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Introducing Selene: Modern Fit, Classic Style

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Selene’s Story

You guys, it’s launch day! That means that here at Colette HQ, we are probably eating donuts and high-fiving one another. For this release I thought we would do something a little different. I want to share the details and features that make Selene a really cool garment, but also the story behind the design. So here’s Kris, the mastermind behind Selene, talking about what inspired this classic skirt.

On my first morning in Paris last autumn I stepped onto the intricately tiled sidewalk in front of my hotel, my stomach begging for food after an early morning flight.

I started to make my way through the chilly and charming cafe lined streets of the 2nd arrondissement in search of food — specifically I needed a burger. As I walked I allowed myself to become captivated with the city that surrounded me, and I began to notice that the rumors seemed to be true — every woman who passed me seemed so effortlessly dressed in flattering skirts, silk blouses, and well-tailored coats, all paired perfectly with well-appointed accessories.

I was instantly smitten with the city’s seemingly inherent fashion sense, and felt a bit out of place in an outfit that would normally be considered stylish in Portland.

As I spent time wandering and observing the street style of Paris, I became determined to infuse more French fashion into my own wardrobe while maintaining my own distinct fashion identity.

I wanted more fine fabrics, fitted jackets, and form fitting pencil skirts. After all, I reasoned, putting on a nice dress in the morning is just as easy as putting on my usual uniform of skinny jeans and a button down.

And that’s where the idea of Selene was born – an effort to fuse my love for Parisian and American street style.

The plain front of version 1 and the tailored welt pockets of version 2 are perfectly suited to be spotted on any cobblestoned, cafe lined alleyway of a major European metropolis.

Version 3 invites a bit more of an American sophistication with the notched menswear inspired angled pockets. All three versions are designed to become wardrobe staples that you can wear year round in any city, so you’ll never feel out of place.

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Version 1: The Simple Classic


Show off your love for vintage-influenced style in a modern pencil skirt that boasts classic details.

Selene combines a contemporary silhouette with timeless details such as a lapped zipper. Take advantage of the simplicity of version 1 by using a gorgeous floral or bold stripes.

Version 2: The Tailored Classic


Welt pockets are a classic, tailored detail that look stunning on jackets and skirts alike.

Flex your sewing chops by sewing version 2. With its single welt pockets, this version sews up beautifully in wool. Or sew up a version in linen for an effortless look ideal for sunny days.

Version 3: The Modern Classic


Who doesn’t love pockets? Version 3 features diagonal seamed pockets with a menswear inspired notch.

This version is ideal for color blocking. Go bold by using a high contrast fabric for the side panels and pockets, or try using a contrast pocket lining for a more subtle color pop.

Selene looks great in…

Selene is a truly versatile skirt. It looks just as stunning in a dark wash denim as it does in a lush tropical wool.


Get 15% Off + Win!

Can’t wait to start stitching this versatile skirt? Lucky for you, Selene is 15% off through April 19th! No promo code needed, just add Selene to your cart and the discount will be applied at checkout.

In celebration of Selene, we are also giving away three hand-picked Selene kits. These gorgeous kits include all the fabric and notions needed to make Selene (pattern not included).

Kit One Includes: 1 3/4 yards of 60″ wide wool gabardine in lipstick red, 2 yards of 45″ wide tone-on-tone pin dot lining, 1 yard lightweight fusible interfacing, 1 matching 9″ zipper, matching thread, and 1 trouser clasp.

Kit Two Includes: 2 yards of 60″ wide dark wash denim, 2 yards of 45″ wide acetate polkadot lining, 1 yard lightweight fusible interfacing, 1 matching 9″ zipper, matching thread, and 1 trouser clasp.

Kit Three Includes: 1 3/4 yards of 60″ wide cotton rayon yarn dyed suiting, 2 yards of 45″ wide pink rayon lining, 1 yard lightweight fusible interfacing, 1 matching 9″ zipper, matching thread, and 1 trouser clasp.

Leave a comment below sharing which kit is your favorite for a chance to win! Three lucky winners will receive their favorite kit pick. Winners will be announced here on the blog on Tuesday April 19th.


Find Selene Locally

Support your local shewing shop. Check out this list of retailers from all over this globe.

Haley Glenn   —   Editorial Director

Five years ago, Haley left the apparel industry to join the world of home sewing. She has been empowering women to sew ever since – first through years of in-person teaching at Sew LA, and now through her writing at Colette. Haley writes tutorials and articles on our blog, teaches sewalongs, and writes and edits for our magazine, Seamwork.

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The red wool is amazing! I’ve been wishing (hard) for a lined pencil skirt pattern, and the welt pocket version is calling my name. Thanks ladies!


I always need more skirts in my life, they’re pretty much all I wear anyway. I pick Kit 3, it would look great with the little notched pockets.

Emily Dontsos

Absolutely in love with this gorgeous new pattern! Colette never fails to delight and inspire :) I would so love to win Kit Number One – that beautiful vibrant red. Fingers crossed!


Kit #1 is my favorite too! It’s so va va voom! Now I wish I could win too.

Lynn Marcusen

Ooooh! I can’t decide which is my favorite. I guess I will say Kit 1 in Lipstick Red wool gabardine. I could conquer anything in the new Colette Selene skirt stitched up with this fabric! Awesome!


Selene is lovely! Kit 3 is my favorite though I’m in a denim skirt a lot.


Oh, wow, the new pattern is great. I think that I would love to try it in any one of the kits, but the red would definitely be a good change for me and get me out of my normal comfort zone of working only with cottons. Thanks for the new pattern and the chance to win a kit, too!


The denim and polka dot is totally the winner for me.


I really like Selene!! Kit two is my favorite. :)


Dark wash denim!! Love this new pattern.


Love the polka dot and denim combo, although the red is a close second! Hope I win.

Tracy K.

I would pick kit #2 since I’m such a sucker for that polka dot lining!

Nicole Shepherd

I would love a denim pencil skirt as it can be dressed up and down and will perfect for the (hopefully) upcoming warm weather. All three kits are pretty amazing, so it’s super hard to choose!

Darcy Struble

How can I pick just one kit?! I guess, if I had to think of what I would get the most use out of, kit 2 would be my favorite :) Beautiful pattern! I love the details and I can’t wait to sew it up (just a couple more weeks of pregnancy and then selfish sewing begins again haha)!


Kit 3 is amazing!!! Would love to win that!


Oh yes, that red wool with the notch pockets is calling my name!


As much as I love the polka dot lining, I have to admit that I’d get the most use out of the grey suiting.

Andrea Birkan

I love the red one. Red is so typically French and looks so classy. My birthday is April 21st. It would be a great birthday gift!


Happy birthday!


I’m lovin’ on kit three. I love the retro feel!


Also, I’d purchase these kits if you would offer them for sale.




That is something we will definitely consider in the future. Thank you for the suggestion!


You should! I am the kind of person who prefers to buy kits over fabric because I am newish to sewing and I really don’t understand fabric yet. Kits are right up my alley!


I feel the exact same! I’m also new to sewing and would much prefer to buy a kit, I still feel intimidated by fabric stores. would definitely purchase Kit 3! :)

Catherine Marie

The polka dot and denim combo is delightful I would make version two . The welt pockets lined in polka dot would add cheeky but chic peek of fun.!


I would choose denim!


I love all 3 kits but especially kit 3. The pink lining under the gray skirt is so nice.

Sierra Marcum

I love kit three!


Oh, I do need a new denim skirt. Kit 2 for me, please!

Gillian Davis

Loving the diagonal pockets! I would close denim and dots.


That red wool is perfect! (I also agree that kits for purchase would be amazing)

Charlotte Forcer

I love the denim! I’ve just finished my 1st pair of jeans and fell in love with sewing denim. The 3rd version would look great with topstitching along the seams and pockets. I love the idea already!


I think this is a great pattern and full of options to customize and modify (not that it isn’t lovely on its own..). I’m always looking for perfect basics I can incorporate into my capsule. I’ve been sleuthing around for the perfect denim for a skirt so it’s as if kit 2 was put together with all those lovely summer denim skirts in mind. I think the denim would also allow the really amazing diagonal seam pocket detailing to shine. Well done Collete Team!!


I’m not typically drawn to red, but Kit #1 is gorgeous!


I need a tailored denim skirt in my life! I pick kit 2 and I’d make the diagonal seam pocket version, as I need to work up to welt pockets (previous forays have not gone as well as I’d like)


Selene in denim would be beautiful! Welt pockets intimidate me, so I’m looking forward to some hand-holding to walk me through. What a great project to test my skills.

Katie Broussard

The dark denim is just too good!


I’m laughing because I made a denim (Mood) and a cotton twill (light rose colored from Britex) skirt for this season with these EXACT style lines last month. Mine lacks back darts since they are drafted inside the princess seaming and I faced the denim and lined the twill (I’m not a waistband gal). Stretch fabric means they fit like a glove. I didn’t do pockets though. Love the pockets; that’s a great addition to any skirt. I’ve got them going in my hot pink A-line coming shortly. Thinking of whipping up the new Seamwork skirt after that. Oh, the plans…..

Dana Tougas

The lipstick red is a beautiful classic.


Wow, you guys always impress! I would pick kit 2 I love the polka dot lining.


Kit 2! I love these dark denims that I can totally pull off as work clothes!

Krista Behymer

Oooh, I love the pockets on Version 3!! I would choose KIt 3, because it’s so difficult to find non-wool suitings!


I love version 3, especially paired with denim, like in the 2nd kit. Absolutely lovely pattern :)


I love Kit #1. A red skirt was on my list of things to make!

Debera Massahos

Kit #3 – Iove the texture of the fabric.


I love kit two!! I love the polka dot lining with the denim!! …I’ll have to think about fitting this skirt into my sewing budget this month!! ?


I’ve been meaning to make a pencil skirt, but the number of alterations I know I’ll need to fit my bottom half have kept me away. This skirt may be the winner! I would choose kit #3, and pattern #3!

Anna D.

Oh my goodness I love this pattern! I think I have to go with the last kit, the suiting with the pink lining. But they’re all great!


Kit number 3 is what I want !!

patti stanley

All of the kits are beautiful and classic! Love the skirt style the pockets make it. Red is my favorite color, red lipstick, red leather gloves and looking forward to a red car someday definitely the red kit would make a statement especially with my new red sunglasses!


Can I say all of them?! I would probably wear #2 the most – and make it with the 3rd option pockets.

Karen H

Congratulations on your release of Selene! All three kits are wonderful and I would think anyone would be happy to receive either one of the kits. I think my favorite is the yarn dyed suiting. It’s lovely. The denim is great too, especially the polka dot lining.


I’m having a hard time choosing between two and three. As much as I love the red I don’t think I’d wear red but the denim with dots is calling me❤️

M Stevens

Those are some amazing kits! I think number three is the direction that my professional wardrobe is headed, with that luxurious texture and subtle color. Beautiful new pattern. I’m thrilled to add this one to the collection.


Kit 2 in denim would be my pick. (I’m also imagining this would be great in a two tone linen weave.) Congrats on the new pattern!


I’ve been waiting for a pencil skirt pattern for sooo long! Kit 3 looks amazing.


I love kit 3!


I love the denim kit! I’m training to be a teacher, and that would make the perfect skirt for school!

Christianne McCall

I love #3 and version 3! So fun and stylish! And I’m going to Paris this year, so perfect timing!


I cant wait to make a skirt that fits me properly, and Selene will be perfect for when I want to show off my leg brace on ALS awareness days. I would pick kit 1 for that lovely red – just lovely.

Sarah Emily

Oh wow, this might be my new go-to skirt. Kit 2 is secretly sassy!


I’ve been searching for a basic pencil skirt to add to my wardrobe for 2 years! You’d think it would be easy, but for some reason plus sized pencil skirts are hard to come by. I’m really looking forward to trying out this pattern (possibly all three versions….). Thanks for adding this to your fantastic collection!


I know, it’s kind of odd too because I think a tailored pencil skirt looks so great on curvy ladies.


I know, right?! Instead we get godawful polyester, granny flowered, rhinestone caked, box-shaped sacks to dress ourselves with. No more!! ;)


That’s really a tough one – I love them all. If I had to choose, I would pick the denim. Also love the pocket detail on view 3!


I’d love version 2 in kit #1! An option to purchase kits for any one of your patterns would be fabulous!


Kit 2 with the denim and the polka dots!! Love the diagonal pockets with the notch. <3

The red is super pretty too. I could see myself making quite a few versions of this skirt!


The denim kit would be the perfect addition for my capsule wardrobe – all 4 seasons!


Love the denim! Beautiful pattern!


I love the wool suiting with the taupe lining. So gorgeous!!

Sara K.

Love the skirt and these kits are all gorgeous! I love the yarn dyed suiting with rose lining the most.

Leanne L

I really like the new pattern, high five! Kit two is my favourite, I love the dark wash denim with that great polkadot lining, fun!

Astrid Levert

All the fabric selections are just stunning, but the red wool is my favourite!


Love the pattern and all the kits are amazing but kit 2 is just perfect. Love a polka dot lining!

Nikki Thomas

The red kit would make an amazing statement piece in anyone’s wardrobe! I’m obsessed.

Jessica McCann

The red kit! So glamorous! And I love the model and the styling. Congrats on lovely work.


I love the dark wash denim, AND the new pattern! Great way for me to switch off from my usual jeans! I also love the real-life model!!


Selene – Where have you been all my life? You are perfect for a day at the office! While I love all the kits, one is my favorite.


Love the new skirt pattern! All the fabric choices are pretty but I think I would enjoy making one with the denim the most. The pocket options are great so this will be a great pattern to use over and over again!


Since I’m dreaming of spring weather, I’m going to say the rayon is m favorite!


Kit 2 – though I love them all !especially that notched pocket on style 3!


Gorgeous!! I think kit number 3 is amazing!


Kit number 3 is definitely my favourite – a nice touch of funkiness that’d work well in the office :-)


Love the polka dot & denim (though polka dot + red would be dreamy!)

Virginia Shields

Can’t wait to make version 3! Those pockets are devine. Kit 3 is beautiful! Can you tell me where to find that kit 3 suiting? It’s perfect.


All of the fabrics were handpicked at Mill End here in Portland! I love #3 as well :)

Virginia Shields

Thank you!


They all look great, but I super love kit 2!

Ruby Bugarin

I would love to receive the red skirt kit. It’s gorgeous! I struggled to pick though. The other fabrics are awesome too!


You had me at “lipstick red”! And I love your model styling!


I love that denim on option 2!


Kit 1 is in such a stunning colour, I can already picture myself wearing the skirt out with a retro red lipstick!


Red lipstick is an absolute must for Selene!


Kit 2 is right up my alley!

Kristin H

Oh, I love the 3rd kit! That suiting is divine.


Kit 3 looks amazing. And I really love the pockets with the v cut out on the top. Really unique.


So hard to pick one! I think I’d go with the denim and polka dot lining. I can’t wait to try this one!


I like them all, but Kit 3 could be office wear with a nice blouse, or art museum wear with a t shirt. And the blog article is a great reminder that I need to do something about my wardrobe before travelling to Europe.

Pam Boner

Love the pattern. All three kits are fabulous but I am hoping to win kit #2.


The red wool looks gorgeous. I have a black on black polka dot top that would look stunning with a red pencil skirt. I would go for version 3 with the notched pockets.


Kit 3! What a great wardrobe builder. I have some hot pink houndstooth that has been waiting for the right pattern and this may be it!


The first kit! I love the vibrant red!


Love the red wool! It has the perfect vintage flair and would be easy to dress up or down, paired with a red lip of course!


Kit 2! I absolutely love the fun polka dot lining and a dark wash denim is so versatile, for office or play :-)

Selene is firmly on the pattern list.

Barbara Toson

I’m a sporty casual person so denim is my favourite !! Followed by the red lipstick one for the rare occasions when I want to feel like Jessica Rabbit :-)


Kit two is definitely my favourite!! This pattern looks awesome and is so versatile, I can’t wait to sew one up!


I love kit 1 the best, but man, Kit 3 would be such an asset to my work wardrobe (especially in light of the other day’s discussion on maintaining personal style at work!)


I like kit # 2 and would make version 3

1 2 3 10

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