New York Pt. 1: Party at Brooklyn General Store



If ever there was a sister city for Portland, it would have to be Brooklyn.

I know both places are considered unbearably hip these days. But it’s not just that. There’s something about the warmth and creativity of the people in both places that makes me say this (yes, I just called new yorkers “warm”).

Maybe that’s why I felt so at home at Brooklyn General. Our party there was filled to the brim with amazing, friendly faces. And when I say filled, I mean filled… it was packed!















Yes, I wore the same outfit that I did in Boston. I am a light packer.

Thanks to everyone who came out, and especially to Brooklyn General for being our wonderfully inviting hosts!

Tomorrow, I’ll share a few more photos from our New York trip.

Sarai Mitnick   —   Founder

Sarai started Colette back in 2009. She believes the primary role of a business should be to help people. She loves good books, sewing with wool, her charming cats, working in her garden, and eating salsa.

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I am so glad the party turned out great!!! I was there in heart and soul LOL!!!
Everybody looks amazing and having a great time!


New Yorkers are warm. They live in such close quarters they know how to get along better than rural folks. Glad you enjoyed Brooklyn, and that Brooklyn received you in style!


The white eyelet dress is so pretty that it should be sprung from the closet very very often!


That dress that you are wearing is lovely, Sarai!


Oh the pretty fabric! Be still my beating credit card, it looks like a wonderful place to loose a few hours


Looks like a great event! And so fun to see familiar faces from blogs I follow!

joy n

I’m always amazed at the efficient use of space in these fabric stores, usually better quality and variety too.

and PS – no explanation needed about the outfit. I have 2 “special” occasion dresses and I’m sure I’ve shown up in a lot of photos with the same dress on. Traveling to the other side of the states you need to travel light (I bet you had a little room for some purchases!)


The shop looks incredibly inviting! I hope you make it to Chicago for a visit someday. This looks like my kind of party.


I want to live in that store. I love how everyone came out dressed in the most amazing Colette makes — all that great and vibrant fabric, on the people and on the wall!

Mikhaela Reid

It was such a fun party! I can even see myself in some of the above photos… thanks for coming to Brooklyn!


sigh. sometimes i hate that i live in flyover country. oooh, oooohh….jealousy….


Gorgeous shop and I also covet your eyelet dress.
However, I wanted to scream when I saw the pic of the girl cutting the Liberty. To make sure the fabric is on grain, you really need to tear it across, not cut with scissors. I would hate that someone ends up with any unusuable portion of that $$$ fabric when they got it home because it was off grain. JMHO


Such a great party! So glad you came to Brooklyn General Store.


Fun! Glad you’re having a good time on your east coast tour!


I love the dress you made and the changes. Nancy was my go to person way before the Internet. Now of course I have you to refer to also!


Sorry, I think my brain is in a fog. I meant to say I love your eyelet dress and the latest pattern and all the changes that you showed us that can be made to the dress.


WHO is the stylish lady in the shears sweater and typewriter dress?? That is wonderful.


That is Haley of The Zen of Making, who commented above!


Goodness, glad you like them!


It was great to see you, and everyone’s awesome dresses on Saturday. I felt the same way about Portland when I visited; it was surprisingly like home (Brooklyn).


new yorkers are HOT, not warm.


what a beautiful and lovely People in here!! I’m dreaming of an European shop tour, maybe?! :)
I spotted one of my favorite blogger too :)


Oh, I see me! :) It was so nice to meet you, Sarai and Kenn, after following Colette Patterns for 4 years now! The party was great fun and it was nice to see new and familiar faces. I also made my first Liberty purchase and hope to turn it into a Sencha – only proper considering I bought it at your party! I hope you ate tasty food in Jackson Heights.


Great to meet you too, and your coat was to die for!


that pretty lady in the teal print tunic/dress and golden scarf – did she make the dress? If so, what pattern?


That black lace print dress in the first photo, is that a Colette pattern?? I love the shape!

Looks like tons of fun. Glad you’re enjoying your tour.


I’m loving that lace dress too – anyone know what the pattern is please? I’m googling images in the hope that the wearer has a blog…

Reb – The Life Nostalgic

It’s a lovely dress orgy!


yay, what a fun event! i was so great meeting Sarai and chatting about sewing inspiration. And i agree, we NYCers are HOT! I’m the lady in the navy/teal dress – thanks for calling me out! I made the dress using a pattern from this book (Stylish Dress Book by Yoshiko Tsukiori). I made the scarf, no pattern for that yet, sorry!


I thought it might be Stylish Dress book! LOVE it.


Oh how I wish I could return to New York, Brooklyn specifically! Looks like loads of fun! :-) x

Ashley at The Feisty Redhead

My goodness! So inspirational to see all the different versions of Colette Patterns — and other handmade dresses. I used to live in Brooklyn, and I miss the Brooklyn General Store very much. Nice sewing, ladies!


Ah girls wish I could have been there.Im glad you had a Very successful time!

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