Behind The Scenes with Zinnia



Photo shoot days at the studio are always a little hectic, but lots of fun, too. Zinnia went off almost without a hitch, and it was the first shoot with all five of the current Colette employees!

zinnia-behind-the-scenes-1 zinnia-behind-the-scenes-2 zinnia-behind-the-scenes-3


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Credits and details:
Model: Jade Sheldon
Photography assistants: Sheli Ben-Ner and Kristen Blackmore
Jewelry: Tiro Tiro
Set: Home of the lovely Jen McCabe of Honey Kennedy
Wardrobe: Cabled sweater (vintage), hats (vintage), boots (Frye Lucy Boots), cream loafers (vintage Brooks Brothers), brown loafers (vintage), tights (we love colors), silk tank (Sorbetto), wine leotard (Danskin)
Fabrics used: Navy rayon challis (version 1), Metallic heavy tweed (version 2), mocha silk chiffon (version 3), all purchased locally in Portland, OR



Rachel Rasmussen   —  

Rachel is a nerdy Oregon native with a philosophy degree and classical dance background. She fancies her personal style to be quirky sophistication, focusing on the importance of fit while adding special touches of handmade embellishments. She is also a connoisseur of whiskey and nap-taker extraordinaire.

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I think that your new skirt is fabulous! It looks like you all have a lot of fun working together!


I think the photos for this pattern are beautiful. The location suits the pattern well and overall it feels very autumn-like to me.

Michele Gross

Beautiful pictures. I have my Zinnia pattern, I have my beautiful silk chiffon fabric——-but I am starting to have concerns about creating with chiffon. But your beautiful pictures are pushing me to get started so I can wear this dreamy skirt. I even have a vintage fisherman’s sweater that has been living in my closet from my husband’s youth! So glad I didn’t decide to sell it online now~!


Don’t worry, we’ve just posted some tips on sewing with delicate fabrics such as chiffon!


This was the first pattern release in years that I could resist. Have to say I am relieved because I need to catch up on all the previous patterns that I haven’t even gotten to yet (Hawthorne! Juniper! Anise!)… Love that Ken was pouring cocktails, your shoots reflect the mood that they are shot in. Lovely! Keep up the beautiful work. Sorry you didn’t win the Martha Stewart thing but you still rule in my eyes!


Haha, I was actually just playing around with some potential props while Sarai was taking test shots to check the light.


These pictures make me realize why I like the Colette Patterns company so much. You are totally professional while at the same time being warm and personable. So while your professionalism creates products that are impeccably planned and executed, your warmth manifests itself in the directions and tutorials. And combine the two, to make an almost flawless product. Thanks so much for all your hard work.


Beautiful!! Where are the jewellry from?


The jewelry was provided by Tiro Tiro. Her work is stunning, everyone should check it out!


Seriously….. I wish I lived on your side of the country and that I could work with you guys. It just looks like so much fun to do all the things you do – design, create, construct, produce, model and sell. I love it!


Cannot wait to move back home to the west coast…everytime I see your photos it makes me miss home to much…half the time I get a bit teary eyed…something about the vibe of your company just reminds me of home so much…my discovery of colette came at a time when i am really missing home too…really beautiful pictures and I am really trying to catch up with cleaning house, etc. so I can sew this skirt :)


I love these behind the scenes shots. Congrats again on the launch of your newest pattern!


I think the chiffon version of Zinnia is lovely. I’d love to make it, but feel like I might never have the opportunity to wear it. But looking at the way you’ve styled it in the photos, maybe I’ll have to use some of my gorgeous piece of dark red silk chiffon….hmmmm….


I love the jewelry you were using in the shoot. Especially the rings. Where are they from?


Gorgeous jewelry was provided to us by local maker Tiro Tiro!


Honey Kennedy’s house is adorable! I also love the cocktails and serenading provided by Kenn.


Ah, a lovely setting . . . I really like the first ring, the one with the half-circles of wire, but the HATS! Who supplied the hats? Especially the tan one with feathers?


The hats are all vintage, sourced over the years by Sarai.


Are you going to do a sewing get together again anytime soon?


We will have a Needlework Night towards the end of October. Stay tuned for more details!


I have that same chandelier in my kitchen! My mom got it from an old house they were tearing down for pennies. I keep thinking I’ll repaint it, but I do like the brass color.

P.S. I love this skirt. It is super cute.

Loesje Shema

If I won some Liberty Tana lawn I would make something sweet and classic in a top. The Hawthorn pattern comes to mind first.I have always been impressed with the fine fabrics offered by Liberty of London and never felt “worthy”. (What is I make a mistake? What if it looks wrong on me? How can I justify spending this on myself?) Please give me a chance to prove myself wrong.

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