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Let’s give a warm welcome to Lin Hendrix of Linnie Darling, our second participant in the Partnership Program! Lin’s lovely online shop offers a variety of new and resale craft products.

Q&A With Shop Owner, Lin

How did you start this unique online shop?

I’ve been sewing since I was three and knitting and crocheting almost as long and pretty much grew up with the idea that one made one’s own clothes or textile items first and only turned to stores as a last resource.  As you can imagine, I amassed a huge stash of fabric and yarn, patterns, everything!

I started listing my de-stash fabric and yarn on Etsy in 2011. That did pretty well, and I started my own website a year later.

What kind of products do you offer?

Fabric I’d sew with: unusual weaves, prints and quality fibers with an emphasis on casual. Silky lawns, hemp and organics, linen and rayon or cotton knits and a smattering of pretty silks. I offer free swatches to buyers, so they know what they’re getting.

I stock several indie sewing pattern lines, a selection of colorful yarns and a few trims and hard to find notions.


Is there any chance of a brick and mortar store opening in Austin?

One of my goals is to eventually have the definitive sewing and knitting destination in Austin.  There is definitely a vision for a unique and compelling retail shop.  When?  Probably not anytime soon. I need to grow my business more first.

How do you balance running the shop and working a day job?  

I don’t.  I’m always burning the candle at both ends.  It can be tough sometimes, but I look forward to the day when I can quit the day job and devote 100% to Linnie Darling.

Does anyone else help you manage the shop, or is it a one woman show?

Just little ol’ me.  My boyfriend is often drafted into holding up fabric bolts for me to photograph.  I pay him with home cooked meals and dinner out.

Got any cute animals?

Absolutely.  Monty, aka Loverboy, and Angelita Katrina.  My two darling tuxies help me with the computer aspects—sadly they are too furry to be allowed into the yarn and fabric studio.


What is your favorite part about being the owner of Linnie Darling?

I love love love fabric and yarn, color and texture, and being allowed to be part of someone’s creative process.

My philosophy is to try to offer high quality textiles at a lower than usual price. I want folks sewing and knitting and making stuff, not worrying about being able to afford a pretty fabric.  It’s important for people to create; from a lowly dishcloth to a fancy party dress.  It makes the world a better place.

Fabric Giveaway!

Lin has kindly offered to give away 2.5 yards of any silk/cotton voile blends from her store. Wow!

Here are just two of the lovely prints you could choose from if you win:



If you’d like to create something lovely with this fabric, leave a comment telling us your favorite thing you learned about Linnie Darling from this post.

Leave your comment by midnight on Wednesday 9/4. We will randomly generate a winner, and contact them via email on Thursday 9/5.

Rachel Rasmussen   —  

Rachel is a nerdy Oregon native with a philosophy degree and classical dance background. She fancies her personal style to be quirky sophistication, focusing on the importance of fit while adding special touches of handmade embellishments. She is also a connoisseur of whiskey and nap-taker extraordinaire.

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I learned that Linnie Darling has a great name, prefers casual and quality and that she’s been sewing since 3!

Fabric Tragic

Love that a need to de stash has fuelled a new business and allowed her passion for fabrics to continue! And also love her tuxedo kitties – so cute!


I learned from Linnie that building something from scratch is HARD! but totally worth it if it is something that you know you are destined to do!


I learned that her work space looks a bit my mine in terms of being in a state of controlled chaos.


My fave thing is that she’s been sewing since she’s 3! Dedication. My next fave is her cats!


I learned that Linnie Darling exists! Thanks so much for showing me this amazing online store!

Johanna@projects by me

I learned that she seems VERY passionate about her business, but I also worry that working two jobs will burn her out (been there myself). She also has excellent taste in cats! Those two are adorable!!!


I learned that Linnie offers free swatches! It’s a risk to buy fabric online sometimes, so I love that she offers that to her customers.


I had not heard about Linnie Darling yet, so I looked at the website, looks amazing! My fave things is that she looks so happy and friendly :).


Linnie loves yarn, fabric and cats, and she works really hard.


I didn’t know about Linnie, before this post. I have already checked out her website, and will buy some fabric for my stash! !

Adri H.

Fave thing about Linnie… that she wants to open a brick & mortar in Austin! That would be lovely since I often visit Austin. It’s one of the places I miss the most in the U.S. Also, it’s cool to hear about someone starting on Etsy, supporting indie textile designers, and growing enough business to be able to (possibly) support a brick & mortar store. Very inspirational!


I learned that Linnie has some great fabrics. I have just added her site to my favorites. The pale tribal print voile has just the colors I have been hunting for.

Erin Hill

I love the fact she wants to show people it doesnt cost a fortune to make your own clothing, buying fabric can be an expensive job, but like she has said, its good to make a dress out of a dishcloth YAY


I learned that you can have a day job and a passion at the same time, although it’s hard. Very very inspirational for me :)


I learned that she loves cats as much as I do. Also yarn and fabric.
Thanks for this great introduction!


predicatble – but those cats! i love that first beautiful fabric too. i wish i lived nearer! she needs a bricks and mortar store!


I most loved just learning of the shop. Hadn’t come across it before. I’m also a native Texsn so always happy to hear from someone there.


I didn’t know about Linnie Darling but am delighted to have learned about the exquisite shop. Thank you for featuring it!


I liked that she’s been sewing since she was 3!


Lin’s cats help her with computer work! Fortunately, our darling Bella helps us, too. Am heading over to check out your store right now.

Elena Knits

omg, those fabrics are gorgeous! It’s funny that all this started by de-stashing . Thank you for letting us know about this shop.


I can’t believe she started sewing when she was 3, that’s awesome! I have a 15 month old- maybe she can start “soon”…..


I learned that Linnie Darling is based in Austin – my former stomping ground and one of my fav places in the world.


I’ve learned that she has really beautifull fabrics and wants everyone to be able to create. And that’s she’s been sewing sinecure she was 3! I hope my kids will learn from me too!


I love that she said she likes to be a part of someone else’s creative process–such a neat way of putting it!

Michelle Bannon

I learned that there is a wonderful woman in Austin who is so passionate about fabric, sewing and crafting that she works tirelessly to make her dream a reality. I was unaware that Linne Darling existed and am so happy to be able to support this great women-owned business! I love that she gives free swatches and I absolutely love her cats!

Jeannette In St. Louis

Free Swatches?! What a great idea!

Kendra Cameron

I learned that she lives in Austin, which is such a cool place to live! How wonderful to be surrounded by all that fabric!!


I learned that she is a hard working woman! A day job and a online store! My goodness.


from reading the comments, i learned i’m not the only seamstress whose favorite thing about sewing is cats!! obviously, lin’s cats are neglected, LOL!!, since they can’t go to work with her!! i surely hope she can open a store in austin!!! proud to be a seamstress, not a smelly pipe with fecal material running through, sande

Lisa S.

I learned that she got her business started on Etsy. I just favorited that shop and also her website. She has some really beautiful fabrics!


Her boyfriend is her photographer. Obviously the woman is a great manager as well as having great taste in fabric.


I love her kitties! And all the gorgeous fabric :-)


I love that photo of Lin surrounded by gorgeous fabric from head to toe! I’m impressed that she runs an entire shop by herself while still keeping down a full time job – wow! That blows me away. Keep up the good work, Lin! : )

Tina C.

Two things: she’s a one woman show (inspiring to me as I’d love to have my own haberdashery some day) and she’s got a pair of ridiculously gorgeous cats.


I love “It’s important for people to create” makes me feel like I’m part of the creative group.

Pam Bruner

I learned Linnie Darling is based in Austin and she is a very hardworking lady.


I learned that Linnie has been sewing since she was three, and knitting and crocheting almost as long. And she calls her cats Tuxies (so cute!).

Megan D

I found Linnie Darling on etsy awhile back. I didn’t know she also worked full time! I’ve always admired the pretty fabrics in her shop.

Vairë Gwîr

That her cats are oh so cute!


That she seems super sweet and that her kitties are unbelievably cute!! <3


I learned that Linnie plans on opening a store in Austin the future, which I would love to visit! And she’s got some awfully cute kitties.


I just love that you introduced me to this wonderful store of hers! I would be such a big supporter if Linnie would open up a store in Austin – it would give me (another) excuse to make the drive over the Central TX!! Thanks for the chance to win, she has some gorgeous fabrics!!


Thank you for letting me know about her store! Awesome swathes so I know if its the right feel for a dress or blouse!

Amber PB

I love those cats! What cuties!

Charlotte Amaro

I love her beautiful cats. Thanks for the contest.


Well, I’ve learned that she has a day-job and also her own small business – that’s awesome, and also, very difficult to handle. Thank you!


i love the fact that she was brave and started her own shop. honestly, i call it brave when anyone is able to start up a pattern line or open a shop, etc. it takes a special kind of faith in yourself!

Amy Southerland

Thanks for letting us know about her shop!


I learned that Linnie has great taste :)


I learned that Linnie Darling *exists*! (I am new to sewing, and new to Coletterie’s website / mailing list.) Love the tuxedo kitties! And I love the fabrics and patterns on Lin’s website. Thanks for the article!


I love learning about all these new stores that I can check out! What fun. I really love the tuxedo cats. I would have to say that was my favorite part because I just adopted a little tuxedo kitten myself a few weeks ago :)

I love that black and white fabric and could totally see that fabric as a gorgeous Colette Licorice dress! I am currently sewing myself through all the Colette patterns (yes, I am a little late to the game) and that fabric immediately jumped out to me as that dress.


I have just learned that Linnie has a wonderful fabric selection in her store and I’m tickled by the idea that she started this business out of her fabric stash!


I am thrilled to find a store that carries a collection on rayon knits and the silk/ cotton blends. I recently was able to handle a silk/cotton blend in a store and I was in love. I purchased two yards to make a new fall scarf. Now I want to make a few camisoles.


What I learned (or rather, what I gathered), is that you are never too old to try something new and have a dream and I love that!


Yay, please count me in! Great story that she started from her own fabric stash.. Learning this makes me think that my boyfriend might be right about how it is a good idea to open up a webshop for beautiful fabric..


I learned that Lin’s boyfriend assists by holding up bolts of fabric for her to photograph…………and that she either cooks for him or takes him out for a meal as payment for his helpfulness. How sweet!


I learned that Linnie Darling (awesome name!) sells beautiful fabrics along with Colette patterns and other supplies and notions. I think it is wonderful that her stash-busting turned into a business!

Christine Griffin

I love that she choose to sell and let others use her stash rather than letting it go to waste! What a beautiful idea :)

Amy Clark

Favorite thing I learned: That her shop exists and how to find it. I just checked out her website and added it to my favorites – there is some great stuff in the vintage/de-stash section and I love that that section is there!


I love the way she “pay” to her boyfriend


I learned the link for a fabulous new online source for great fabric. Placed my first two orders already and coveting more. Thank you Colette and Linnie. Perfect partnership!


I learned she stocks indie patterns!


I learned there’s another local seller I need to check out. I would much rather buy from a local independent seller when I can. And the cats are beautiful!


She owns cats, ’nuff said.


It’s lovely to hear about someone who has had a love of creating clothing since they were a small child.


First off, just learning about Linnie Darling and her fabulous fabric selection was a bonanza. But then learning that she is doing this in her down time from another job makes me admire her even more. Congratulations Lin, all your hard work shows off, an amazing array of beautiful fabrics!


Those silky cats!

Chickadee Workshop

I love that Linnie has two tuxedo cats! My favorite cat EVER was a male tuxedo and he was a just a huge (19 lbs) ball of love. Hope I win!


Lin looks so happy to be sharing her bounty!


I love that she pays her boyfriend with good, old fashioned home cooking- something that can slip by the wayside when I’m psycho-sewing! Didn’t know about her before, but love her store now! Some of the fabrics she has stocked are fabrics I’ve sewn with or have wish-listed!


Thanks so much for featuring Linnie – new to me but I’m excited to shop at her store – I love her philosophy: “I want folks sewing and knitting and making stuff, not worrying about being able to afford a pretty fabric. It’s important for people to create; from a lowly dishcloth to a fancy party dress. It makes the world a better place” So inspiring! :) And the fact that she shops at stores as a last resource – awesome!

Deb H.

I love it that her boyfriend is supportive and helps her out.


I learned of her existence! And free swatches–woo! I just moved to San Antonio (about an hour+ from Austin) and definitely hopes she opens a brick and mortar soonish b/c we really need more options for garment sewing here!

PDX Gretchen

I loved learning about this shop (which I did not know about before), but am most impressed by the fact that Linnie runs this entirely on her own. After working another job. Thank you, Linnie, for your dedication and for sharing your fabric treasures with us all!

Miss Prickly

I love the name her store! and her cats!


At last, proof that cats are technological wizards! Great website with beautiful fabrics at good prices…wonderful. :-D


My favorite thing is she wants to open up a place in Austin—-where I live!!!! We can’t have too many sewing destinations. I wish her the best and hope she’s able to bring her dream to life!


Thank you, learning of the shop Linnie Darling, is fantastic. I love her ideal that one should craft and create first and turn to stores as a last resource. It is amazing that she is a one woman business (with a photo helper paid in love) that strives to bring quality at a lower price.


I think that my favorite thing that I learned is that Monty the cat is actually Loverboy. I think that pets are very important to the crafting process.


I learned that Linnie Darling has the most beautiful wool/modal jersey fabric in the most gorgeous light blue. Yum.

Your Name… *Brenda Everett

I think it’s very interesting that Lin started by trying to “destash” her fabric stash! Mine is ever growing so maybe someday I’ll be starting my own business!!

Lynn b

Thanks for introducing me to a great fabric destination that was brand new to me.


I learned that I need to hop over to her site and buy some of her hard to find notions and as I always say, you can trust anyone that has cats!

Jen B

I love that she carries casual, yet interesting, fabrics.


I learned about a new (to me) seller who has some gorgeous fabrics!


She loves wool, fabric and cats…

Jamie Grace-Duff

I loved learning that she has a day job and also this things I love job. That balance is HARD! Plus, she has such lovely things.

Carol Binion

I am most surprised to learn that in 2013 there is a business that started online… And intends to go brick-and-mortar! This seems very unusual and it’s nice to know that the crafting community will have a new place to actually meet face to face. I love the caring philosophy.


Lovely fabric!

Loretta Heard

I admire that Linnie has a vision and a goal that she is working hard to accomplish! Checked out her store and love the selection of fabrics! Thanks!


that she’s in austin and THOSE CATS! those cats!!


So exciting to have a brick and mortar to look forward to. I like looking at fabric online, but buying it always feels like such a gamble.


Wow – so glad to learn about this shop! I enjoyed hearing about Linnie’s attitude of removing barriers to sewing – making fabric affordable, offering free swatches. Thanks for offering this giveaway!

Sharon Prentice

I learned that Lin is a woman who is passionate about fabrics and creating. She is also following her passion and dream. I am going to your site right now Lin, best wishes to you in your quest to open your own brick and mortar shop. I know it will be lovely!


I liked it that Linnie wants to open a physical store but doesn’t have a set date around that goal. Current thinking about goal-setting encourages date-setting, but that never works well for me. I’m encouraged to hear that someone so successful seems to have a flexible approach to planning her next steps.

marci macfarlane

I love her cats, I also try to keep my kitties out of the sewing area, but the more I try the more they want in…they often sit outside the window and meow or try to push open the gate to get in.

Beautiful fabric.


I like that Lin offers fabrics high quality fabrics at a lower price. I think many sewists feel prevented from using good fabric because it’s out of their budget.


Oh my! What lovely prints! I love that Lin started out so organically. We all have stashes of goods but how many of us are creative enough to open them up to others the way she did. Great idea and beautiful taste. And then of course, there are those cats…..

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