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I often meet people who say “I want to learn to sew, but I can’t even thread my sewing machine!”

My answer is always the same: “But that’s the hardest part! It’s all downhill from there.”

What I mean by that isn’t that threading a sewing machine is soooo incredibly difficult. We all know it’s not. What I mean is that, when you’re just starting out, the sewing machine is still a bit of a mystery to you.

Once you’ve unlocked that mystery, when you understand how all the parts work together to form a stitch, suddenly everything else becomes a lot easier to understand. You can understand things on a conceptual level, and so the rest is just building skills on top of one another. The machine knowledge is the foundation.

If you’re in that initial stage of coming to terms with your sewing machine, I highly recommend this free class by local-to-me teacher Amy Alan. It’s called Sew Ready: Machine Basics.


In the series, Amy walks you through all the basics of your sewing machine. Here’s what’s included:

  • Threading your machine
  • Winding the bobbin (this was the worst for me at first!)
  • How to use common presser feet that you might have
  • Common stitches
  • Replacing your needles
  • Solving common problems, such as tension issues and broken thread
  • Caring for and maintaining your machine


If you’re a more experienced sewist, you may have had others ask you about learning to sew. I think Amy’s class would be a great place for the total novice to start, and the fact that it’s totally free is also helpful for beginners who aren’t sure how much money to invest at first.


Plus, everything is covered in just 4 video lessons, with a total runtime of under an hour. It’s a really fast and easy way to get to know your machine, no matter what type you have.

Enroll for free in Machine Basics with Amy Alan >

{This free class is brought to you by Craftsy, one of our partners this month. Thanks Craftsy!}

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Amy is great, isn’t she!? I just might take this class as a refresher.


Thank you for reminding me that I’d signed up for this class when it was first offered & then promptly forgot about it. I’ll go check it out. I’m sure I’ve got plenty to learn, since I regularly just wing it!

Also – hem tutorial? Absolutely awesome e-book! Thank you so much! There’s so much info in that puppy. And you’re giving it away? You rock.

Adri H.

Amy’s awesome! I also signed up for her serger/overlocker course and have made so many things with my serger that I’d have thought would have been out of my league beforehand.

Judy Farrell

Hello Coletterie, Would you please resend the free class with Amy Alan….for some reason the introduction keeps repeating very soon past her introduction.


If you’re having trouble with the class, you’ll need to contact Craftsy directly. I’m just linking to it. :)

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