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Meet Katie, our new Producer!


Hey there & thank you for reading the Colette blog!

This site is no longer being updated so head over to Seamwork to get all the latest patterns, tutorials, video classes, and more.

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Our team has grown again!

We are stoked to have Katie Whittle on board as our Producer.

Katie’s new to Portland via Denver, Colorado. Upon arriving here at Colette HQ, she took the BBC Harry Potter Personality Quiz. Everyone in the studio has also taken the quiz. Some of us might take it more seriously than others, but the Sorting Hat is surprisingly accurate! It placed Katie in Hufflepuff, along with Haley and me. Clearly, she’s a perfect fit for the Editorial Team.

I asked Katie some important questions, so that I can properly introduce her to you. Let’s meet Katie!


How did you learn to sew? What’s your sewing story?

I started sewing in an attempt to alter my collection of punk rock shirts to fit my tiny 13 year-old-self. After watching me struggle for a bit, my mom got me a sewing machine that year for Christmas. I spent most of my teens finding hilariously ugly items at the thrift store, altering them, and sometimes creating something better. See photo below.

A young Katie in her handmade towel blazer. Look at that fringe!

A young Katie in her handmade towel blazer. Look at that fringe!

After sewing on my own for a couple of years, I heard that an indie fabric store was opening in my little town in Colorado! I left a note on their not-quite-open business’ door that read: “I am so excited about your store opening! I am happy to work for free for as long as you need, I just want to be apart of an awesome sewing community. Yay!”- A week later, I was hired. At that point, I had only sewn a couple of things and hadn’t even touched a pattern. Angela, the shop owner, took me under her wing and in no time I was teaching classes and managing the shop. Mama Said Sew motivated me to later study professional sewing, alterations, and pattern drafting.

When you’re not stitching, what do you do in your free time?

I am a big supporter of dancing, even if it’s in my living room, roller skating, and non-rugged camping.

What’s your favorite snack?

I can’t get enough fruit! Fruit, cheese, and some delicious meats, also known at my house as a “Euro-Snack.” Portland weather is very different verses Denver, everything grows! I picked blueberries, blackberries, and Rainer cherries just last weekend!

What patterns are in your sewing queue right now?

The move from Denver really put in perspective how much fabric I really do have. I am challenging myself to not buy any new fabric until I finish at least 10 garments. First on the list is a Catarina, that I plan on making from a vintage striped rayon that I’ve been hanging onto for the last 5 years.

What sewing superpower do you bring to the team?

As an expert on sewing and instructional design, I’ll be guiding and teaching new skills through in-depth tutorials, lessons, and articles on our blogs and Seamwork Magazine. You’ll be seeing me all over Colette Media, writing about and photographing all our creations and helping you successfully make your sewing dreams come true!

And the inaugural Colette Patterns question: Do you have any cats?

Of course, Toast the Tonkinese. She’s pretty and knows it. I also have a step-child named Rowan, my partner’s little orange kitten. He’s a troublemaker but is really good at snuggling.

Please welcome Katie to our team! Do you have any funny teenage sewing projects that might rival her towel coat? If not, which Hogwarts house are you in?

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Love your towel blazer Katie! Adorable and SO creative :) How fortunate you were to have someone like Angela come into your life at just that time – destiny :) I look forward to any tips, techniques and tutorials you’ll undoubtedly bring to this amazing Colette community.


I like your sewing challenge – sew 10 things before buying any fabric. I think I’m taking on your challenge, I am in the process of getting ready to move (downsizing) and my fabric stash needs some downsizing of it’s own!!!!


Me too!

Debera Massahos

That towel blazer rocks! I want one! Welcome to Oregon, Katie.


No disrespect to the towel blazer, but I’m probably not the only one who wants to know more details about that button-up dress. It is GREAT!


Me too! Maggie beat me to the request. More deets on that dress, please! Oh, & glad to meet you, Katie.


Hello friends! Nice to meet you as well. I actually purchased this little number at Fancy TIger Clothing. Yes, Fancy Tiger Crafts has the coolest clothing store right next door to their fabric and yarn shop in Denver! It’s dreamy!

The dress is made by Nooworks, an all US made clothing line based out of San Fransisco. It looks like the dress I have is from a couple seasons back but, I did find it deep in the depths of the internet for your gawking and purchasing pleasure. Here’s the link.


And the Marine Sails dress just below it looks almost like a Moneta!


I thought the same thing! The Hawthorn could be altered a bit to recreate my dress too. You could add some front pockets and some decorative style lines and you’d be in business!


Welcome Katie! I’m looking forward to your contributions to the team. I too love your jacket creation. Wouldn’t it be great to teach others and mentor them the way you have been? You really took an important step (and a risk too) with your offer, what a great story!


Oh my gosh! I think I have that same towel! I got it from the thrift store to make shorts for the beach. :D That never happened, but, regardless, I totally get your towel jacket. I look forward to seeing your work at Colette!


Love the towel jacket and your cats’ names:). Thanks to you I now know a Tonkinese looks a bit like a Siamese – had no idea – so cute!

Welcome and I really look forward to your output!

Linda Lee

Hey Katie, so great to see your cute mug both now and then. Congrats on the new job! Proud of you, girl.


Oh Linda, thank you! It’s great to hear from you and I’m excited to possibly work together again ; )


From now on, no fringed towel is safe. Welcome aboard and hope you enjoy your time at Colette (what’s not to like?)


Welcome, Katie! I hope you’ll really enjoy Portland. I live in Phila, PA, a very long way from you. I’m in the Huffenpuff House.
My father has a Tonkinese named Misou for tierramisou.


Oh my goodness, Toast’s full name is Toasted Marshmallow! Tonkinese kittens look like perfectly caramelized sweet treats.


I am also in Hufflepuff.
I created an outfit (simple top and skirt) for the little girl I was babysitting, from scraps I had in my stash – no pattern. She wore it to school the next day.


Welcome Katie! Oh no I’m a Hufflepuff too! I even tried to answer questions differently in the hope I was going to work out in a cooler Harry Potter house. I guess you just can’t fight it!

Paula Moraes

Hi, Katie!

Welcome! I am a Brasilian sewer ( in my free time) and I hope my dressmaking is better than my English.

First: I love Colette.
Second: you look like so funny…

I think sometimes I look like, also, 12 years old, despite I am 56 !

Best regards to you and crew!



Hi Katie,
We worked together in Denver last year. So excited to see you at Collette. Best of luck in your new venture. Looking forward to what you have in store for us! I am sure it will be great….. Love that jacket!
Terry McClintock


KATIE!!! SO RAD that you are in PDX now! I will be back west in a week. I would LOVE to have a meet up! You were the best producer at Craftsy. Loved working with you. Congrats on the new job <3 YAY!


Okay, the towel blazer takes the cake for the coolest thrift store alteration/creation I’ve ever seen!! Please more details about your dress. And glad you are on the Colette team.

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