Our party with Amy Butler



Quilt Market came to Portland this Spring. For those of you who don’t know about it, Quilt Market is a twice yearly sewing industry trade show, the largest of it’s kind.

We thought about having a booth, like we did a couple years back. After all, so many wonderful people would be there! That’s really the best thing about market. We get to see so many smiling faces that we normally only talk to via email.

But then we thought… why not take the money we’d spend on a booth (which is considerable) and host an awesome party at our studio instead? I mean, imagine a scale. On one side there are booth fees and furniture hauling and three days indoors in a convention center in May. On the other side, there are friends and beer and music. The choice was simple.

Then I thought, why not co-host with someone else who is awesome?


Amy Butler and CP had been working together just a wee bit, since Amy had featured some of our patterns in Blossom magazine. We decided to co-host an open studio / cocktail thing, and I’m so glad we got to do it because Amy is just about the most wonderful woman you’d ever want to meet or work with. Warm, gracious, kind, and sweet. Her husband David is pretty awesome too.

Since it’s May and Portland is the “city of roses,” we decided that would make a great theme. I thrifted a ton of adorable vintage floral granny dishes. No one used them because we ended up getting finger foods. But whatever, they looked cute.





I bought a cool vintage postcard off ebay and blew it up to poster size for the wall.


I enlisted help from Katie (lovely owner of the boutique Backtalk here in Portland, she is awesome), who helped plan and shop and decorate. She and Kristen and I spent an entire afternoon making paper chains for a backdrop. We thought it would be fun to use for photos, but mostly the party was a bit crowded for that. We also made some big tissue paper roses. It was like kindergarten craft time that day. SO relaxing.






Kenn made this wonderful gin punch (gin was kindly donated by our friends at New Deal Distillery) with lots of citrus juice, allspice dram, and ginger beer. He froze a big block of ice with rose petals in it for the bowl.



The actual roses (and other flowers) were all from my garden. That makes me feel really good for some reason. A little touch of home.








The party was PACKED, and a good time was had by all. It was fantastic to see so many friendly faces. Like the fancy tigresses:


As always when I have a party, I now want to throw more more more! Anyone want to have a craft night here at CP?

Sarai Mitnick   —   Founder

Sarai started Colette back in 2009. She believes the primary role of a business should be to help people. She loves good books, sewing with wool, her charming cats, working in her garden, and eating salsa.

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WOW – beautiful space! Looks like a great event.


Oh the party looks so much fun and your dress is AMAZING!! Please bring it out as a pattern.


It is already a pattern- it’s the Licorice dress from the Colette Sewing Handbook.


What fun you guys must have had – wish I lived on West Coast. You throw a wonderful party -so inviting – like your patterns. As always inspiring. He he – that plant stand – I have one like it and moved it into my sew studio next to my dress form so that my pins are always handy.
Thanks for sharing this event.

Lisa G.

Your inspiration for getting the flowered dishes was great! The whole thing was a very smart idea.


Amy Butler does seem like she would be the nicest person ever. I love the fabric your Licorice dress is made from! What is it?


She really is.

The fabric is a heavy-ish silk crepe, lined in silk habotai. I don’t usually wear this color (I usually go for more peachy or coral pinks), but the fabric really grabbed me.


Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Craft night at CP headquarters?! I’ll be there!!


What!? I live in Portland, how did I miss this? I got updates from Modern Domestic about the Quilt thing… Also, can I say-That gin punch with that ice cube! I need that for a party, too. Man, I missed out. Throw more parties!


I should have mentioned that it was just for quilt market attendees, so no one should feel bad that they didn’t know about it! We had to keep it to sewing industry folks, since our studio barely even held this crowd!


Oh good, I feel like our city has so many things that I’d love to do, and I always hear about it after it is over. :) I still need that cocktail in my life.


The party was such a blast and it was super fun to be at the CP headquarters! Thanks Sarai for hosting such a great time and it’s true, Amy Butler is truly one of the good ones!


So sorry I missed the party! Quilt Market is always such a madhouse, but I would have loved to have met you and seen Amy and David again.

Definitely do a craft night! Would love to come stitch away in the CP headquarters.

Diane @ Vintage Zest

This is all too cute! I’m stealing the backdrop idea for the next time I have a photo booth. :) Even I can make that!


It’s super easy, but be sure to enlist friends because it takes way longer than you might think!


I love the paper chains and the rose petal ice block!! I think I’ll do it with fruit for the next time I serve Sangaria!


I’m all over a party/craft night (seems like that’s the only way I can get into my studio – set a date to make it happen!)


I have a feeling that if you threw a craft night party at your studio, you wouldn’t have any trouble finding attendees. My crafty friends and I would be thrilled to be there! :)


Looks dreamy! Wish I could have had some of that gin punch! Mmmmmm.


the decorations are/were wonderful! just the perfect thing for ~vintage~ w/o looking campy.
I am so glad you enjoyed the outcome as well as the attendees. Looks to have been great fun
(and very successful). Looking forward to more photos.


Thank you so much for hosting! We had a wonderful time! Although, I don’t know how I made it out of there without actually visiting with you! Next market :)


Yes to craft night! I’ve been trying to host some at my home but my friends are very fickle…


It was so nice to see you and Kenn and everyone else! Thanks for the lovely evening in your pretty pretty studio. I also loved your building and the gorgeous evening light coming in through the huge windows. Now that I know my way around a bit, we are planning to visit Portland again for sure…

David Butler

It was an INCREDIBLE party and a wonderful evening. Gracious, warm, fun, inspirational and exciting to be with so many people who share our passion for creativity and kinship. You made us feel so at home and so welcome and your efforts were above and beyond! I only hope that we can do the same in Ohio someday. Love you guys! xo


Aww… this looks like such a lovely event! Lurve the paper chain decorations.


yai!! Amy, the FancyTigers and Sarai all together? That’s cool!!!


Looks like a great party!

I am totally amazed to find my Violet twin in these photos, on the girl in the polka dot version sitting in front of the paper chains. It’s an almost exact copy of my version! How cool that someone on the other side of the world made the same choice as I did! :)


That’s me in the polka dot Violet! How funny!


The party looks great !


I would love it if you had craft night! I would definitely be there!


What a lovely party! How I wish I lived close enough to come to a CP craft night!! <3

cynthia gehin

What better than friends, beer, music with some sewing on the side!

Deb Cameron

Wish I lived in your neck of the woods! Paint me green with envy whilst you painted the town red! ;-)


the background! i love the background! and the dress and fabrics and plates and everything else too :)!

Alyson Ray

Thanks to both Sarai and Amy for a lovely party. It was the highlight of QuiltMarket for me. You both, and all involved did a lovely job. It was so nice to visit with so many wonderful people who love fabric and sewing! Thank you again.
Alyson Ray
Ps. Loved the paper chain curtain!!

Tracy McElfresh

This is so, so awesome!!!!! I love the blown up poster!


Craft Night at CP? heaven. Knitting, sewing, Weaving??? I am sure it would be a blast!

Xenia Kathryn

What a pretty party! Great work. And ooh… a CP craft party would rock! :)


Oh, please do throw more parties/craft night at CP! I would even drive my butt from Beaverton to NE for that! ; ) I really do need to visit the NE fabric stores. Bc aside from Mill End it’s a hideous wasteland of Joanns over here.


Pretty! And a party at CP? I’ll bring the homemade jam shortbread cookies.


So awesome to see my two old bosses from my awesomest job (Fancy Tiger)! Looks like a great party-wish I were there!


I would LOVE to attend a craft night at your studio sometime! I’m new to sewing and it would be awesome to meet with some other fellow sewists to get inspiration!

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