thing for grey at the moment, so I find myself drawn to the Alexander Henry “In the Kitchen, Heath Black”… or maybe the Michael Miller “Aretha, flowers aqua”… or… But I think I would pick the crepe wrap dress to make – I could see that working for me in plains and patterns.


I would make the Zinnia Skirt by Colette Patterns with the Romi Fabric by Michael Miller.


I love Carrie Bloomston’s Collage in gold. I think I’d make either a Laurel or perhaps a Macaron (if the fabric weight would work for the Macaron).

Thanks for the giveaway!


All beautiful fabrics but, I think I would choose to make a Peony with the Joel Dewberry FABRIC in Swallow Stud Teal.

Annette Tirette

I think Anna Maria Horner’s Field Study would make a great Rooibos…


I’d love to make a fun summery Laurel with the Mojave Illuminated by Leah Duncan, with contrast peach piping at the sleeves and pockets! :)


I wouild mlove to sew the Colette Hawthorn either in Rashida Coleman’s voile or Anna Maria Horner’s voile.


Oooh, what a great selection. I’d make a pair of Clover pants from that indigo ikat.


Alexander Henry’s Collection : In The Kitchen
Print : Heath Navy…. Would make a lovely staple in my closet!


I’d use Alexander Henry’s Exotica Masara Paprika for a psychedelic Crepe dress!


Effervescence Retro from Amelia Caruso is awesome :)

Susanne Lutz

How great would it be to receive my final master degree at university wearing an colette eclair dress made from this amazing Michel Miller ikat print fabric??
Thank you for this giveaway!


I’d make the Anise jacket in Vera Wang cotton/wool boucle. Lovely fabric and pattern!


I think this would make an excellent negroni –
Windham Flannel


I would love to try the red bamboo/rayon felt as lined juniper pants!


I would totally see myself in a Laurel with the Fine Feathered fabric.
They are so many beautiful fabrics, it’s hard to choose :)


I’d make laurel out of the black and white rayon dot.


I think Eclaire in This peacock cotton andover fabric would look amazing.


Ginger with Lizzy House Kitty Dreams. Amazing collection of fabric.


Love this giveaway, thanks so much for it! Hope I’m allowed to enter too, the advice is to follow you gut, well… My first thought is to make a Crepe dress in Rashida Colemans Hale fabric. Rather busy fabric, but I think it’d be lovely for a relatively simple dress. <3


I would love to make the Laurel dress in Cascade agate by Sarah Watson or a Laurel top in Quills by Lily Martine Baxter.


Amazing giveaway! My choice would be the Amy Butler, Belle Coriander seagreen to make the laurel dress. Fingers very tightly crossed!


I would make a Sencha blouses out of organic cotton voile Koi. thanks for the giveaway!

Emilie LG

Wow, it’s hard to decide…
I would probably try to do my first Rooibos in Romi by Michael Miller.
Thanks for this great giveaway !


I would love to make the Laurel dress in Daisy Jane’s organic rang tagg fabric.


Hawthorne in Terrain Slate, A great combo!


I would make the jasmine in the amy butler Belle Coriander Seagreen, i personally hate coriander so much that when i se it i fly into a rage it just ruins indian , mexican and thai food but this fabric i love. I need more tops this will do nicely. Ta


I would love to make the Peony in either the Michael Miller Ikat ‘Romi’ or the Kaffe Fassett Shot Cotton Lichen. Thanks for the giveaway!


Hawthorne in Terrain Slate or Zinnia skirt in Confetti Watermelon


Romi by Michael Miller would be amazing on the Zinnia Skirt….or maybe Terrain Slate with Ceylon?!?


Any fabric from Amy Butler ot Anna Maria Horner, I would love to make a Hawthorn dress!


I would use the Alexander Henry Heath fabric in Navy/Tea to make a Beignet + Anise suit!


I think I remember this shop was in Chicago…on Damen Avenue in the neighborhood of Bucktown.


I would make a rooibos in Alexander Henry’s In the Kitchen.


Seahorse Aqua for a Zinnia would make for a perfect summer skirt, I think. Perhaps a little stiff, but I can’t resist neither colour nor seahorses… Thanks for the giveaway!


Just fell in love with Folklorico – Calaveras Alegre. I for see a quirky Hawthorne peplum top


I’ve yet to make a Colette Pattern, but this would push me to finally sew one up – a Laurel with a Dear Stella Fabric (basic dots)

Jennifer S.

Thinking the Jasmine bias cut blouse with Michael Miller’s Little Elephants in grey would be super cute for spring! Happy to find this site! Now I must go look at everything.


Laurel in Miller’s Romi would be so beautiful!!!


I would be Purrfectly Happy in a Hawthorne top in Lizzy House’s adorable cat fabric.


I would make the Beignet pattern in that lovely paisley designer corduroy!

Emma Jayne

What a dreamy giveaway! I’d go for a Peony in Amelia Caruso Effervescence


Oh wow, so many fabulous fabrics! Rachel’s taste seems to be quite similar to mine. (:
I love Carrie Bloomston’s Collage line, so I might try to make something from that. Let me see which Colette pattern that I don’t already own might work for that … either the Zinnia or the Lily with contrasting pieces, I think! But if I got to choose among all of those fabrics, I might get distracted again by other lovely patterns …


My eye was drawn to Outside Oslo – Dawn Tulip and Echino Decoro – Rythm Pink Stripe. I would make a Peony with the first fabric and a Laurel with the second.


I love that Lily Martin Baxter quills print! It’s a little wild, so I’d love to mix it with a demure long-sleeved peony pattern.


Ooooo, I’m thinking Beignet in the Orchid newsprint fabric would be fabulous! In fact if I don’t win, I just may order the fabric anyway. lol


I’d make the Albion in Grey Brushed Coating in their Designer Closeout section.


I’d make a summer macaron with the Stellar Blooms from Cori Dantini


I would make a lovely macaron dress with fabric 1- Romi! :)


The black Swiss dot would make a great Zinnia skirt!


I’m so excited that this store is in Chicago – I’ll have to go check it out! I would love to make the Colette Hazel pattern in Anna Maria Horner’s “Field Study – Specimen” fabric. The queen anne’s lace is gorgeous.


I want the Cascade Agate by Sarah Watson. Yellow and Grey floral watercolors…YES!!!!


I would make much-needed liners for some of my handmade baskets. And pronto!


I am thinking a Laurel in Anna Marie Horner’s Field Study Fine Feathered Pomegranate!


I would make the Zinnia in Romi by Michael Miller!


Oooo exciting! I would love to make a Peony in the Cori Dantini fabric called Tiny Seeds Pink. What a cool shop and a nice giveaway! Thanks!!


Ooh I’d love to have the Sencha and make it in Confetti Watermelon. :)


Love those fabrics :) I would make the Laurel in Eleanor Grosch Fabric. So fun for summer.


I’d make a peony out of knit ponte filigree! Thanks for this chance :)

Katie Williams

Oh, man. I’ve been wanting to try the Ceylon pattern for ages – and I’d definitely make it up in the cat fabric, #7, pictured above!


A Cooper in the Jessica Jones Dusk Wildflower fabric would be super stinkin’ cute!


Thanks for sharing this shop! I would love to have the amusement park stacks fabric for the back of a quilt I am making.


The Beignet skirt with the Windham Flannel called Flannel elements.


I’d make the Sencha in the Leah Duncan Terrain Slate – so pretty!

Shelley Gibb

A Parfait dress in Patty Young, Just My Type or Amy Butler, Corriander Seagrass. Some contrasting buttons or a plain fabric for parts of it would be dreamy. It would be a lovely make for the summer. Thank you.


Terrain Slate, to line a Cooper bag.


I’d love to make the Sencha blouse in “The Way of the Flowers” cotton voile by Rashida Coleman-Hale.


Oh, this is my favorite game – matching patterns with fabrics :-)
How could be possible to choose only one combo??
I would love to make macaron in pale mint Cori Dantini, also will be a great combo Amelia Caruso with rooibos or peony :-) Also everybody should have a skirt in pink, so I’d love to make zinnia in rose red corduroy :-)

The shop is great – I don’t like to shop overseas, but there are so beatuful fabric in the shop.. :-)
Thanks for the giveaway :-)


I’d love to make a macaron with the cotton dotted swiss as the yoke, but I can’t decide between the Lily Martine Quills and the Anna Maria Horner Fine Feathered. They’re both beautiful!


I loved Parenthetical Flight Potpourri and would like to make a Zinnia with it,


I think I’d like to try the Macaron in either Cascade Agate or the Terrain Slate or both! Lots of lovely choices!

Melissa S.

Where has this shop been all my life?!?! So much wonderful fabric! I’m working on the Albion right now and that brick red pinwale corduroy looks like it would make a nice jacket.

Katie Schulz

I think Peony done up in this almost solid Alexander Henry fabric would be a perfect everyday dress.


I would make the Hawthorne with the Micheal Miller Indo Ikat Romi, I love the Japanese typewriter and tea time fabric also. Thanks for sharing this fabulous resource for unique fabrics online.

Vairë Gwîr

I’d have a hard time picking just one. I love geometric prints, and those in this shop are gorgeous! Today I think I’d go for this one hoping to make a statement top. Maybe a Jasmine?


What a lovely giveaway! I’d make a Hawthorn in grey/blue Windham flannel. It would keep me cozy through the rest of winter.


I love all their fabrics, but I barely needed to visit the site to know that that Michael Miller Ikat is fantastic!

lisa g

i’ve got my eye on the Lily Martine Baxter in quills for a laurel. hadn’t seen this shop before… beautiful stuff!

Adri H.

I’d make a Negroni out of Alexander Henry’s “Heath Green” from his “In The Kitchen” collection. It’s 100% Cotton Oxford and I think it’d be AWESOME!


Lovely shop! I would like to make a Chantilly or two in Michael Miller’s Wallfower Waltz Pippa or Cotton Lawn Swirl Border Orange or maybe classic in White Cotton Dotted Swiss. Thank you for introducing me to The Needle Shop.


I’d make a Zinnia in Kaffe Fasset’s Shot Cotton Lichen fabric. I was also eyeballing that gorgeous Etsuko Furuya in Gothic Spring Green. I’m still trying to decide what I’d do with that.


Humm… The Cooper Bag with Jessica Jones Laminated FABRIC!


I could see myself making a mini wardrobe of colorful Iris shorts, perhaps starting with that lovely indo ikat by Michael Miller. Sooo many other great options though!


I’m drawn to the Zinnia pattern made from Michael Miller’s Norwegian Woods Too Foxtrot!
A cute skirt deserves a cute fabric!
Thank you for the chance.


I think that chantilly would look so cute in Field Study Fine Feathered fabric!


I keep meaning to make the Rooibos Dress so I would go with Kaffe Fassett Fabric in the Shot Cotton Lichen in the Blue Green color. And for the contrasting fabric Lizzy House’s Catnip in Kitty Dreams. This would be perfect for spring and summer!


I’d have to go for the grey wool brushed coating – it’d be so nice made up as an Albion!


I’d make a Hawthorn dress out of the beautiful Leah Duncan fabric.
There are so many wonderful options it is hard to pick just one.


Albion in Romi by Michael Miller would be stunning!

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