Meet Grey’s Fabric (and a giveaway!)



We are so excited to introduce the first member of our Partnership Program, the lovely Grey’s Fabric & Notions located in Boston, MA!

Q&A with shop owner, Sarah Grey

Would you say your store specializes in any particular fabrics or products?

We started with mostly quilting cottons, but now have wools, silks, home decor weight sateens, waxed canvas, lawn, voile, challis, corduroy, linens, chambrays, and more.

What sets your shop apart from other fabric shops?

I think that our aesthetic and my expert (hee!) curation really separates us from most fabric shops. Fabric shopping should be as pretty as the stuff you make! I have always hated going into ugly fabric shops, even when you could find some gems after digging. I don’t have patience for ugly things. It’s my only weakness.

What’s the vibe of your store’s neighborhood?

Our neighborhood is where the edgier art galleries are located. There’s a ton to see, especially on Sundays when they have a vintage/farmers/artisans market and food trucks galore.

I hear you host a weekly craft night called Crafty Foxes Sewing Club. How did you come up with name? 

Bobbin the Fox has always been our mascot and folks ask me where he came from. Truthfully, I wanted something cute and thematically “grey”, so a grey fox fit perfectly. Greyhounds are great, but since foxes are so crafty and we crafters are so foxy, a fox it was!

We wanna see pictures of the cute shop dogs!

Dart and Spindle, awwwwwe:


Fabrics We Love

We received some great fabric samples from Sarah. Might we suggest the following pairings?

partner-aug-greys-1  Radiance cotton/silk blend + Sencha

partner-aug-greys-2Linen/rayon yarn dye + Iris

partner-aug-greys-3Robert Kaufman Brussels Washer Linen – Charcoal or Black + Negroni

partner-aug-greys-4Art Gallery Fabrics – Luxe in Bloom Boucherite in Silver + Lily

partner-aug-greys-5Polyester Chiffon + Chantilly


pincushion-rings-greys-fabricWhen we posted photos from our visit to Grey’s, we noticed you readers were particularly interested in the Cupcake Pincushion Rings. As a special treat, Sarah has offered to give some away!

Leave a comment telling us your favorite thing you learned about Grey’s Fabric from this post. From those comments, we will randomly pick 3 winners to receive a Cupcake Pincushion Ring. The deadline will be tonight at midnight PST, and we will announce the winners tomorrow afternoon.

Update: The giveaway is now closed and the winners have been chosen. Thanks for your comments!

More Ways To Enjoy Grey’s

You can read more about the shop on their website, keep up with their adventures on their blog, or check out the goodies in their shop


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Comments 100


I love the yarn-dyed linen rayon fabric. It might have to come to my stash.


I love the name of their sewing club – Crafty Foxes! Makes me wonder if they dress up all foxy to go to the event? ;)

Tina C.

I learned I have a new place to visit when I visit my former hometown!!!


I am excited to learn about this fabric shop. I live just outside the city and can’t wait to check it out!


I learned that Grey’s has a really cool Etsy page– Now I really want some of that Kaffe Fassett Zinnia fabric <3


I learned about the cupcake pincushion ring- really cute idea!


I learned that etsy shop has a lot of awesome stuff, including Kaffe Fassett fabric. I love his knitting patterns, but I just don’t have time to do that type of colorwork, but sewing with fabric he designed with awesome color — definitely doable.


I learned they have some cute names for their pets/mascot. As great as Spindle and Bobbin are, Dart has to be the ultimate name for a greyhound owned by someone who has anything to do with sewing garments!

(And maybe it’s just that particular shot, but Sarah looks a bit like a photo-mashup of Sarai and Rachel! LOL)


I learned about a great store in my town that has Monday Night Sewing Advice Columns! A day and time I can sign up for to have someone answer my myriad newbie questions?! YES, please!!


Like some other, that yarn dyed fabric is very nice. But you have to love those Czech glass buttons.


I learned that Grey’s has an Etsy shop and I love the cupcake pincushion ring!


I love that their dogs’ names are Dart and Spindle! I love shop dogs! Sewing + Dogs is perfection. My other hobby is baking, so those cupcake pin cushions are my bag baby! Now I’m off to do some browser shopping!


I liked learning about their mascot. It’s great to see where their creativity stems from.


Oehhh found their etsy shop!! where they have some beautifull fabrics :) :) :)


Love the name of their craft group & I’m delighted to see they have an Etsy shop. I’ll definitely check it out!


Wow what beautiful fabrics ( and greyhounds).


I think any shop with a shop animal is awesome, so I learned that Grey’s is awesome!


I love that they do not like ugly fabric stores….neither do I!

Manette Gutterman

I love Crafty Foxes!

Emme Von

I love that they have amazing shop dogs!!



I love that they have those great dogs and I cannot believe you are posting about this fabric store today because I just ordered your “Lady Grey” pattern from them on Etsy and it arrived in the mail yesterday with that exact thank you card :) Way too funny! Such a small world!


I learned that Grey’s sells some really beautiful notions. Who wouldn’t love some of those Czech glass buttons? Lovely!


I learned about a fun new blog!


I liked learning that they have a sewing night; it sounds like a fun way to relax and get advice if you wanted it!


I’ve learned that I have one more reason to miss living in the Northeast.


I learned that if I’m ever in Boston my husband and I will definitely stop by Grey’s. Well, I can go to Grey’s and he won’t mind because of the galleries-he’s a painter. Total win! Sounds like a great neighborhood.


Sarah has fantastic taste in fabric and dog names. Grey’s Fabric sounds like it belongs here in Portland, with its self-proclaimed Sunday revelries of “vintage/farmers/artisans market and food trucks galore”.
I would adore one of these sweet rings. How handy for stitching! I’ll nip off to buy one if I am not lucky enough to snag one here.


Totally Portland-esque, that made me want to visit Boston!


I just love nice fabric and look forward to our evolving relationship !!


What a beautiful shop!


I love the quote “I don’t have patience for ugly things”! And their weekly Crafty Foxes Sewing Club…great name! And I might have to bookmark this for some of those fabric suggestions…

Ceira Thomas

Not only from this article but from everything about Colletterie I learned that even I, a hand stitch designer from Spokane WA, can make dreams come true. Finding this site made me believe in myself and my crafts. I hope someday to be as established as all of these wonderful people featured on here.


Beautiful! I’m happy Coletterie could be a part of that sentiment :)

Melissa H

Though I already found Grey’s through the web, I didn’t realize they had an Etsy shop as well! Score :)


Love the fabric samples Grey’s provided and the pairing with your patterns! I am a visual person and can imagine your beautiful Sencha made in the red or blue Radiance cotton/silk blend and the beautiful print of Art Gallery Fabrics – Luxe in Bloom Boucherite in Silver + Lily (Hawthorn would probably look great in this print too!). I always have a hard time picking the correct fabric :)

Natalie Brother

Two things
#1 – I loooove pretty fabric shops
#2 – I loooove love love the cupcake pincushion rings! They are just so lovely!


I particularly love Sarah’s inability to endure ugliness.

Jeri Sullivan

I learned “since foxes are so crafty and we crafters are so foxy”

How funny!


I love learning about new fabric resources – that yarn dyed linen looks lovely!


Greyhounds are great! And the shop sounds wonderful. Next time I’m in Boston, I’m there!

leah z

they have awesome fabric and dogs! Nice combination!

Ann frederix

I also hate to go to shops where you have to search a long while to find something beautiful. And these shops still exist!!


Bobbin the Fox!!!! I love it! And I totally agree with wanting a pretty fabric shopping experience – I’ll say as the consumer, I’m definitely willing to spend more if the shop is nice, and local ;)


I learned that they have a really cool Etsy page :) and that i am in love with the little pincushions :) thank you!


They’re etsy store is awesome, so many possibilities! I hadn’t heard of them until today!


I learned that I absolutely must order some of those czech buttons!


I love learning that there are others who want the experience of fabric shopping to be pretty and pleasant. I am just NOT usually up for too much digging in a basement lit by terrible fluorescents. A curated store full of beauty? Now THAT’s my bag!

Michelle T

I learned that they have an Etsy shop with some gorgeous fabrics that I need!


I like the idea that fabric shopping should be as beautiful as the stuff you make. It kind of makes the sewing experience complete. Having said that, I can’t say everything I make could be considered beautiful!

Shannon Snyder

The Radiance cotton/silk blend is gorgeous and their greyhounds are too cute! Thanks for turning me on to their etsy shop :)


The meaning behind Crafty Foxes Sewing Club!


I learned how beautiful the sheen on that Radiance cotton/silk blend is! I think I need some in my life.


I learned that they carry cupcake pin cushion rings, which I may just have to buy if I don’t win one. Fingers crossed though!

deborah b.

It might sound silly, but I was thrilled to read the words ‘waxed canvas.’ There is something so gloriously comforting about the list of fabrics. Also, the yarn-dyed linen/rayon blend completely bowls me over. I wish I could flit over to Boston right now! Also the buttons are beautiful!!

Would love love love a cupcake pincushion ring and could put it to immediate & good use. Thanks for the chance!


I am particularly fond of the cupcake pincushion rings. they are adorable!


I love that they have shop dogs! They are so cute – especially in glasses!


My favorite thing was the names of their shop dogs. :) Especially Spindle! Also, their Etsy shop is really neat.


I love that their shop is in an artsy part of town surrounded by other forms of art! This is a lovely giveaway! The cupcake pin cushions are adorable.

Cicily H.

My favorite thing I learned was that they host a weekly craft night, Crafty Foxes Sewing Club, which I SOOOO wish was happening near me! I would come every week!

elizabeth rehmer

I learned that they are located in boston and I am planning a visit at the end of sept/beg of october when I go home for a marathon. I also learned they have a FAB etsy shop!! I have the cupcake ring (ordered after your post) but would love to give one to my aunt who is a newbie sewist and lover of cupcakes! :)


Oh neat, how do you like your pincushion ring?

Jennifer at My Sewing Suite

Love the pairing of the radiance fabric with the Sencha blouse. Also the pincushions are super cute.
Thanks for sharing

elizabeth rehmer

I just couldn’t resist and ordered the paper version of your Nutmeg pattern! Can’t wait for its arrival.


” I don’t have patience for ugly things. It’s my only weakness.”
That made my day! Sometimes I feel silly for choosing pretty over practical. I might embroider “No patience for ugly things” on something and put it in my sewing room!

Lisa S.

I learned (and adore) that the shop is in and artsy neighborhood. My friend and I will be visiting Boston next summer, and we’d love to stop at the store and also check out the Sunday vintage/farmers/artisans market!


I love the story behind the mascot.


I love the greyhounds!


I learned they’re in Boston, but they have an etsy store. (And I wish I could visit their Crafty Fox night and pet the dogs!)

Yolanda Reynolds nowebsite

I have never heard of your store before. i am planning a trip to Boston. I will try to stop by. I’m new to sewing so. i didn’t know about the ring.

Deby at So Sew Easy

I learned that they have shop pets – love this. I think everyone should have work pets – makes work a more friendly and relaxing place with animals about. My sewing cats are of course the exception because they lie all over everything I am trying to cut, and little Scruffy even loves to eat tissue paper patterns if I avert my eyes for a second. Cute write up – thanks.


Dart and Spindle!!! That’s the most awesomeness shop dog name combo ever!!! I want two new doggies so I can name them that!!


Great to get introduced to this exciting fabric resource! Can’t wait to see what treasures lie in store.

Rachel Dwyer

I recently discovered Grey’s Fabric through another blog I follow (Katy & Laney) and I can’t wait to someday visit when my husband and I come for a Red Sox game! So happy to learn Grey’s has shop dogs! My two favorite things: sewing and pooches.


What beautiful fabric and I love the greyhounds, aka foxes! Never thought of using a ring pin cushion but it is a great idea!


Who you are – I have ordered many times from Grey’s Fabric’s Etsy shop, and have always had a pleasant experience. If I’m ever in the area, then I’m stopping by to pet those shop dogs (and acquire new fabric)!


I especially liked that their doggies are named Dart and Spindle…clever. I would like one named Bobbin…Bob for short :)


I love that linen rayon yarn dye and I want a pair of shorts made out of that! I also love that there are people out there in different cities selling quality apparel fabric.


I realized that Robert Kaufman goes beyond quilting cottons because I really like the Brussels Washer Linen. Plus, I should have made my son stop at their store while I was in Boston last June!


I totally agree with the ugly store thing. Being in a pretty store where the fabric really shines just helps fuel my desire to sew and, if I’m honest, splurge a little bit more on a nice cut of fabric.

Hearing about the area around the store also reminds me of Portland and where Bolt is located. (Oh I miss Bolt!) I wonder if there’s an area like that up here around Seattle where I might be able to find a decent fabric store.


I learned they have an Etsy shop so I can buy items even though I’m not local.


I love that they have a mascot, a sewing club and the names of those two :)


My favourite thing I learned – that they concentrate on stocking pretty fabrics. We have a few fabric shops in our area but unfortunately their stock mostly seems to fall into the ‘ugly’ category and you really have to dig to find apparel fabrics you would want to sew with.


I live and sew and in Boston, and I just met Sarah (and her shop) a few weeks ago. I love it! She’s super friendly and helpful, and her shop is packed full of sewing goodness. My favorite part about the shop is their “wall of patterns” – all proudly displayed with plenty of room to gaze and ponder, as opposed to most shops that cram them into a bin. Go visit if you ever find yourself in the Boston area!

Vickey Gerrish

I love finding out that there is a fabric store in Boston! I recently made my first trip to NYC and fell in love with the fabrics stores there….but not easy to get to NYC from Maine! Now I know that I can hop on the train and go to what looks to be a great fabric shop.


I found it so interesting that cities are really starting to rejuvenate downtown cores with art galleries, cool shops and food trucks. That is exactly what our city is also doing now. I really hope they continue to appreciate downtown areas more as the architecture and history are so fantastic. Boston and other major centres are way ahead on the game but it is growing.
Oh…and they love dogs!

Alli B

That the store has two very cute shop assistants (Dart & Spindle) who are there to help customers find the perfect fabric for their projects (they are so cute!)


Catching up on my reading too late for the contest, I guess, but what I learned now the Chantilly dress is a must on my to-make list! I love the fabric pairing and color choice.


A fabric curator giving recommendations for your lovely patterns…how helpful!


So many favorites! But my favorite favorites are the cotton/silk blend, the rayon/linen fabric, the Crafty Foxes, and the shop doggies (so cute)!


It is so great to hear about a fabric shop that is branching out of just quilting cotton and are now carrying a fantastic selection of clothing weight cloth! It feels great to support multiple small businesses when I sew my own clothes!

Barbara Dobree

I learned that a fabric shop should really be part of an artistic environment like this one. Validation in regards to my theory that sewing is an art and hopefully there will be more recognition of this fact in the future.

Joyce Hamilton

I like that they have waxed canvas :)

Pat Rose Thompson

So pleased to have found this site this morning! I see wonderful times ahead!


Arrgh ~ I work full time & don’t get to my email every night – I would have loved one of these cupcake rings

Jennie Beth

Wow! Grey’s Fabric & Notions has THREE of my favorite things of all time: crafty foxes, adorable adorable greyhounds, AND cupcakes. <3 <3 <3 … Can you 0pen up a location in Denver?! Pretty please!!


Living in Europe I was very happy to learn that Grey’s has an Etsy shop and I particularly love the cupcake pincushion rings!

David Battjes

I love the Czech Glass Buttons – I can see them on several outfits now


Woot! Next time I am at SOWA Markets I’ll have to pop by and take a look at the buttons!

Maria Robin

It’s good to know that she has an Etsy shop. I love the fact that she does not buy ugly fabric, and hope that she can retire soon to work full time in her shop.

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